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Trump Acknowledges Russian 'Meddling' In Tweet
President Donald Trump acknowledged Russian meddling in the presidential election in a tweet on Friday in an attack on former President Barack Obama. Trump wrote, "Just out. 25 июня 2017, 0:58
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Al Capone song, pocket watch fetch over $100K at auction
At an auction house, artifacts connected to some of the nation's most notorious gangsters have sold for more than $100,000. 24 июня 2017, 22:04
7 часов 1:49
Mom Shares Son's Heterotaxy Syndrome Hospital Bills in Response to Republican Health Care Plan
Heterotaxy Syndrome is a birth defect that affects a baby when it's developing and can lead to any of the internal organs being malformed, misplaced, multiplied, or missing. Ethan Chandra was born with this defect. 24 июня 2017, 21:40
8 часов 0:47
Mormon Girl Reveals She's Gay
A video of a young Mormon girl revealing to her congregation that she is lesbian and still loved by God is sparking a new round of discussions about how the religion handles LGBT issues. 24 июня 2017, 21:10
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1 Million In Moscow Visit Saint Relic
Since they were brought to Moscow last month, over a million people have visited the relics of Saint Nicholas. It is one of the Russian Orthodox Church's most revered figures. 24 июня 2017, 21:03
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Labour's Corbyn A Rockstar At Glastonbury Festival
On Saturday British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn got a rock star reception at Glastonbury Festival. He told a headliner-sized crowd that millions of young people who voted for him would not be silenced or sidelined. 24 июня 2017, 21:00
8 часов 0:43
Detroit judge halts deportation of Iraqi Christians
OnThursday a judge temporarily halted the deportation of more than 100 Iraqi Christians living in the Detroit area. The Iraqis fear torture and possible death if sent back to Iraq. In a written order, U.S. 24 июня 2017, 20:46
8 часов 0:34
US Mayors May Shape National Climate Policy
With the Trump administration's withdrawal from the Paris climate accords, national policy on climate change is starting to emerge from U.S. 24 июня 2017, 20:33
8 часов 0:37
Texas Mom's 2 Toddlers Found Dead in Hot Car
After police say she locked them inside a sweltering car last month to teach them a lesson, a Texas mother faces first-degree felony charges in the deaths of her 2-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. 24 июня 2017, 20:32
8 часов 0:38
White St. Louis Cop Mistakenly Shoots Off-Duty Black Cop
An off-duty black St. Louis police officer's race factored into him being mistakenly shot by a white officer. The police man did not recognize him during a shootout with black suspects this week. 24 июня 2017, 20:31
8 часов 0:31
Family members: Seattle Mom Killed By Police Was Strong, Independent Woman
Friends and family members said the 30-year-old pregnant woman, who was shot and killed by Seattle police this week, was so much more than what authorities are saying. 24 июня 2017, 20:26
8 часов 0:33
One Dead, Four Wounded in Florida Block Party Shooting
Police said on Saturday they were searching for a suspect or suspects who fired gunshots at a large neighborhood block party in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the early hours of the morning, killing one man and wounding 24 июня 2017, 20:25
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Jeremy Corbyn gets Rock Star Welcome at Glastonbury Festival
Britain's iconic Glastonbury music festival has embraced an unusual headline act: Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. 24 июня 2017, 19:56
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Dogs Being Used to Search for Amelia Earhart’s Remains
On June 24 an expedition will set sail for Fiji to try and solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance. Among the team members for the search will be four forensic dogs. 24 июня 2017, 19:22
10 часов 0:45
Missing Boy's Father Arrested on Suspicion of Murder
The father of a 5-year-old California boy who has been missing for over two months was arrested Friday on suspicion of murder. 24 июня 2017, 19:18
10 часов 0:37
Dogs Being Used to Search for Amelia Earhart’s Remains
On June 24 an expedition will set sail for Fiji to try and solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance. Among the team members for the search will be four forensic dogs. 24 июня 2017, 19:15
10 часов 0:40
Pregnant Serena Williams Shares Advice Her Mom Gave Her About Being a Parent
Serena Williams is grateful for everything that her parents have taught her. 24 июня 2017, 19:15
10 часов 1:22
Microphone Cut After Mormon Girl Reveals She's Gay at Church
Savannah, 13 and Mormon girl, who revealed that she is lesbian and still loved by God, spoke on May 7 in Eagle Mountain, Utah, about her belief that she is the child of heavenly parents who didn't make any mistakes 24 июня 2017, 19:13
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Cindy Causes Flooding Across South
Floodwaters from Tropical Storm Cindy covered timberland and fields across the rural Deep South on Saturday. The Chickasawhay River was out of its banks near the southeastern Mississippi town of Leakesville. 24 июня 2017, 18:23
11 часов 0:36
Istanbul Bans LGBT Pride March For Second Year
Istanbul's governor has banned a gay and transgender pride march, which was supposed to take place in the city on Sunday. He cited security concerns after threats from an ultra-nationalist group. 24 июня 2017, 18:19
11 часов 0:32
Jeremy Corbyn Invited to Speak at Glastonbury Festival
The Glastonbury music festival has invited Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, to be a headline act at the festival. The festival’s attendees chanted Corbyn’s name when he walked onstage. 24 июня 2017, 17:52
11 часов 0:39
Iraqi Forces Free Hundreds Of Civilians In Mosul
Iraqi forces have opened exit routes for hundreds of civilians to flee the Old City of Mosul on Saturday. 24 июня 2017, 17:42
11 часов 0:44
Cyber Attack Hits UK Parliament
On Saturday, politicians and officials confirmed that Britain's parliament was hit by a cyber attack in which hackers tried to reportedly access email accounts. 24 июня 2017, 17:37
11 часов 0:44
Five London Towers Evacuated for Fire Safety After Grenfell Tower Blaze
Thousands of residents in a sprawling north London housing estate were forced to leave their apartments late on Friday after fire checks carried out in the wake of the deadly Grenfell Tower blaze found the buildings to 24 июня 2017, 17:36
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Ivanka's Company Sued For Stealing Design
A New York judge has reportedly ordered Ivanka Trump to testify in a lawsuit which claims that her company has plagiarized an Italian shoe company's most popular design. 24 июня 2017, 17:22
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Trump Talks To Other Republicans About Healthcare
Friday, June 24th, President Donald Trump contacted several of his fellow Republicans to gain support for his administration's healthcare overhaul. Sean Spicer, the White House spokesman, commented on their progress. 24 июня 2017, 16:40
12 часов 0:40
Istanbul Authorities Ban Pride March
An LGBT pride march that was planned to take place in Istanbul, Turkey this Sunday, June 24th, was banned by the city’s governor. 24 июня 2017, 16:29
13 часов 0:42
Charleena Lyles' Life Celebrated By Family
Charleena Lyles is a 30-year-old, pregnant mother who was shot and killed by two Seattle police officers. 24 июня 2017, 15:22
14 часов 0:43
Bill Cosby Wants To Speak To Today's Youth
Since his trial concluded, Bill Cosby states he wants to organize a series of town hall meeting where discusses the ramifications of misbehaving with todays youth. 24 июня 2017, 14:26
16 часов 0:43
Norway-Russia relations to deteriorate following U.S. Marines' base extension: Russian embassy
Norway's decision to extend the presence of U.S. 24 июня 2017, 12:44
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