23 дня 3:25
Explaining the polar vortex sweeping across Midwest, plunging temps to record lows
A deadly polar vortex is moving across a large swath of the U.S., bringing with it bone-chilling and life-threatening arctic air. 30 января 2019, 1:11
51 764
14 дней 0:43
Matt Whitaker tells Democratic chairman his time is up
Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker shocked a hearing room when he pointed out to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler his five-minute questioning period had concluded. 8 февраля 2019, 16:15
51 383
25 дней 6:51
Venezuela's top military representative to U.S. backs opposition leader
Venezuela's power struggle has grown more chaotic as the country's top military representative to the U.S. 28 января 2019, 4:13
49 671
16 дней 5:16
Fact-checking Trump's State of the Union address
Gabe Debenedetti, national correspondent for New York Magazine, joined CBSN's Tanya Rivero to look at the facts behind some of the statements made by President Trump in his State of the Union address. 6 февраля 2019, 4:37
48 567
24 дня 14:00
Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg says Mueller "very interested" in conversations with Roger Stone
President Trump's longtime associate and former campaign adviser Roger Stone is expected to plead not guilty to seven charges filed against him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 29 января 2019, 0:35
48 203
29 дней 0:58
Dad puts on "Frozen" costume, dances to "Let It Go" with 4-year-old son
When his son wanted to dance to "Frozen" songs, this dad from Norway put on an Elsa costume and danced with him – because it's important to just "let it go" and be yourself. 24 января 2019, 15:04
48 133
24 дня 7:33
El Chapo trial: Prosecution rests, Guzman will not take the stand
The end of the El Chapo trial is near, as the prosecution rests their case and prepares for closing arguments. Meanwhile, the defense is calling one witness to challenge previous testimony. 29 января 2019, 16:14
47 161
16 дней 10:52
Stacey Abrams gave the Democratic rebuttal to the State of the Union
Stacey Abrams, the Georgia Democrat who narrowly lost the state's gubernatorial race in November, delivered the Democratic response to the State of the Union. 6 февраля 2019, 4:32
47 088
18 дней 1:56
Julian Edelman, Super Bowl LIII MVP, reacts to Super Bowl victory
New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was named the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl LIII on Sunday night. He caught 10 passes for 141 yards against the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta. 4 февраля 2019, 6:40
45 343
1 день 0:28
Trump says release of Mueller report "totally up to" attorney general
In a meeting with the chancellor of Austria in the Oval Office on Wednesday, President Trump said the release of a potential report by special counsel Robert Mueller would be decided by Attorney | 20 февраля 2019, 19:46
45 218
29 дней 27:12
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer speak after State of the Union is postponed, live stream
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds her weekly press availability, hours after President Trump acceded to her request that he postpone his State of the Union address until after the government reopens. 24 января 2019, 16:32
44 973
16 дней 1:54
Trump says he will ask Congress to prohibit late-term abortion
At the State of the Union, President Trump said he would ask Congress to pass legislation prohibiting late-term abortions. He criticized a law passed in New York that strengthens abortion protections. 6 февраля 2019, 5:18
43 615
13 дней 5:03
"I'll be the bad guy," Ocasio-Cortez says on campaign finance
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez broke down U.S. campaign finance laws as "fundamentally broken" in impassioned 5-minute speech. 9 февраля 2019, 0:30
41 968
10 дней 1:04:10
El Chapo trial verdict: Joaquin Guzman found guilty and convicted on all counts, live stream
Notorious Sinaloa drug cartel boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman found guilty on all counts in New York court. 12 февраля 2019, 18:35
41 363
6 дней 12:04
Impact of Trump declaring national emergency to build border wall
President Trump declared a national emergency and announced plans to divert funds to build a border wall, but Democrats are already vowing to take action to block the move. 15 февраля 2019, 21:25
41 013
2 дня 6:49
Bernie Sanders launches 2020 presidential campaign, joining growing list of Democratic candidates
Senator Bernie Sanders has joined the growing list of candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020. 19 февраля 2019, 18:45
40 286
9 дней 8:35
Investigation finds Saudi students in 8 U.S. states have vanished while facing criminal charges
An investigation conducted by The Oregonian newspaper has found that Saudi Arabian students in eight U.S. states and Canada vanished after facing criminal charges. 13 февраля 2019, 2:03
39 893
1 день 4:58
Samsung's new devices include pricey foldable smartphone
Samsung is introducing a slew of new devices, including the Galaxy Fold, a smartphone that unfolds into a tablet, expected to retail for nearly $2,000. 21 февраля 2019, 15:57
39 832
25 дней 7:40
Kamala Harris officially begins presidential run
Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California, delivered a speech Sunday to mark the beginning of her 2020 campaign to be president of the United States. 28 января 2019, 1:11
39 122
1 день 5:54
North Carolina Republican candidate's son says he warned him about possible election fraud
Explosive new details emerged in the election fraud hearing for North Carolina's 9th Congressional district. 21 февраля 2019, 1:20
38 946
28 дней 0:38
Study links disease-causing bacteria to Alzheimer's
Researchers say they have found evidence linking bacteria that causes gum disease to Alzheimer's disease. 25 января 2019, 0:46
38 173
21 час 14:45
Jussie Smollett's bond set at $100,000
Actor Jussie Smollett, who turned himself in on a felony count of filing a false police report, appeared in court Thursday afternoon, where a judge set his bond at $100,000 and ordered him to turn | 21 февраля 2019, 21:21
38 059
17 дней 5:49
The top commercials from Super Bowl LIII
Verizon's "The Team That Wouldn't Be Here" was the top commercial at this year's Super Bowl, according to Gameday Views. 4 февраля 2019, 20:26
37 028
29 дней 8:02
El Chapo trial: Details about drug trade, prison breaks reveal limits to border wall
CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal reports on the network of tunnels used by drug traffickers, and then CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman joins CBSN to discuss the latest testimony from the | 24 января 2019, 16:38
36 884
1 день 4:23
U.S.-born ISIS bride in dispute over citizenship
A woman born in the U.S. who married three separate ISIS fighters in Syria is begging to return home. Hoda Muthana was 20 years old when she left her Alabama home in 2014. Now, the U.S. 21 февраля 2019, 17:39
35 341
7 дней 10:22
Trump to issue national emergency declaration
The White House announced Thursday President Trump plans to declare a national emergency at the Southern border. 15 февраля 2019, 2:13
35 290
7 дней 6:10
What Americans think about gun policies one year after Parkland shooting
Americans are weighing in on the gun policy debate in the U.S., one year after the deadly shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. 14 февраля 2019, 20:13
35 081
2 дня 0:28
Putin warns U.S. against putting missiles in Europe
Russian President Vladimir Putin sternly warned the United States against deploying new missiles in Europe, saying Wednesday that Russia will retaliate by fielding new weapons that will take just as | 20 февраля 2019, 14:42
34 807
7 дней 7:25
Trump to sign funding bill, declare national emergency
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that President Trump will sign a border-security funding bill to avert a partial government shutdown. Mr. 14 февраля 2019, 21:09
34 780
10 дней 6:57
Beto O'Rourke at Texas rally: "Walls do not save lives, walls end lives"
Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke held a rally in El Paso, Texas, on Monday night, in direct competition with President Trump's own event across the street at an arena. 12 февраля 2019, 4:31
34 449
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