16 часов 28:13
[660] A Game of Bias & Killing RFK
Comedian and activist Randy Credico weighs in on the never-ending prosecution of Julian Assange and Robert Mueller’s indictment of Russian Twitter trolls. 17 февраля 2018, 3:04
1 день 28:00
[659] Florida’s Shooting Tragedy & Forgotten Fathers
A Florida community searches for answers in the aftermath of one of the most fatal mass shootings in US history. 16 февраля 2018, 1:22
2 дня 27:48
[658] Infrastructure: Public Service, Private Profits
As President Trump tries to deliver on a key campaign promise with the rollout of an infrastructure plan, is it really as good as was promised? 15 февраля 2018, 0:30
1 627
3 дня 27:58
[657] Disasters Manmade and Natural
Community activist Ana Cruz details the bleak picture of a Puerto Rico in post-hurricane recovery. 14 февраля 2018, 0:43
1 834
3 дня 11:54
Puerto Rico – Too Easy to Forget with Ana Cruz
Many months removed from the devastation wrecked by Hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico, the island and its inhabitants continue to struggle with humanitarian conditions normally unthinkable in the United 14 февраля 2018, 0:42
4 дня 28:02
[656] Spy Games & Facts Not Allowed
The CIA suffers yet another embarrassment in its pursuit of Russian collusion. An activist is ejected from the West Virginia statehouse for speaking truth to power. 13 февраля 2018, 0:45
3 552
7 дней 28:01
[655] Pranked Into Collusion & In Space We Trust
Famed collusion-hunter Adam Schiff gets pranked…into colluding with a foreign government; Holland Cooke and Steve Malzberg weigh in. 10 февраля 2018, 1:10
1 406
7 дней 5:42
In Space We Trust
The stunning success of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launch has reignited the American public’s interest and enthusiasm for an innovative space program, but is the US government willing to follow through on funding a 10 февраля 2018, 1:03
8 дней 28:01
[654] Bullets, Toddlers & Dreamers
The US military continues its adventures around the world – now in the Philippines. A start-up tries to simultaneously revolutionize parenting and the restaurant industry. 9 февраля 2018, 1:20
1 862
8 дней 11:18
DACA Deal or No Deal with Ryan Girdusky & Jonathan Harris
A grand budget bargain in the works, a pseudo-filibuster by Nancy Pelosi, and still no deal on DACA or a wall… It’s hard to tell anymore who’s winning and who’s losing in today’s Washington, but political analysts Ryan 9 февраля 2018, 1:20
9 дней 28:05
[654] Trump’s Show and Tell & Journey for a Cure
Trump’s plans for a military parade spark controversy, and conservative commentator Steve Malzberg weighs in. RT’s Anya Parampil reports on rising tension in Israel. 8 февраля 2018, 3:02
1 374
9 дней 11:44
“My Mysterious Son” with Dick Russell
Frustrated by the constraints of Big Pharma and the limits of Western medicine, journalist and author Dick Russell set out on a global journey looking for a cure to schizophrenia. 8 февраля 2018, 2:58
10 дней 28:02
[653] Watching the Falcon & Accounting for Inequality
Live coverage of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch with Tabetha Wallace. Sports historian David Wallechinsky discusses Olympics politics. Redacted Tonight’s host Lee Camp raises the alarm on economic inequality in the US. 7 февраля 2018, 1:24
11 дней 27:58
[652] Surveillance Super Bowl & Olympic Doping
GOP strategist Salvator La Mastra V joins the show to discuss the politics of surveillance in the wake of the House Intelligence Committee’s FISA abuse memo. 6 февраля 2018, 0:45
1 382
15 дней 28:02
[650] Doomsday Donald & Locked Up and Forgotten
North Korea turns the tables and calls out US foreign policy transgressions. Women worldwide are facing unprecedented levels of imprisonment. 2 февраля 2018, 0:42
3 756
15 дней 11:56
State of the Union Politics with Ed Schultz
