14 мин 5:54
See What Your Favorite Artists Drew as Children
Some of your favorite artists showed an artistic flair when they were children. 24 апреля 2017, 20:45
21 мин 2:18
Trump Approval Rating Slides
President Trump's job approval has fallen, according to the latest WSJ/NBC News poll. 24 апреля 2017, 20:38
21 мин 4:00
Wealth in China Is Sometimes Just a River Crossing Away​
China's property boom is deepening the social divide between those who can invest in mega-city real estate and those who are prevented from doing so by decades-old rules. 24 апреля 2017, 20:38
21 мин 2:41
Support for Trump Continues in Coal-Dependent Wyoming
The Trump administration has brought renewed hope to places like Gillette, Wyo., where coal is a way of life. Video: Robert Libetti. 24 апреля 2017, 20:37
21 мин 2:58
Why Big Tobacco Didn't Fail
Revenues for U.S. tobacco companies hit $117 billion in 2016, up from $78 billion in 2001. How the industry succeeded despite lawsuits, rising taxes and declining smoking rates. 24 апреля 2017, 20:37
23 мин 3:06
Pennsylvania Steel Town Struggles
For decades, Monessen, Pa., had a thriving steel industry that employed thousands of people. That all changed when the mill shut down in 1987. 24 апреля 2017, 20:36
23 мин 3:02
A Reunion for Indiana Man Deported to Mexico
Indiana restaurant owner Roberto Beristain was deported to Mexico earlier this month after living in the U.S. for 20 years. His American family members visited him for the first time over Easter weekend. 24 апреля 2017, 20:35
25 мин 1:23
Euro Pop: Markets Jump After French Election
French stocks and the euro both gained after Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen advanced to the second round of the French Presidential election. 24 апреля 2017, 20:34
7 часов 1:07
French Election: European Politicians React
Following the outcome of the first round of the French presidential election, politicians from across Europe took to Twitter to react. 24 апреля 2017, 13:15
2 319
9 часов 1:53
French Presidential Election: What's Next?
The French people have spoken: The country's next president will be centrist Emmanuel Macron or the far-right's Marine Le Pen, after the two candidates topped the polls in the first round of voting. 24 апреля 2017, 11:18
1 294
14 часов 5:19
British-Iranian Aid Worker Held in Iranian Prison
Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian dual national, was arrested during a family visit to Iran last April for allegedly threatening national security. 24 апреля 2017, 6:48
21 час 2:46
French Election: Macron and Le Pen Through to Final Round
Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine le Pen will face off in the May 7 runoff that decides who becomes the next president of France. 23 апреля 2017, 23:35
5 344
3 дня 6:05
Debbie Allen on Why the Arts Matter
The legendary Debbie Allen and dancer Jared Brown, a YoungArts 2016 finalist and Presidential Scholar in the Arts, discuss the importance of nurturing the next generation of artists. 21 апреля 2017, 20:40
1 188
3 дня 3:00
Beer and...Iced Tea?
Looking for a refreshing drink this summer? WSJ reporter Charles Passy and Tanya Rivero sip an unconventional option: the Owl's Brew Radler, a new artisanal beer and iced tea fusion. 21 апреля 2017, 19:04
1 307
3 дня 4:36
Airlines Boosting First Class, Skimping on Coach
There's a growing chasm between the haves and the have-nots in the air. WSJ Aerospace reporter Robert Wall joins Lunch Break's Tanya Rivero to discuss. 21 апреля 2017, 19:00
2 576
3 дня 5:05
DogTV: The First Channel Programmed for Man's Best Friend
We've all seen programming about dogs, but DogTV is the first channel to offer scientifically-backed programming for our four-legged friends. DogTV's Gilad Neumann joins Lunch Break's Tanya Rivero to discuss. 21 апреля 2017, 18:27
3 дня 5:09
Moody's Reveals the Habits of America's Top Math Students
The Moody's Foundation's National Math Survey outlines the academic habits of some of the country's top math students. 21 апреля 2017, 18:25
2 232
3 дня 3:38
Prince's First Wife Mayte Garcia On the Star We Didn't Know
Prince's first wife, Mayte Garcia, shares her emotional story of love, loss and becoming his muse. Photo: Patrick Demarchelier. 21 апреля 2017, 18:19
12 365
3 дня 1:31
Trump on Government Shutdown and Health-Care Reform
At a joint news conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Thursday, President Donald Trump spoke about plans to amend the Affordable Care Act and a needed funding deal to avoid a government shutdown 21 апреля 2017, 18:18
1 973
3 дня 2:58
France's Presidential Election: What You Need to Know
The French will elect a new president in two rounds of voting on April 23 and May 7, and the result could reshape the European Union. 21 апреля 2017, 10:29
2 275
4 дня 3:24
O'Reilly: A Huge Factor in Fox News's Rise
Fox News announced the departure of Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday in the wake of a sexual-harassment scandal, bringing an end to the popular host’s two-decade career at the TV network. How did Mr. 20 апреля 2017, 17:55
3 918
4 дня 2:27
Star Cars of the Shanghai Auto Show 2017
From electric supercars to an SUV whose name has a striking similarity to U.S. President Donald Trump, the world's biggest auto market is showcased in Shanghai. 20 апреля 2017, 17:54
3 961
4 дня 2:47
Amateur Sailors Can Now Fly on Water Like America's Cup Skippers
Technological developments have made foilers -- the kind of boats seen in the America's Cup -- safer and easier to use. Now, manufacturers are ready to bring foiling to the masses. 20 апреля 2017, 17:54
4 дня 2:10
What Did Georgia Election Results Tell Us?
No candidate won the Georgia House seat left vacant by Tom Price outright on Tuesday, and the state holds a run-off election in June between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel. 20 апреля 2017, 17:53
1 011
4 дня 1:46
Historic Villa for Sale on the French Riviera
A grand villa built in the late 19th century touts panoramic views on the French Riviera. The current owners, Rosemary and Patrick Ireland, are listing the property for about $2.66 million. 20 апреля 2017, 17:53
4 дня 1:27
Aging Drivers Propel Self-Driving Technology in Japan
A majority of new cars in Japan are equipped with technology like automatic braking where the vehicles control themselves in certain cases. It's a contrast with the U.S., where those features have yet to go mainstream. 20 апреля 2017, 17:51
4 дня 2:51
Far-Left Firebrand Mélenchon Shakes Up French Election
A late surge in support of far-left candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has thrown open the first round of the French Presidential election which takes place this weekend. 20 апреля 2017, 16:47
4 965
4 дня 3:44
Industrial Decline Fuels French Political Extremes
In Amiens, hometown of presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, Whirlpool's decision to shut a factory is the latest in a wave of closures pushing voters to embrace extremist parties, mainly Marine Le Pen's far-right 20 апреля 2017, 12:42
1 620
5 дней 4:55
Charlie DePew on 'Famous in Love'
Rising star Charlie DePew talks about starring alongside Bella Thorne in the new series "Famous in Love" on Freeform. The actor also discusses his budding social media business on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero. 19 апреля 2017, 20:51
5 дней 6:05
'The Handmaid's Tale' Star O.T. Fagbenle
O.T. Fagbenle, star of Hulu's original series "The Handmaid's Tale," joins Lunch Break's Tanya Rivero to discuss working with co-star Elizabeth Moss and bringing to life Margaret Atwood's dystopian classic. 19 апреля 2017, 20:12
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