2 часа 4:25
The Trump administration’s war on asylum seekers
Turned away at the border and prosecuted for crossing illegally, Central American asylum seekers are feeling the brunt of Trump’s new ‘zero tolerance’ policy. 24 июня 2018, 18:11
15 часов 9:45:14
Trump speaks to Republicans in Nevada
President Trump is expected to speak at the Nevada Republican Convention in Las Vegas. Read more: wapo.st/2lxYvdr. 24 июня 2018, 5:05
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1 день 1:39
'It shouldn’t be happening here': Texas town reacts to a migrant youth shelter in its backyard
Combes is home to one of three “tender age” shelters in South Texas for babies and other young children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. The Post asked locals how they feel about it. 23 июня 2018, 15:24
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2 дня 1:31:26
Trump delivers remarks on immigration with 'angel families'
President Trump delivers remarks on immigration with so-called "angel families," the term used by the administration to refer to families affected by crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. 22 июня 2018, 19:54
10 158
2 дня 1:54
Opinion | Melania's jacket: Why we should (or shouldn't) care
Editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao and columnist Christine Emba face off to debate whether or not we should care about First Lady Melania Trump’s jacket. 22 июня 2018, 19:00
10 296
2 дня 8:07
Remembering Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Charles Krauthammer
The columnist, who died at 68, left an enduring mark on The Washington Post and the world. George F. Will, Donald E. Graham, Colbert I. 22 июня 2018, 1:40
12 426
2 дня 2:57
The unanswered questions after Trump's immigration executive order
President Trump signed an executive order pledging to keep migrant families together, but resolving the emotional and complex issue isn't as clear-cut as a signature. Read more: wapo.st/2McgLVf. 21 июня 2018, 21:04
4 033
2 дня 4:52
Four years after riots in Ferguson, Mo., this part of the city is still reeling
A stretch of West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Mo., saw protests and flames in 2014 after a police officer killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Four years later, it remains a path of pain. 21 июня 2018, 20:50
2 дня 5:16
Is the news stressing you out? Tips for dealing with news related anxiety
Inspired Life host Nicole Ellis speaks with Dr. Lynn Bufka about how to cope with the stress of the current news cycle, and ways to talk to children about headlines. 21 июня 2018, 20:48
3 дня 2:13
The Trump administration’s latest shift on immigration
The Fix’s Aaron Blake analyzes U.S. Border Patrol's decision to no longer refer migrant parents crossing the border illegally with children for prosecution. Read more: wapo.st/2McgLVf. 21 июня 2018, 19:48
1 625
3 дня 3:08
Episode 1: Cyberchondria
“Cyberchondriac” is now an actual word in the Oxford Dictionaries. Women tell us the last reproductive health question they Googled, and an expert tells us which sites we can trust. 21 июня 2018, 17:51
3 дня 0:49
Contraception is confusing. We’re asking the important questions for you.
Do you stay up at night googling reproductive health questions? The Lily is asking the important questions for you. “When Used Correctly” is a show about contraception. You can find new episodes here every Thursday. 21 июня 2018, 17:42
3 дня 42:34
Episode 29 - Warren G. Harding | PRESIDENTIAL podcast | The Washington Post
Steamy love letters. Jazz. Scandal. Psychics. Newspapers. The Hope Diamond. Historian Nicole Hemmer helps guide us through the wild life and presidency of Warren G. Harding. 21 июня 2018, 16:00
3 дня 2:59
Separating families is an American tradition | TL;DR
Critics of the Trump administration's immigration policy that lead to separating families say it is "un-American.” Actually, the United States has a long and cruel history of doing this to people of color, says Global 21 июня 2018, 15:02
2 717
3 дня 45:29
Secretary Nielsen at Capitol Hill National Security Forum
Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen speaks at Capitol Hill National Security Forum. 21 июня 2018, 14:37
3 824
3 дня 3:57:13
Trump holds a rally in Minnesota
President Trump holds a "Make America Great Again" rally in Duluth, Minn. 21 июня 2018, 1:31
22 599
3 дня 3:06:07
Trump meets business representatives ahead of rally
President Trump participates in a roundtable discussion in Duluth, Minn. 20 июня 2018, 23:42
4 977
3 дня 1:00
Opinión | Inmigrantes juntos contra Trump
Trump da marcha atrás a la separación de familias en la frontera, pero esa política era parte de los ataques que aún persisten en contra los inmigrantes en Estados Unidos. 20 июня 2018, 23:04
2 900
3 дня 1:05
Opinion | Trump is a cynical hypocrite and his immigration order proves it
President Trump's policy of family separation was part of a broader pattern of attacks against immigrants and should never have existed, argues Global Opinions senior editor Elias Lopez. 20 июня 2018, 21:25
2 793
4 дня 3:00
The Trump administration’s wildly contradictory statements on family separation
The Trump administration changed its story on immigrant family separation no fewer than 14 times in one week. Read more: wapo.st/2lkcKCy. 20 июня 2018, 18:22
10 599
4 дня 51:50
Pelosi, Democrats condemn separation of families at border
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other House Democrats hold a news conference on immigration policy and family separation. 20 июня 2018, 17:50
4 424
4 дня 1:35
Opinion | Watching Iran play the World Cup isn’t just about winning
A lot can change in the four years between World Cup competitions. Washington, D.C.-based journalists Yeganeh and Jason Rezaian, unjustly imprisoned in Iran in 2014, know that well. 20 июня 2018, 17:03
1 067
4 дня 45:32
Trump discusses immigration
President Trump discusses immigration and says he will be signing something to keep families together. 20 июня 2018, 16:51
8 223
4 дня 4:03
‘Danger everywhere’: A Honduran family is turned away at the US border and detained in Mexico
A Honduran family tried to seek asylum in the U.S. through a port of entry, as recommended by the Trump administration. They were turned away and detained by Mexican authorities. 20 июня 2018, 14:31
4 дня 40:05
Pompeo, Haley make a statement
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley deliver a statement. 19 июня 2018, 21:25
5 934
5 дней 2:50
Analyzing Kirstjen Nielsen’s defense of family separation
Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has stretched the bounds of credulity to gain President Trump’s favor. 19 июня 2018, 18:05
12 441
5 дней 1:32:42
Trump speaks to independent business owners
President Trump delivers remarks at the National Federation of Independent Businesses 75th anniversary celebration. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: bit.ly/2qiJ4dy Follow us: Twitter: twitter. 19 июня 2018, 18:04
9 039
5 дней 2:18
Cheesy french toast breakfast sandwiches, because why choose?
This craveable hybrid recipe combines the best parts of french toast and a breakfast sandwich. Yes, it's a little messy to assemble, but it is worth the cleanup. 19 июня 2018, 17:49
5 дней 45:27
Episode 28 - Woodrow Wilson | PRESIDENTIAL podcast | The Washington Post
Racism, diplomacy, women's suffrage … historian John Milton Cooper and Woodrow Wilson House executive director Robert Enholm lead us through Woodrow Wilson's complicated personal and presidential legacy. 19 июня 2018, 16:00
5 дней 2:03
Is there a law that requires families to be separated at the border? | Fact Checker
Administration officials have pointed to "the law" as the reason why undocumented children are being separated from their parents. But there's no such law. 19 июня 2018, 15:59
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