Donald Trump’s first State of the Union touched on many issues, but it also overlooked many of the nation’s thornier problems. 2 февраля 2018, 0:41
16 дней 27:54
[649] Making Gitmo Great Again & Rejecting Big Oil
In his first State of the Union, Trump promises to make Guantanamo great again. Washington State takes drastic measures against the oil industry. Human rights attorney Dan Kovalik discusses the US-Iranian relationship. 1 февраля 2018, 0:26
2 250
16 дней 11:21
The Plot to Attack Iran with Dan Kovalik
Today’s heightened rhetoric may alarm many observers, but the US-Iranian relationship has a long history of tension and interference. 1 февраля 2018, 0:04
4 264
17 дней 28:00
[648] Pay to Play Policing & Toxic Foxconn
A controversial policy in Detroit brings the concept of “pay to play” to law enforcement. Tech manufacturer Foxconn raises environmental and health concerns in Wisconsin. 31 января 2018, 0:37
1 618
17 дней 10:57
Making States of the Union Great Again with Holland Cooke
What does President Trump’s first State of the Union address bode for the nation, and are these political spectacles really all that they are made out to be? 31 января 2018, 0:24
18 дней 11:22
Direct Fire with Gen. Tony Tata
A Special Inspector General’s report reveals a number of sexual abuse cases by US-funded Afghan forces, sparking a debate on who exactly is the Pentagon partnering with in conflicts across the Middle East. 30 января 2018, 0:55
18 дней 27:58
[647] Wasteful Spending & Draining Mardi Gras
Alarming numbers emerge on police malfeasance and cover-ups. Mardi Gras may be literally poisoning New Orleans. 30 января 2018, 0:51
1 191
21 день 28:51
[646] Crisis in Cape Town & Fire’s Inequality
Unbeknownst to the mainstream media, Cape Town is on track to become the first major world city to run out of water, and city councilor Xanthea Limberg joins the show to discuss the severity of the crisis. 27 января 2018, 0:56
1 518
22 дня 28:13
[645] Big Tech Learns Lobbying & Converting Hate
Tech giant Google has quietly become a DC lobbying giant. A German politician ends his far-right political career after converting to Islam. Some disturbing air travel news. 26 января 2018, 17:16
1 802
23 дня 27:58
[644] Crisis of Inhumanity & Privatizing Learning
Some border patrol tactics reveal a nation’s crisis of inhumanity. RT’s David Miller reports on a superbowl asteroid nearing Earth. 25 января 2018, 1:24
1 790
24 дня 11:16
Prosecuting Parallel Constructions with Mike Papantonio
An alarming Human Rights Watch report reveals how prosecutors nationwide rampantly resort to a practice called “parallel construction” – when illegally obtained evidence is elaborately and fictitiously laundered into 24 января 2018, 0:39
24 дня 28:04
[643] Black Budget Politics & Corny Regulations
The deal to end the government shutdown was a quiet boon for the intelligence community. As the economy booms, US refineries suffer major losses. 24 января 2018, 0:38
1 688
25 дней 28:02
[642] Shutting Down Trust & Swallowing Stupidity
Democrats and Republicans wage a spin war over the three-day long government shutdown. An alarming trend of people eating Tide pods for fun. 23 января 2018, 0:47
2 196
25 дней 10:59
NSA Plays Loose with the Data with Ray McGovern
As public anger at the so-called “Deep State” grows by the day, the NSA and FBI spark headlines by “losing” and accidentally destroying various sensitive data troves. 23 января 2018, 0:16
1 214
28 дней 28:00
[641] Trump Learns Interventionism & Fruitful Drug Raid
The Big Picture host Holland Cooke talks Syria intervention, government shutdown, and FISA reauthorization. Police in Spain and Portugal zero in on a uniquely tropical drug running scheme. John F. 20 января 2018, 0:53
2 467
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