3 дня 4:19
The Questions That Need To Be Asked After London
In this video, we cover the breaking news of the latest events in London with a heavy skepticism of government and media. 23 марта 2017, 0:13
25 816
4 дня 6:13
How To Not Be Restricted, Censored Or Demonetized On Youtube
We get right into and discuss the youtube restricted mode and problems we have been facing with getting our videos mysteriously demonetized. 21 марта 2017, 18:45
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5 дней 5:15
The Important News You're Missing While MSM Is Obsessing Over Trump's Tweet
In this video we go over all the latest important breaking news around the world that we believe are a lot more important than the Russian conspiracy and trump tweet obsession that has been fostering all over the 21 марта 2017, 1:38
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6 дней 7:26
The Number One Way Fake News Controls The Narrative
In this video, Luke Rudkowski decides to share a very personal story with Arianna Huffington that relates to how CNN's Brian Stelter was just called out on his show for controlling the narrative. 19 марта 2017, 20:34
30 739
11 дней 5:34
Rand Paul And Tulsi Gabbard Unite For Most Important Act Of 2017
In this video, we talk about U.S Senator Rand Paul Introducing Tulsi Gabbard’s “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” In Senate. 15 марта 2017, 1:35
20 516
12 дней 4:42
New Media Battles Main Stream Media At White House Press Briefing
In this video, Luke Rudkowski Interviews Lucian Wintrich of the gateway pundit who was recently harassed inside the White House press briefing by Jon Decker of Fox Radio. 13 марта 2017, 18:46
22 592
16 дней 11:27
What's Really Happening In North Korea
In this video investigative journalists, Luke Rudkowski and James Corbett of the Corbett Report discuss the disastrous geopolitical situation with Kim Jong-un of North Korea. 9 марта 2017, 16:16
84 038
17 дней 5:33
THE TOP 5 Under Reported Scariest Facts About The Vault 7 WikiLeaks Release
In this video, we go over the latest news collected from the WikiLeaks Vault 7 release about the CIA. 8 марта 2017, 22:22
50 427
18 дней 3:54
What You Need To Know About The Vault 7 WikiLeaks Release
Breaking News, just moments ago WikiLeaks published the entire hacking capacity of the CIA. 7 марта 2017, 17:33
99 361
18 дней 7:11
Donald Trump's Surprising Foreign Policy Towards Russia So Far
In this video, we go over the latest Russia hysteria with Donald Trump which is induced by the left, deep state and main stream media. 7 марта 2017, 13:00
29 145
20 дней 6:11
The Real Reason Behind Trumps Tweet On Obama's Wiretap
In this video, we go over the breaking news of James Clapper along with the deep state and main stream media coming to Barack Obam's defense after Donald Trump tweeted that he wiretapped the Trump tower. 5 марта 2017, 19:34
45 380
22 дня 16:21
Confessions Of A Dirty Bad Pick Up Artist
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews a really bad dirty pick up artist named Sasha Day Game. 3 марта 2017, 21:44
14 581
23 дня 10:13
The End Of Free Speech In Canada Is Here
In this video, Luke Rudkowski interviews Canadian investigative journalist Dan Dicks of PressForTruth.ca about the encroaching government measures against free speech in Canada. 2 марта 2017, 23:15
23 752
24 дня 12:57
The Donald Trump Conundrum
In this video Luke Rudkowski interview philosopher and free thinker Max Igan about the Donald Trump conundrum that many people face whether if he is real or not. 1 марта 2017, 19:43
31 892
25 дней 12:29
What Will Happen With The U.S Federal Reserve Under Donald Trump
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews legendary scholar and the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island G. Edward Griffin. 28 февраля 2017, 17:17
33 964
26 дней 11:34
Disruptive Technology and Free Energy Under Donald Trump?
In this Luke Rudkowski interviews an expert on disruptive technology and creator of the Thrive documentary Foster Gamble. 27 февраля 2017, 21:53
56 238
27 дней 14:21
Bitcoin, Gold, Silver and USD On The Rise! Bubble or Boom?
In this video, Luke Rudkowski interviews Consultant & Derivatives Trader in the realm of Economics, Finance, Blockchain & Bitcoin Tone Vays. 26 февраля 2017, 19:51
18 746
28 дней 14:21
Ff 25 февраля 2017, 23:07
9 645
30 дней 6:14
Donald Trump's Number 1 Foriegn Policy Challenge Escalating NOW
While very few people talk about the serious threat unfolding right now in Eastern Ukraine while the two world super powers position for influence. 24 февраля 2017, 2:39
27 637
31 день 6:22
FINALLY The Biggest Moment Of Truth On MSM
In this video, we go over the latest comments by MSNBC Mika Brzezinski on today's morning joe program where she extensively said that its the MSM job to control what people think. 22 февраля 2017, 21:33
35 077
34 дня 4:57
What Is The Deep State? Explained
In this video, we explain the buzzword of the week, Deep State. Ever since Donald Trump has taken office this issue has come up many times with what looks like an internal power struggle in the White House. 19 февраля 2017, 23:12
71 970
37 дней 7:51
Donald Trump Warns Of Deep State and Conflict With Russia
In this video, we go over the 2 most shocking revelations coming from Donald Trump's impromptu press conference where the U.S President did not hold back anything back. 16 февраля 2017, 20:30
67 388
39 дней 6:04
While conflicting reports have come out from both the mainstream media and the Donald Trump administration about the latest Michael Flynn scandal, we do our best to provide you all sides of the story. 14 февраля 2017, 20:24
70 582
40 дней 7:05
The Deep State War In Trump's Administration Over Michael Flynn Explained
In this video we talk about the latest controversy inside the Donald Trump White House surroundng Michael Flynn and the Russian phone call scandel. 13 февраля 2017, 18:28
34 180
41 день 6:29
Elites Prepare For Disaster While Donald Trump Faces Goldman Sachs
In this video, we talk about the latest conundrum for Donald Trump as he has stacked his administration with Goldman Sachs operatives and now faces a stand-off with the audit the fed bill. 12 февраля 2017, 19:34
49 806
44 дня 5:10
Dangerous Neocons Push Trump Against Russia, Putin Responds
In this video, we give you the latest news on Vladimir Putin Russian foreign policy moves in reaction to Donald Trump and NATO. 9 февраля 2017, 18:43
50 221
47 дней 9:46
The Number One Place In The World For Digital Nomads
In this video, Luke Rudkowski interviews entrepreneur, author and Nomad Summit founder Johnny FD from the Digital Nomad capital of the world, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 6 февраля 2017, 14:02
22 642
48 дней 6:34
What Donald Trump Does Not Want You To Know About Iran
In this video, we go over the latest diplomatic disaster between Donald Trump and Iran. We cover Sean Spicer's lies about Iran attacking the American Navy and the how this situation is getting out of hand quickly. 5 февраля 2017, 19:31
120 731
52 дня 5:28
What You Need To Know About The Violent Protest and Riots At UC Berkeley
In this video, we give you a rundown of all the latest news coming from the violent protests at UC Berkeley where Milo Yiannopoulous was suppose to give a speech. 2 февраля 2017, 10:25
50 490
52 дня 5:28
Secrets Of The FBI Finally Revealed and Leaked
In this video, we go over the latest FBI leak of thousands of documents to the intercept that revealed their secret rule book and operations. 1 февраля 2017, 13:04
35 024
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