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Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Reportedly Made More Than $1 Billion In 2017
According to Business Insider Bitcoins largest platform for purchasing the cryptocurrencies is making a ton of money. 22 января 2018, 23:06
9 часов 0:36
Victoria's Secret Losing To Calvin Klein
With its new ad campaign, Calvin Klein sent the internet into a frenzy on Monday. It features the Kardashian-Jenner family. The underwear brand is owned by PVH Corp. 22 января 2018, 22:33
9 часов 0:32
Volcano In Philippines Prompts Evacuation Of 27,000
As the country warned a hazardous volcanic eruption might be imminent, more than 27,000 people have been evacuated in the Philippines. 22 января 2018, 22:33
9 часов 0:33
Amazon Go The Future Of Groceries?
with its wildly popular (and powerful) digital marketplace, Amazon has made life rough for traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Now, Amazon has opened a brick-and-mortar grocery store of its own called Amazon Go. 22 января 2018, 22:31
9 часов 0:34
Sexual Harassment Allegations Plague ‘The Resident’ Producer
Zachary Lutsky is a consulting producer on Fox's The Resident. He has been placed under review as past sexual harassment claims against him on CBS' Code Black have surfaced. 22 января 2018, 22:30
9 часов 0:40
Body Broker Convicted Of Fraud
A Detroit businessman was convicted Monday of defrauding medical customers by selling them diseased human remains. Arthur Rathburn sold and leased donated body parts for two decades. 22 января 2018, 22:27
9 часов 0:39
Crosscheck Voter Fraud Program Releases Personal Voter Data
For weeks, Kansas officials have been insisting that Crosscheck has never suffered a data breach. This despite the fact that its voter files and the passwords to decrypt them have been repeatedly exposed. 22 января 2018, 22:26
9 часов 0:54
In-N-Out Shatters The Restaurant Chain Mold
The West Coast burger sensation In-N-Out pays store managers an average yearly salary of more than $160,000. According to the latest California Sun newsletter, this is about triple the industry average. 22 января 2018, 22:25
9 часов 0:43
Homicides in Mexico Peak in 2017
According to government statistics, 2017 was Mexico's most murderous year on record. Mexican authorities reported 25,339 homicides for 2017, which is up 23-percent when compared to 2016. 22 января 2018, 22:06
9 часов 1:27
SkyWise Weather for the Pacific
SkyWise Weather for the Pacific wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit Weather Syndication using wochit.com 22 января 2018, 22:02
9 часов 0:43
Government Shutdown Delays Falcon Heavy Launch
The Falcon Heavy rocket has been delayed by the government shutdown. The massive rocket from SpaceX was scheduled for launch on Jan. 22 января 2018, 21:58
10 часов 1:53
SkyWise Weather for the Midwest
SkyWise Weather for the Midwest wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit Weather Syndication using wochit.com 22 января 2018, 21:03
10 часов 0:54
Fallout Widens In USA Gymnastics Scandal
More gymnasts told their stories of sexual abuse in court on Monday as the fallout over the scandal widened. 3 top board members of USA gymnastics have resigned as testimony continues against Larry Nassar. 22 января 2018, 20:58
10 часов 0:50
USA Gymnastics Executives Resign
The top three board members of USA Gymnastics, the sport's governing body, have resigned. The news comes amid a widening scandal over unimpeded sexual abuse against young female gymnasts by doctor larry nassar. 22 января 2018, 20:50
11 часов 0:52
Judge Denies Jared Fogle an Early Release From Prison
A U.S. Federal judge has denied disgraced former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle an early release from prison. 22 января 2018, 19:59
12 часов 0:42
Are More U.S. Millennials Ditching Desk Jobs for Farms?
Kimbal Musk, the brother of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, says that there is a growing number of millennials leaving office jobs to become local and organic farmers. 22 января 2018, 19:23
12 часов 0:41
Top Board Members At USA Gymnastics Resign
The executive leadership team of USA Gymnastics has resigned. According to the national governing body for gymnastics, the board's chairman, vice chairman, and treasurer have stepped down. 22 января 2018, 19:17
12 часов 0:42
Top USA Gymnastics Board Members Resign
Three board members of USA Gymnastics have resigned in the wake of a sexual abuse scandal. The organization added their resignations are related to former team physician, Dr. 22 января 2018, 19:08
12 часов 2:32
SkyWise Weather Across the Country
SkyWise Weather Across the Country wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit Weather Syndication using wochit.com 22 января 2018, 19:07
12 часов 1:53
SkyWise Weather for the South
SkyWise Weather for the South wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit Weather Syndication using wochit.com 22 января 2018, 19:05
12 часов 2:06
SkyWise Weather for New England
SkyWise Weather for New England wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit Weather Syndication using wochit.com 22 января 2018, 19:03
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Uber's Settlement With NY Drivers Rejected by Federal Judge
On Monday, a U.S. 22 января 2018, 18:55
12 часов 1:05
Ways To Remove Super Glue
Here are ways you can remove super glue that you haven't thought of before. 22 января 2018, 18:53
13 часов 0:38
Megyn Kelly Goes After Jane Fonda
On Monday, Megyn Kelly has taken her public feud with Jane Fonda to a new level. At the Sundance film festival, Fonda recently slammed Kelly for her "inappropriate" question during a segment that aired in September. 22 января 2018, 18:27
13 часов 0:53
Things You Should Never Put In Your Washing Machine
We've all made the mistake once or twice of something ending up in the washing machine that shouldn't be there. Keep an eye out for these things specifically, that shouldn't go in your laundry machine. 22 января 2018, 18:24
13 часов 0:55
Soon Saudi Women Will Be Able To Drive But What About Other Rights?
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has promised to restore "moderate, open" Islam and last summer he lifted the Kingdom's driving ban for Saudi women. 22 января 2018, 18:16
13 часов 0:46
President of Ecuador Rips Julian Assange
Over the weekend, Lenin Moreno, the current president of Ecuador, described Julian Assange as “more than a nuisance." The founder of WikiLeaks has been living in Ecuador’s London embassy since the summer of 2012. 22 января 2018, 18:10
13 часов 0:41
McKesson Corp Accused By Kentucky Of Fueling Opioid Epidemic
Drug distributor McKesson Corp was accused on Monday by Kentucky’s attorney general of helping fuel the opioid epidemic by failing to halt shipments of suspiciously large or frequent orders by pharmacies of 22 января 2018, 18:09
13 часов 0:48
13 часов 0:48
What Happens During A Government Shutdown
This is what happens during a government shutdown. wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using wochit.com 22 января 2018, 17:53
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