20 мин 5:21
Undocumented Immigrants at Trump National Golf Club
Hear the story of undocumented immigrants Victorina Morales and Sandra Diaz, former housekeepers at Trump National Golf Club. 18 января 2019, 22:14
3 часа 1:25
Divers Spot Giant White Shark
🦈 The biggest great white shark on record is visiting the American island state of Hawaii, divers say. 18 января 2019, 19:20
4 часа 1:40
Kenya Seeking Further Suspects in Nairobi Terrorist Attack
Kenyan security agencies are seeking further suspects over Tuesday’s al-Shabab-claimed terror attack in Nairobi that killed at least 21 people. 18 января 2019, 18:17
10 часов 2:04
US Syria Withdrawal Risks Vital Strategic Interests
The U.S. withdrawal from Syria may bring to a close an open-ended and strategically unclear military commitment, but it will also likely put at risk vital national security interests. 18 января 2019, 12:16
11 часов 3:07
Early Surge of Democratic Contenders for 2020
Several Democrats have taken steps in recent days to get an early jump on the 2020 presidential race. 18 января 2019, 11:16
13 часов 2:56
Why is Kenya a Target for Somalia-Based al-Shabab Terrorists?
Once again, the Somalia-based militant group al-Shabab appears to have struck Kenya. This time, the attack was on the Dusit D2 hotel and office complex in the capital, Nairobi. 18 января 2019, 8:55
14 часов 2:28
Human Rights Watch: World's Autocrats Face Rising Resistance
Human Rights Watch says people around the world are confronting the abuses of autocrats and pushing back against intolerant populists. 18 января 2019, 8:14
14 часов 2:56
Amnesty Slams EU Policy as Migrant Boats Barred From Ports
Human rights group Amnesty International has described as shameful the decision by several European states to block NGO migrant rescue ships from docking in their ports. 18 января 2019, 8:08
14 часов 1:58
Trump Unveils Latest Missile Defense Review
President Donald Trump unveiled the military's long-delayed Missile Defense Review Thursday, the first overhaul of U.S. missile defense policy since 2010. 18 января 2019, 8:07
14 часов 1:46
Wild Coffee Disappearing, Threatening Future Harvests
Rising temperatures, changing rainfall and encroaching diseases are threatening the world's coffee crops. 18 января 2019, 7:58
22 часа 0:55
Honduran Migrants, Part of New Caravan, Head for Mexico Border
Several hundred Honduran migrants in a new U.S.-bound caravan were seen crossing Guatemala City on Thursday, Jan. 17, while heading towards Mexico. 18 января 2019, 0:11
1 056
22 часа 0:40
Students and Police Clash in Athens as Teachers Protest Reforms
Students clashed with police outside parliament in Athens on Thursday, Jan. 17, as lawmakers prepared to vote on a bill that will change hiring procedures in the public school system. 17 января 2019, 23:49
1 день 1:25
:Kurdish Peshmerga Warn IS Taking Refuge on Northern Iraq Mountain Range
Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan region are warning about the rising number of Islamic State fighters taking refuge on Mount Qarachokh near Makhmour, southwest of Irbil. VOA's Ahmed Zebari reports. 17 января 2019, 22:20
1 день 2:33
Zimbabwe, DR Congo Top Human Rights Watchdog Concerns
2018 was a dire year for human rights on the African continent, according to Human Rights Watch. 17 января 2019, 17:24
1 день 2:28
British PM May Survives Confidence Vote But Faces Immediate Brexit Crisis
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May scraped through a vote of no confidence Wednesday that would have brought down her government. 17 января 2019, 13:03
1 день 2:47
Analysis: US, Britain Mired In Political Crises With No End in Sight
The United States and Britain are mired in political crises with no end in sight. U.S. freshmen representatives urged the Senate on Wednesday to schedule a vote on the longest ever U.S. 17 января 2019, 12:12
1 день 1:52
Four Americans Killed in Islamic State Attack in Syria
At least four Americans were killed in a suicide blast in the northern Syrian city of Manbij Wednesday, doubling the number of American troops killed in action in Syria since the U.S. 17 января 2019, 6:13
1 062
1 день 2:06
Traditional Cocoa-Exporter Ghana Pushes for More Local Chocolate
Ghana produces about 900,000 tons of cocoa every year. This makes it the world's second-biggest exporter of the cocoa bean, second only to Ivory Coast. 17 января 2019, 6:08
1 день 1:05
Indonesian Authorities Seize Killer Crocodile
An Indonesian woman has been mauled to death by a huge pet crocodile on the island of Sulawesi, officials said Wednesday. 17 января 2019, 0:30
16 144
1 день 0:47
Migrants Depart From El Salvador As New U.S.-Bound Caravan Forms
At least 150 Salvadoran migrants departed in a group for the United States on Wednesday, Jan. 16, the latest in a string of so-called 'caravans' that U.S. 16 января 2019, 23:17
1 735
1 день 2:16
Kenyan President: Attack, Siege on Nairobi Hotel Is Over
Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta told the nation Wednesday that the suspected al-Shabab terrorist attack on a Nairobi hotel complex was over. 16 января 2019, 23:03
2 610
1 день 0:55
A Giant Ice Disk Formed on a River in Maine
A curious formation that's getting attention in Maine is actually a spinning ice disk that is roughly 100 yards (91 meters) wide. 16 января 2019, 22:45
20 116
2 дня 3:01
Zimbabwe NGOs, Opposition Accuse Security Forces of Brutalizing Protestors
Human rights lawyers and opposition in Zimbabwe say President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government is failing to respect citizens rights by responding to protests with brutality. 16 января 2019, 20:57
3 458
2 дня 0:45
U.S. Troops on Site of Syria Deadly Blast
U.S. troops were at the scene of a bomb attack claimed by Islamic State that killed U.S. troops in northern Syria on Wednesday, Jan. 16. The death toll in an attack on U.S. 16 января 2019, 20:27
9 657
2 дня 0:56
Kenya Attack: Security Footage Shows Al-Shabab Gunmen Entering Nairobi Hotel
▶️ CCTV footage shows several gunmen entering the hotel and office complex in Nairobi prior to the attack on Tuesday, Jan. 15. 16 января 2019, 15:43
13 084
2 дня 29:30
Technology Creep: Who is Your Smarthome Talking To?
Plugged In takes viewers inside this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for a look at the latest electronic devices and technology. 16 января 2019, 15:34
2 дня 2:14
Nominee for US Attorney General Vows to Protect Russia Probe
William Barr, who was nominated by U.S. President Donald Trump to be the next attorney general says Russia is a "potent rival of our country," but not as dangerous as China. 16 января 2019, 7:16
1 881
2 дня 2:38
Scientists Tune In to Trees to Monitor Planet's Health
Healthy forests are key to a healthy planet. But climate change is putting forests under stress. A new system aims to track the trees' vital signs. VOA's Steve Baragona has more. 16 января 2019, 7:12
2 дня 2:14
Foreign Policy Experts Fear Trump Might Pull the US Out of NATO
A New York Times report says President Donald Trump told aides on several occasions last year that he wanted to withdraw the United States from NATO, which has been in place since 1949. 16 января 2019, 7:10
1 081
2 дня 2:01
"Pulse" Turns Heartbeats into Interactive Art
Take a minute and think about your heart. Can you hear it beating? Probably not, but you know it is. Now imagine your heartbeat “in color,” with rhythmic lighting to match. 16 января 2019, 7:05
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