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Border Bids Deadline Extended
Companies looking to bid on President Donald Trump's proposed "big, beautiful" wall along the U.S.-Mexico border just got an extension, with the federal government on Wednesday pushing back the deadline until next week. 29 марта 2017, 22:37
22 мин 0:48
Melania Trump Honors Women In Rare First Lady Appearance
In a rare speaking appearance, First Lady Melania Trump called Wednesday for a celebration of the achievements of women and the need for their empowerment during an event at the State Department. 29 марта 2017, 22:34
51 мин 0:34
2 Former Christie Aides Get Prison
Two former aides to Gov. 29 марта 2017, 22:05
58 мин 0:47
20 People Will Be Questioned In Russian Investigation
The Senate intelligence committee held a news conference on Wednesday where Chairman Richard Burr, committee vice-chairman Mark Warner, made it clear they plan to conduct their investigation with integrity and 29 марта 2017, 21:58
1 час 0:57
Former Christie Aides Sentenced To Prison For Bridge Scandal
Two former aides of New Jersey governor Chris Christie have been sentenced to prison for their roles in a political revenge plot. 29 марта 2017, 21:11
1 час 0:44
Anti-Abortion Activists Pressure Congress to Act
The collapse of the Republican health care overhaul was a sharp setback for anti-abortion leaders, whose hopes of halting federal funding to Planned Parenthood were derailed. 29 марта 2017, 21:10
2 часа 0:42
"Dreamer" Faces Bigger Fight After Winning Court Battle
A Mexican man who has spent more than six weeks in immigration detention despite being a "Dreamer." He participated in the program which is designed to protect those brought to the U.S. illegally as children. 29 марта 2017, 20:36
2 часа 0:39
Senate Intelligence Heads Showcase Bipartisanship In Russian Probe
The bipartisan leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Wednesday the White House has not contacted them about the investigation into Russian meddling in last year's election and vowed to conduct an 29 марта 2017, 20:32
2 часа 0:45
Trump Set To Sign Bill Repealing Broadband Privacy Rules
President Donald Trump will repeal even more Obama-era rules and regulations, as the new administration continues to question the work of Trump's predecessor. 29 марта 2017, 20:08
2 часа 0:47
Bridgegate Lands Christie Aide In Prison
A former aide to New Jersey governor Chris Christie has received a prison sentence for his role in a political revenge plot. 29 марта 2017, 20:03
3 часа 1:16
Britain Rejects Scottish Bid For Independence.
NBC News reports that The Scottish parliament on Tuesday backed a bid to hold a new independence referendum in 2018 or 2019, but the British government immediately rejected the proposal. 29 марта 2017, 19:46
3 часа 0:45
Dem Rep Gutierrez Says Sanctuary Cities Are Protecting The 4th Amendment
Democratic Sentator Rep. Luis Gutiérrez says “Fourth Amendment cities” is a more accurate name for the sanctuary cities being targeted by the Trump administration. 29 марта 2017, 19:19
3 часа 0:50
Theresa May Accused Of Using Security As Brexit Bargaining Chip
Britain's prime minister has been accused of utilizing concerns for security as a bargaining chip in Brexit proceedings. 29 марта 2017, 19:03
4 часа 0:45
Trump Administration Asks Court To Delay Emissions Ruling
After signing an executive order rescinding carbon emission restrictions put in place by the Obama Administration, President Donald Trump asked an appeals court to postpone ruling on lawsuits related to the them. 29 марта 2017, 18:48
4 часа 0:42
NY Credit Card Surcharge Case Thrown Out
On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court has thrown out a ruling that upheld a New York law barring retailers from charging more when buying with a credit card. 29 марта 2017, 18:48
4 часа 0:38
Bill O'Reilly Makes Controversial Statement About Congresswoman's Hair
CBS News reports that Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly apologized Tuesday for saying he had a hard time concentrating on California Rep. 29 марта 2017, 18:44
4 часа 0:42
Napolitano Stands By Unproven Assertions On Fox News
On Wednesday, Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano - who was suspended by the network for an indefinite period following unsubstantiated claims that British intelligence officials helped former President Barack 29 марта 2017, 18:36
4 часа 0:52
Tillerson to Attend His First NATO Meeting
NBC News reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives in Brussels for his first NATO meeting on Friday pushing the U.S. 29 марта 2017, 18:14
4 часа 0:48
Man Arrested With Protected Status To Be Released
The Associated Press reports that A Mexican man who has spent more than six weeks in immigration detention despite his participation in a program designed to protect those brought to the U.S. 29 марта 2017, 18:00
5 часов 0:41
Sheriff Calls For Arrest Of Officials from Sanctuary Cities
On Wednesday in a conversation with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam, Massachusetts' Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson argued that federal arrest warrants should be issued for elected officials in 29 марта 2017, 17:41
6 часов 0:36
Sacramento Hosts Town Hall Meeting on Immigration
A town hall meeting organized by Sheriff Scott Jones is scheduled to take place on Tuesday night in Sacramento. 29 марта 2017, 16:38
6 часов 0:36
U.K. Prepares To Officially Begin Divorce From The European Union
On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May officially triggered the divorce clause from the European Union. This marks the two-year countdown to the U.K.'s complete exit. 29 марта 2017, 16:20
6 часов 0:38
Trump Administration Wants To Curb Carbon Emission Laws
e Trump administration has asked a federal appeals court to postpone ruling on the merits of President Barack Obama's sweeping plan to address climate change. 29 марта 2017, 16:00
7 часов 0:48
What To Do Now That Congress Has Killed Online Privacy
The rules designed during the Obama administration to protect how broadband companies can use your private information are about to be thrown out. 29 марта 2017, 15:36
7 часов 0:40
Nunes Supports Wiretap Allegations
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes revealed last week that members of Trump’s transition team were caught up in “incidental surveillance” targeting foreigners. 29 марта 2017, 15:25
7 часов 0:36
Will The U.S. Host A Peace Summit With Israel, Palestine, And Gulf Leaders?
The Trump administration may host a summit this summer with Israel's prime minister, the president of the Palestinian Authority, and other leaders in the Gulf. 29 марта 2017, 15:05
8 часов 0:38
Trump's Financial Ties Questioned
On Wednesday, Democratic senator Ron Wyden said a U.S. Senate investigation into Russia's meddling during the U.S. 29 марта 2017, 14:47
9 часов 0:39
Michael Moore Accuses Trump Of War With Earth
On Tuesday Michael Moore sounded a dire warning on his social media accounts, exclaiming that March 28, 2017 would be remembered as the day President Donald Trump caused the beginning of the planet-wide extinction of 29 марта 2017, 13:46
9 часов 0:39
Trump Poll Numbers Remain Low
A new CBS News Poll ranking the President and the work he's done thus far, remains un-changed. Poll numbers show President Donald Trump’s overall job approval at 40 percent. 29 марта 2017, 13:34
9 часов 0:35
Judge To Hear Arguments On Travel Ban In Hawaii
Wednesday U.S. 29 марта 2017, 13:20
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