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Trump Smells Victory on US Tax Overhaul
President Donald Trump could be on the verge of his greatest legislative victory so far, an overhaul of America’s tax code and a partial repeal of former President Barack Obama's signature health care law. 17 декабря 2017, 22:27
1 день 1:21
Court Case Highlights Dangers of Asbestos in Indonesia
Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that is incredibly useful, but it also causes lung cancer after long-term exposure. 17 декабря 2017, 5:56
1 день 2:21
Coastal Cities Call on Nature for Protection
As climate change and rising seas threaten the world's coastal cities, experts say natural systems can offer protection. VOA's Steve Baragona reports from Florida, where mangroves may help shield shorelines. 17 декабря 2017, 5:46
1 день 2:08
Restaurant Run by Disabled People has Change on the Menu
A restaurant run by a team of young disabled people is challenging perceptions in the Moroccan capital of Rabat. Faith Lapidus reports. 17 декабря 2017, 5:40
1 день 3:49
Indian Retirees Maintain Independence, Fun and Freedom Later in Life
Young people come from around the world to work in Silicon Valley, California. As these workers build a life away from home, many struggle with how to bring their aging parents to their new community. 16 декабря 2017, 10:50
2 дня 1:05
A Labor of Art
A Labor of Art Originally published at - voanews.com/a/a-labor-of-art/4166433.html 16 декабря 2017, 7:01
2 дня 1:06
Home Grown Gaza Pineapples
Home Grown Gaza Pineapples Originally published at - voanews.com/a/home-grown-gaza-pineapples/4166435.html 16 декабря 2017, 7:00
2 дня 1:06
going avocado green
Going Avocado Green Originally published at - voanews.com/a/going-avocado-green/4166434.html 16 декабря 2017, 6:49
2 дня 2:21
Americans Get Creative With Holiday Decorations
The biggest holiday of the season is in full swing, and holiday decor provides an important background for all the festivities. 16 декабря 2017, 6:45
2 дня 2:22
Vitamins Can Be Inhaled, But Should They Be?
A Los Angeles-based company claims it is turning people's bad habits into good ones with a range of vape-able vitamin supplements. 16 декабря 2017, 6:39
2 дня 2:08
A Winter Wonderland Made of 2 Million Pounds of Ice
It's a winter wonderland near Washington this holiday season, as it has been for nine years. 16 декабря 2017, 6:30
2 дня 1:47
Tillerson: North Korea Must 'Earn its Way Back' to the Negotiating Table
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday looked to clear any confusion regarding the U.S. position on negotiating with North Korea. During a special U.N. Security Council meeting focused on Pyongyang's Nov. 16 декабря 2017, 6:27
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2 дня 1:38
Graduation Ceremony for US Park Police Officers on Horseback
It's one of the country's first branches of law enforcement. Founded in 1791 by George Washington, the U.S. 16 декабря 2017, 6:25
2 дня 2:08
Trump Reasserts No Collusion with Russia
President Donald Trump on Friday again attacked the investigations looking into alleged collusion between his election campaign and Russia. 16 декабря 2017, 6:19
2 дня 4:19
3 High-Budget Films Are Holiday Gifts for Moviegoers
What makes a film fit for the holidays? Not so much a religious subject as an appeal to the whole family and audiences of all ages. 15 декабря 2017, 20:55
2 дня 2:47
As Tibetans In India Opt for Citizenship, Some Fear Weakened Commitment to Tibetan Struggle
India has the world's largest Tibetan exile community, whose members have lived as stateless refugees for decades. 15 декабря 2017, 16:36
3 дня 2:16
Unprecedented Election Season Defines 2017 for Kenya
Kenya's months-long political roller coaster finally came to an end in November, when President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for his second term. 15 декабря 2017, 7:30
3 дня 2:35
Somalia Inaugurated a President, Dealt With Terrorism & Reeled From Drought in 2017
In 2017, Somalia elected a new president as it battled severe drought and a resurgent al-Shabab. In October, the worst terror attack in the country's history killed more than 500 people. Meanwhile, the U.S. 15 декабря 2017, 7:25
3 дня 2:58
Singer Inspires Peace and Unity Among Young Audiences
They say young children are like sponges. They soak up information from all around them unconsciously, and build on that core foundation for the rest of their lives. 15 декабря 2017, 7:20
3 дня 1:42
Next Generation of Detection Dogs Could Sniff Out Complex Explosives
Research funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research is helping give sniffer dogs the skills they need to detect complex modern explosives. Faith Lapidus reports. 15 декабря 2017, 7:10
3 дня 2:25
Scientists Working on Writing Five-day Forecast for Solar Storms
Charged particles from the sun are responsible for the brilliant auroras at the earth's poles. But there can be cases of too much of a good thing. 15 декабря 2017, 7:05
3 дня 2:13
US: 'Undeniable' Evidence Iran Illegally Arming Yemen Rebels
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley charged Iran Thursday with illegally supplying weapons to rebels in Yemen as part of what she called a pattern of bad behavior in the region. VOA's U.N. 15 декабря 2017, 6:59
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3 дня 3:28
Islam Thrives in Former US Church
The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees equal rights to all places of worship, be it a church or a mosque. In the U.S. 15 декабря 2017, 6:55
3 дня 2:43
Trump Touts Progress on Slashing Federal Regulations
U.S. President Donald Trump has touted progress on slashing federal regulations, which he says cost America trillions with no benefit. 15 декабря 2017, 6:39
3 дня 2:01
US, Mexico Step Up Fight Against Illegal Drug Crime, Violence
Top U.S. and Mexican officials have agreed to boost efforts to disrupt the deadly business of Transnational Criminal Organizations, or TCO's. 15 декабря 2017, 6:29
3 дня 1:39
DreamActTron and Dream Central: The Last Push for DACA in 2017
Immigration advocates are making a last ditch effort to get Congress to pass legislation to protect undocumented young people who came to the U.S. as children. 14 декабря 2017, 9:11
3 дня 3:08
Homes Go All Out with Christmas Light Displays
Christmas is not Christmas, for some people, unless there are colorful lights and decorations. Some homes have spectacular outdoor displays. 14 декабря 2017, 9:10
3 дня 1:59
Coal Stoves Make Ulaanbaatar the World's Most Polluted City
The 1.3 million people who live in Mongolia's capital city of Ulaanbaatar breathe the dirtiest city air in the world. It's a public health nightmare, and winter means facemasks, asthma and pneumonia. 14 декабря 2017, 9:03
4 дня 2:12
Blockchain — The New Must-Know Word
There is a new word in the English language that all internet users should learn, because it may define the next stage in global financial transactions. 14 декабря 2017, 8:56
4 дня 3:27
Jones Win in Alabama Senate Race Could Signal a Democratic Wave in 2018
The national political landscape appears to have shifted in the wake of Tuesday's Senate election victory by Democrat Doug Jones in Republican Alabama. 14 декабря 2017, 8:43
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