81 день 1:16
Be careful out there, America
And on independence day, teenage boys hurt themselves with fireworks. Subscribe to our channel! 4 июля 2017, 11:33
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82 дня 6:37
Wildlife crossings stop roadkill. Why aren't there more?
A better way for animals to cross the road. Subscribe to our channel! 3 июля 2017, 12:03
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85 дней 2:09
13 men wrote a health care bill that would hurt women
What you need to know about how women fare under the Republican healthcare plan. Subscribe to our channel! 30 июня 2017, 11:18
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86 дней 2:14
The world's stashing seeds in the Arctic. Just in case.
I visited Svalbard's Global Seed Vault, built specifically for doomsday. 29 июня 2017, 12:00
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87 дней 3:04
How Mura Masa makes hits from his bedroom
The sound of the internet is global. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO Alex Crossan, otherwise known as Mura Masa isn't like most 21 year olds. 28 июня 2017, 12:00
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88 дней 4:22
Donald Trump's refugee ban, explained [Updated]
The Supreme Court allowed a partial version of Trump's executive order banning travel from 6 Muslim-majority countries to go into effect this summer. 27 июня 2017, 14:28
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89 дней 6:18
The origin of the '80s aesthetic
The design phenomenon that defined the decadeSubscribe to our channel! 26 июня 2017, 12:06
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92 дня 5:06
The Senate health bill: poor people pay more for worse insurance
Senate Republicans' bill to overhaul American health care takes what most people don’t like about Obamacare, and makes it much, much worse. Vox's editor-in-chief Ezra Klein explains. Subscribe to our channel! 23 июня 2017, 12:27
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93 дня 5:56
The decline of American democracy won't be televised
We imagine democratic failure will start with a spectacular event: a military coup or the declaration of martial law. 22 июня 2017, 12:03
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94 дня 6:30
Decoding the ancient astronomy of Stonehenge
The solstice alignments of Stonehenge, explained. Subscribe to our channel! 21 июня 2017, 11:24
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95 дней 5:05
How the Bronx brought breaking to the world
B-boying. Breaking. Breakdancing. Hip hop made it. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO Special thanks to our interviewees! 20 июня 2017, 11:52
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96 дней 5:25
Trump's policy agenda is a bigger scandal than his Russia ties
Trump’s health care plan and budget show the scandal hiding in plain sight. Subscribe to our channel! 19 июня 2017, 12:00
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99 дней 4:27
Are huskies Russian? Depends who you ask.
What I learned when I trained sled dogs for a day. 16 июня 2017, 12:30
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15.06.17 7:56
How fan films shaped The Lego Movie
The 2014 film was an animation feat — but it was built on the legacy of homemade fan movies. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO When you watch installments of the Warner Bros. 15 июня 2017, 13:07
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14.06.17 5:33
Why people keep watching the worst movie ever made
Many people consider The Room to be the worst movie of all time. So why do thousands of people flock to midnight screenings of it every month? Subscribe to our channel! 14 июня 2017, 11:00
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13.06.17 2:49:14
Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee (Full)
Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Tuesday, June 13. The hearing begins at 23:04 and the testimony begins at 35:04. 13 июня 2017, 21:31
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13.06.17 3:19
Calling Trump a toddler is an insult to my 2-year-old
Donald Trump isn’t a toddler — he’s a product of America’s culture of impunity for the rich. Subscribe to our channel! 13 июня 2017, 11:00
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12.06.17 5:15
The 4 man-made famines threatening 20 million people
Fighters are using hunger as a weapon. Jane Ferguson's reporting in Africa was supported with a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. 12 июня 2017, 12:11
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10.06.17 7:10
Why Norway is full of Teslas
Oslo is the Tesla capital of the world. Follow Johnny on Facebook at goo.gl/l0x5cA for more photos and videos from his travels around the globe for Vox Borders. 10 июня 2017, 6:30
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09.06.17 5:52
The US government cannot be trusted so long as Donald Trump runs it
Trump’s behavior casts a shadow over everyone who serves him. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO That is the simple, chilling takeaway of James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. 9 июня 2017, 17:08
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08.06.17 5:17
Grime: London's latest music export
It's definitely not hip-hop. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO For many, grime is an enigmatic genre of music. 8 июня 2017, 18:01
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08.06.17 2:50:42
Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before Congress (Full)
James Comey, the former FBI director fired by President Trump in what may have been an attempt to stop an investigation into White House officials, testified before a public session of the Senate Intelligence Committee 8 июня 2017, 17:30
767 868
07.06.17 6:17
What happens when you treat health care like a soap opera
Cable news treated a major health care vote like an episode of House of Cards. 7 июня 2017, 12:17
623 043
06.06.17 3:48
How the LGBT community created voguing
Vogue, the dance, not the magazine. Voguing is fairly new, created in the 80s, compared to the New York City drag ballroom scene which goes back to at least the 1920s. The dance's name is borrowed from Vogue magazine. 6 июня 2017, 12:38
289 194
05.06.17 7:32
Why underdogs do better in hockey than basketball
A statistical analysis of luck vs skill in sports. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO Sources: amazon.com/dp/B00A07FR4W/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 sportchart.wordpress. 5 июня 2017, 12:41
1 212 732
04.06.17 4:47
Why Japan has so many vending machines
What vending machines can teach you about this country Subscribe to the Vox Borders newsletter for weekly updates: vox.com/borders-email Follow Johnny for more photos and videos from his travels around the 4 июня 2017, 13:19
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02.06.17 4:10
How bicycles boosted the women's rights movement
Susan B. Anthony said that the bicycle did "more to emancipate women than anything else in the world." Subscribe to our channel! 2 июня 2017, 15:37
269 942
01.06.17 1:39
I didn't bring business cards to Japan. Big mistake.
The ritual of Japanese business cards. Subscribe to the Vox Borders newsletter for weekly updates: vox.com/borders-email Follow Johnny for more photos and videos from his travels around the globe. 1 июня 2017, 12:30
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31.05.17 6:22
Donald Trump is destroying his own presidency
The investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia is serious, but what’s imperiling Donald Trump’s presidency is, well, Donald Trump. Vox's editor-in-chief Ezra Klein explains. 31 мая 2017, 16:24
1 101 844
30.05.17 7:06
How obsessive artists colorize old photos
Photo colorization artists use a combination of research, physics, and technology to digitally reconstruct history's black and white record. 30 мая 2017, 11:58
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