8 мин 0:52
Yugoslav Army Veteran Throws Grenade At U.S. Embassy Before Blowing Himself Up
According to a report by Reuters on Thursday, a Yugoslav army veteran who had manned anti-aircraft defenses during NATO bombings in 1999 threw a hand grenade into the US embassy compound in the capital of Montenegro 22 февраля 2018, 18:37
27 мин 0:47
Fed Official Suggests That Puerto Rico Rebuild Its Power Infrastructure From Scratch
According to a report by Reuters on Thursday, the US central banker overseeing Puerto Rico claims that the island territory should "start from scratch" rebuilding its already outdated power infrastructure following the 22 февраля 2018, 18:18
33 мин 1:11
Guyana Joins Brazil And Colombia In Tightening Venezuelan Border Security
According to a report by Reuters, following similar moves by Colombia and Brazil, in an attempt to thwart "incursion and invasion," Guyana has set up two army bases on its jungle frontier with Venezuela. 22 февраля 2018, 18:12
34 мин 0:47
Inside The Marriage Of Mike Pence
Mike and Karen Pence have been married for 32 years. They met in 1983, and ultimately became evangelical Christians together. Karen is the Vice President's closest adviser. 22 февраля 2018, 18:11
44 мин 0:43
The NRA Says "Media Loves Mass Shootings"
Following one of the deadliest school shootings in American history, The National Rifle Association has argued that the mainstream media loves gun-related tragedies because they're good for ratings. 22 февраля 2018, 18:01
44 мин 0:36
New Sealed Filing Made In Mueller's Case Against Gates, Manafort
Paul Manafort and Rick Gates' case has added a new criminal charge or charges as of Wednesday. 22 февраля 2018, 18:01
48 мин 0:39
NRA's LaPierre: Dems Are Exploiting Parkland Shooting
The leader of the National Rifle Association gave his first public remarks since last week's deadly shooting at a high school in Florida. 22 февраля 2018, 17:57
58 мин 0:33
NRA Boss Wayne LaPierre Says He Won’t Give an Inch: ‘Louder and Stronger Than Ever Before’
NRA boss Wayne LaPierre addressed a raucous crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. He said that his organization would continue to speak out in its defense of the Second Amendment. 22 февраля 2018, 17:47
1 час 0:39
Trump's Commerce Secretary Aims To Make The Moon A 'Gas Station For Outer Space'
On Thursday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that the Trump administration's goals include using the moon as a way station for expeditions to explore the outer reaches of our solar system. 22 февраля 2018, 17:32
1 час 0:44
GOP Congresswoman Says Many Shooters Are Democrats
Rep. Claudia Tenney from upstate New York said Wednesday that "many" people who commit mass murder turn out to be Democrats. 22 февраля 2018, 17:03
1 час 0:28
NRA Backs Trump's Idea Of Arming U.S. Teachers
The head of the National Rifle Association lashed out at gun control advocates on Thursday. He called them Democratic elites who are politicizing the latest mass school shooting. 22 февраля 2018, 16:47
2 часа 0:51
What Trump Wants Far More Than A Border Wall
Democrats in Congress have offered to provide billions of dollars for President Trump's border wall. In return, they want Dreamers to be protected from deportation and have a path to citizenship. 22 февраля 2018, 16:13
2 часа 0:31
Trump Will Push Three Changes To Gun Laws
President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted about changes to gun control laws. 22 февраля 2018, 16:06
2 часа 0:45
Anti-Trump Movement Calls For Boycott Of 27 Retailers
According to a report by Business Insider, the boycott-Trump movement continues to push for people to take concrete action against Donald Trump by boycotting companies that do business with his family. 22 февраля 2018, 16:05
2 часа 0:51
Iran Warns It May Withdraw From Nuclear Deal If Banks Stay Away
According to a report by Reuters on Thursday, Iran's deputy foreign minister warned that Iran will withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal if there is no economic benefit and major banks continue to snub the Islamic 22 февраля 2018, 16:00
2 часа 0:38
Trump Continues To Push His Idea Of Arming Teachers To Prevent School Shootings
On Thursday, President Donald Trump defended his proposal to arm teachers by claiming that he wants "adept" educators with concealed guns to defend their classrooms from a "sicko" shooter. 22 февраля 2018, 15:46
