17 дней 33:52
The brother of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock speaks for a second time
Eric Paddock, brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, spoke to reporters in a rambling, wide-ranging interview outside his home. 4 октября 2017, 3:41
2 290 418
7 дней 22:57
Police release new details on Las Vegas shooting investigation
Las Vegas police said Friday that 45 victims are still in the hospital after the mass shooting that left 58 people dead. 13 октября 2017, 20:38
422 290
12 дней 0:31
Dove apologizes for racially insensitive ad
Dove has apologized for a body wash ad that showed a black woman taking off her shirt to reveal a white woman. Many social media users called out the Facebook ad as racially insensitive. 9 октября 2017, 0:28
315 347
17 дней 0:57
Video shows inside Las Vegas shooter's hotel room
CBS News has obtained new footage from inside Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino. 3 октября 2017, 18:06
168 676
22 дня 5:06
New gravitational waves detected
Observatories in Washington, Louisiana, and Italy have all detected gravitational waves from the collision of two black holes. 29 сентября 2017, 3:20
167 028
18 дней 4:47
Musician Tom Petty dead at 66
Sophie Schillaci of "Entertainment Tonight" joins CBSN with more on the passing of Tom Petty. The musician was 66 years old. 2 октября 2017, 20:34
127 968
16 дней 44:29
Police release shooting timeline in Las Vegas Massacre
Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, Special Agent Aaron Rouse, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak and Sen. 5 октября 2017, 2:31
113 031
18 дней 6:41
New details on Las Vegas gunman
CBS News law enforcement analyst Paul Viollis joins CBSN with more of what we're learning about Stephen Paddock, the gunman behind Sunday night's mass shooting in Las Vegas. 2 октября 2017, 21:16
102 272
16 дней 1:25
Mystery of viral photo from Vegas shooting solved
An image of cowboy boots on the streets of Las Vegas went viral after the mass shooting at a country music festival. CBS Los Angeles tracked down the man behind the photograph. 5 октября 2017, 1:40
58 685
27 дней 22:17
North Korea's foreign minister speaks at U.N.
On Saturday, North Korea's foreign minister spoke to the United Nations. He reacted to tough new sanctions and global condemnation over the country's missile and nuclear programs. 23 сентября 2017, 20:55
52 639
24 дня 8:10
A look at life inside North Korea as tensions rise
CBSN gets some rare insights into life in Pyongyang as tensions rise between the U.S. and North Korea. 27 сентября 2017, 15:28
49 793
20 дней 4:42
Puerto Rico governor responds to Trump's attacks on San Juan mayor
President Trump lashed out San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz in a Saturday morning tweetstorm after Cruz begged for more help on the island. 30 сентября 2017, 16:36
48 201
26 дней 0:38
Gunman opens fire at Tennessee church
A gunman opened fire Sunday at the Burnett Chapel Church of Christ, which is located in the Nashville area. At least eight people were injured. 24 сентября 2017, 18:00
44 966
18 дней 4:14
Witness describes horror of Las Vegas mass shooting
Leah Matthews was at the music festival in Las Vegas Sunday night when a gunman opened fire from a 32nd floor hotel room. She joins CBSN by phone and describes the ordeal. 2 октября 2017, 17:10
40 702
6 дней 5:39
Shift in the Las Vegas shooting timeline raises questions about police response
Las Vegas police once again revised their timeline of the shooting at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in a press conference on Friday. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas joins CBSN with the latest. 14 октября 2017, 17:43
40 442
10 дней 1:17
Video captures girl's joy at adoption
A security camera at a Utah school caught the emotional moment when 11-year-old Tannah Butterfield learned her foster parents had completed her legal adoption. KUTV reporter Cristina Flores has the story. 10 октября 2017, 17:44
39 387
18 дней 1:31
Man 2 floors below Vegas shooter recalls frantic scene
Gunfire rang out Monday night just two floors below Chris Bethel's hotel room in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Bethel helped Las Vegas police to locate Stephen Paddock's hotel room. 3 октября 2017, 14:20
35 631
11 дней 1:08
Three bears break into Colorado pizza shop
A Colorado pizzeria owner says a female black bear and her two cubs caused damage to his kitchen overnight -- and he has surveillance video to prove it. 9 октября 2017, 21:28
31 242
7 дней 5:42
Iran responds after Trump won't certify nuclear deal
While President Trump's base cheered his posture on Iran, other signatories and Iran itself spoke out against the decision. CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports from Tehran. 14 октября 2017, 1:52
30 923
26 дней 7:18
NFL owners speak out in support of players
NFL teams have responded to President Trump's comments about players who kneel for the national anthem. In London Sunday, Ravens and Jaguars players kneeled and linked arms in unity. 24 сентября 2017, 17:12
30 110
25 дней 4:15
North Korean foreign minister: Trump's comments a declaration of war
North Korea's foreign minister said Monday that President Trump's comments at the UN last week were a declaration of war against his nation. CBS News Radio's Pamela Falk takes us through the foreign minister's comments. 25 сентября 2017, 16:07
29 742
16 дней 4:56
Hotel security questioned after attack in Las Vegas
The mass shooting in Las Vegas has raised a number of troubling questions about security for the the hotel industry. 4 октября 2017, 19:27
29 357
25 дней 4:21
LeBron James: Trump is trying to use sports to divide us
NBA superstar LeBron James spoke out Monday about President Trump's comments after Mr. Trump criticized NFL players who kneel during the national anthem. 25 сентября 2017, 18:16
29 334
10 дней 4:31
Eminem rips President Trump, his supporters in freestyle rap
Filmed in a car park in Detroit and aired during the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards, superstar Eminem performed a four-and-a-half minute freestyle rap in which he sharply criticized President Trump. 11 октября 2017, 14:57
28 821
27 дней 4:36
Will North Korea test a hydrogen bomb?
North Korea says Kim Jong Un is considering testing a hydrogen bomb as he and President Trump continue to trade insults. Senior fellow at The Atlantic Council Matthew Kroenig joins CBSN to discuss. 23 сентября 2017, 17:12
27 654
25 дней 4:04
North Korea accuses President Trump of declaring war
North Korea's foreign minister accused President Trump of declaring war and said all options will now be on the table. 25 сентября 2017, 20:50
26 840
18 дней 7:22
Former FBI profiler on Las Vegas shooting
Former FBI profiler Mary Ellen O'Toole joins CBSN with more on what could have driven the Las Vegas gunman behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. 2 октября 2017, 21:12
26 633
18 дней 4:57
Las Vegas gunman's brother says he's "shocked"
Eric Paddock, the brother of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, says he is "shocked" and "dumbfounded" by his brothers action's. WKMG reporter Mark Lehman spoke to Eric Paddock and joins CBSN with more. 2 октября 2017, 17:36
26 219
29 дней 11:55
Trump reveals new North Korea sanctions
President Trump announced Thursday that he signed a new executive order that "significantly expands our authority to target individual companies, and financial institutions that facilitate trade with North Korea." 21 сентября 2017, 19:29
24 695
16 дней 0:40
Cam Newton criticized over remark to female reporter
North Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is facing growing backlash over his comments to a female reporter in Charlotte. He told Jourdan Rodrigue it was "funny to hear a female" ask a football question. 5 октября 2017, 15:06
24 535
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