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U.S. Treasury Secretary May Visit China
On Saturday U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he may travel to China. 21 апреля 2018, 21:02
13 часов 0:31
Tens Of Thousands Of Hungarians Protest
Thousands of Hungarians protested on Saturday against government control over the media. Hungarians believe that it helped Prime Minister Viktor Orban to a landslide election victory earlier this month. 21 апреля 2018, 20:58
13 часов 0:33
Turkey's Erdogan Draws The Line To The U.S.
Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan said that he believes the United States should look at its own actions if it wants the return of an American Christian pastor. 21 апреля 2018, 20:57
17 часов 0:46
Chemical Weapons Watchdog To Evaluate Samples To Evaluate Alleged Attack
According to a report by Reuters, a team of inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons visited a site in Douma, Syria on Saturday to collect samples in order to determine whether chemical 21 апреля 2018, 17:09
17 часов 0:57
India Approves Death Penalty For Anyone Convicted Of Raping Girls Under 12 Years Old
According to a report by Newser, India's government has decided to apply the death penalty for anyone convicted of raping girls under the age of 12 to combat an alarming increase in crimes against women. 21 апреля 2018, 16:53
18 часов 0:41
Norway May Ask US Marines To Extend Deployment
According to a report by Reuters, Norway's government may ask the United States to extend a Marine Corps deployment in the country. 21 апреля 2018, 16:10
19 часов 0:51
Iran Pledges Both 'Expected And Unexpected' Response If U.S. Exits Deal
On Saturday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran's atomic agency was ready with "expected and unexpected" reactions if the United States opts to pull out of a multinational nuclear deal. 21 апреля 2018, 15:34
1 день 1:07
Trump's Money: How Much Of It Does He Have, Exactly?
In the 1980's, now-President Donald Trump deceived a Forbes reporter about his personal wealth. According to a new allegation by the reporter, Trump did it in order to make it onto the magazine's Forbes 400 list. 21 апреля 2018, 1:11
1 день 0:49
Giuliani's Number One Job Unlikely To Be Accomplished Quickly--If At All
Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has an explicit mission on President Donald Trump’s legal team: Help the president lift the Russia-shaped “cloud” over his White House–and fast. 21 апреля 2018, 0:45
1 день 0:34
Two Suspects ID'd In Skripal Poisoning Case--And Guess Where They Were?
The British press reports investigators have identified individuals believed to be behind the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. 21 апреля 2018, 0:11
1 день 0:52
Jeff Sessions: Here's What I'll Do If Trump Fires Rosenstein
Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the White House last weekend that if President Donald Trump fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Sessions himself may quit. 21 апреля 2018, 0:01
1 день 1:04
Lawyers Who Demanded Mueller's Appointment Have Awkward Links To Michael Cohen
Last May, 180 former federal prosecutors who worked in the US attorney's office for the Southern District of New York signed on to a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. 20 апреля 2018, 23:58
1 день 0:52
Students Stage Another Walk Out To Protest Gun Violence
Thousands of students walked out of classes again across the United States on Friday, demanding an end to gun violence and tougher restrictions on firearm sales. 20 апреля 2018, 22:03
1 день 0:49
Democratic Party Suing Trump Campaign
The Democratic Party sued the Russian government, U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign and WikiLeaks on Friday, charging that they carried out a wide-ranging conspiracy to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 20 апреля 2018, 19:28
1 день 1:06
McCabe's Lawyer Says He Alerted Comey Of Plans To Talk To Press
According to a report by Reuters, a lawyer for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said on Friday that his client sent emails to then-Director James Comey telling him about a plan to push back against negative 20 апреля 2018, 17:40
1 день 0:36
EPA Scott Pruitt Working With Rep. Lamar Smith To Restrict Science In Regulations
Newly released emails have revealed something about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The emails show that the EPA wants to restrict science being used in crafting regulations. 20 апреля 2018, 17:31
1 день 0:42
Trump Team Issues Comey 'Liar' Survey
President Trump's re-election fundraising committee has sent supporters a one-question poll: Is former FBI director James Comey a liar? 20 апреля 2018, 16:19
1 день 0:41
Democratic Party Sues Russia, Trump Campaign For Allegedly Disrupting 2016 Election
The Democratic Party filed suit against Russia, President Donald Trump’s campaign and WikiLeaks on Friday. The court filing charged that three conspired to disrupt the 2016 U.S presidential election campaign. 20 апреля 2018, 16:05
1 день 0:46
Trump Keeps Comey Insults Coming As Memos Are Published
businessinsider.com/trump-renews-attack-on-comey-slams-third-rate-book-2018-4 wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit Vote It using wochit.com 20 апреля 2018, 12:37
1 день 0:31
James Comey Says He Doesn't Dislike Donald Trump, But He Does Pity Him
businessinsider.com/comey-on-trump-i-dont-dislike-him-i-actually-feel-sorry-for-him-2018-4 wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit Vote It using wochit.com 20 апреля 2018, 12:30
1 день 0:43
Michael Flynn's Farewell Tour
politico.com/story/2018/04/20/michael-flynn-comeback-tour-trump-539249 wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit Vote It using wochit.com 20 апреля 2018, 12:12
2 дня 0:39
Former FBI Director James Comey's Memos Have Been Released To Congress
The memos Former FBI director James Comey wrote documenting his conversations with President Donald Trump, have been released to members of Congress. 20 апреля 2018, 0:47
2 дня 0:39
Chuck Schumer Wants To 'Decriminalize' Marijuana
New York Sen. Chuck Schumer is introducing legislation to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level as early as next week. 20 апреля 2018, 0:30
2 дня 0:44
Trump's New Armed Weapons Policies
While the US is already a dominant force in global weapons trade, President Donald Trump wants to make it easier to put American-made weapons into the hands of US allies and partners. 19 апреля 2018, 22:32
2 дня 0:36
Trump-Cohen Case
As of this week, Kimba M. 19 апреля 2018, 22:29
2 дня 0:33
Rudy Giuliani May Join Donald Trump's Legal Team
According to The Daily Beast Rudy Giuliani may join President Donald Trump’s legal team. The former New York City Mayor is known for his strong support of Trump. 19 апреля 2018, 21:11
2 дня 0:41
The Senate Is About To Hand Trump's Secretary Of State Pick A Rebuke
CIA director Mike Pompeo is President Trump’s nominee for secretary of state. There is growing concern that Pompeo will not receive a positive recommendation from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 19 апреля 2018, 21:02
2 дня 0:35
Senate Judiciary Committee Will Vote on Special Counsel Bill
Senator Chuck Grassley announced the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on a bill to protect the special counsel. 19 апреля 2018, 20:38
2 дня 0:43
Senator's Baby Makes History By Showing Up For A Vote
Yesterday the Senate voted to allow babies on the chamber floor. Just one day later Tammy Duckworth made history by bringing her newborn with her to vote. 19 апреля 2018, 20:37
2 дня 0:41
EPA Inspector General Looks into Scott Pruitt's Spending
The Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general is investigating Scott Pruitt's use of official security on personal trips. 19 апреля 2018, 20:29
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