3 часа 0:43
Trudeau's India Visit Continues To Draw Criticism & Spark Outrage
According to a report by CNN, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's week-long trip to India went from bad to worse when it was revealed that a Sikh extremist convicted of attempting to murder an Indian politician 22 февраля 2018, 15:40
3 часа 0:42
Trump Wants To See Military-Grade, Weaponized Teachers In Classrooms
U.S. President Donald Trump is struggling to clarify his support for arming teachers. 22 февраля 2018, 15:03
3 часа 0:52
Trump Defends Claim That Arming Teachers Would Solve School Shootings
On Thursday, US President Donald Trump pushed his suggestion to arm teachers following a Florida school mass-shooting last week, claiming that it would be limited to those with military or special training but "would 22 февраля 2018, 14:56
3 часа 0:44
Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Detained Ahead Of March Election
On Thursday, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was detained by police and then released a short while later, just weeks ahead of a presidential election in which he has been prohibited from running. 22 февраля 2018, 14:46
4 часа 1:02
Surprise, Surprise: Putin Opponent Detained
Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny was detained after a visit to the dentist on Wednesday. Navalny tweeted authorities had detained him and were taking him somewhere after he received treatment for a toothache. 22 февраля 2018, 14:24
16 часов 0:37
Pennsylvania's GOP Begs Court To Give Them Back Their Gerrymandered Map
Pennsylvania Republicans filed an emergency appeal on Wednesday. They've asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block a new congressional map from taking effect ahead of this year’s mid-term elections. 22 февраля 2018, 2:06
16 часов 0:52
GOP Says Solution To Opioid Crisis Is To Stop Obamacare
Republicans say the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare may have contributed to the opioid crisis. 22 февраля 2018, 2:00
16 часов 0:43
Trump Suggests Arming Teachers In Schools
In the midst of an emotional White House listening session on school shootings just a week after the massacre at a Florida school, President Donald Trump suggested arming teachers and other school staff members with 22 февраля 2018, 1:53
17 часов 0:40
Trump Had Reminder Notes To Say 'I Hear You' To Survivors
Several students and parents affected by school shootings including last week's massacre at a high school in Parkland, Florida, attended a listening session with President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday. 22 февраля 2018, 1:40
17 часов 0:47
WH Eyes New Sanctions Against Government Who Tried To Put Them In Office
The Trump administration is considering new sanctions against Russia. It's a response to the former Soviet nation's election meddling and devastating cyber attack on the U.S. Senior U.S. 22 февраля 2018, 1:37
17 часов 0:49
Trump: Florida Coach Would've Survived School Shooting If Only He'd Done This
During the 2016 presidential election, then-candidate Donald Trump tweeted that opponent Hillary Clinton was "wrong" for saying he wanted "guns brought in to the school classroom." But on Wednesday, now President Trump 22 февраля 2018, 1:33
17 часов 0:39
Trump Thinks Arming Teachers Could Prevent School Shootings
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that arming teachers could help prevent school massacres. This is an idea backed by the National Rifle Association gun rights group. 22 февраля 2018, 1:03
18 часов 0:52
South Korea's Moon Says Relations With US Are "Rock Solid"
South Korean President Moon Jae-in said relations with the United States are “rock solid” and “as strong and robust as ever” in a media interview, as his administration gears up for a possible summit with North Korean 22 февраля 2018, 0:02
19 часов 1:04
Did Melania Trump's Parents Get Green Cards Through Chain Migration?
First lady Melania Trump's parents have green cards and are on track to become US citizens, raising questions about whether they took advantage of an immigration process that President Donald Trump has vowed to 21 февраля 2018, 23:23
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