14 дней 0:15
Footage:Student saved from onrushing high-speed train
Surveillance video from Thursday afternoon shows a female college student rushing towards the railway tracks at Putian station in southeast China’s Fujian Province -- just as a high-speed train was reaching the station. 12 мая 2017, 11:50
1 148 307
15 дней 1:11
Uzbek president arrives in Beijng for Belt and Road Forum
Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Beijing on Thursday for a state visit to China and to participate in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, which will be held in the Chinese capital on May 11 мая 2017, 14:00
318 070
13 дней 0:56
Policeman stop traffic with car to guide elderly walker
As an old man was halfway across the road in southwest China's Sichuan Province, the traffic light turned green and cars began to move forward. 13 мая 2017, 14:52
219 528
10 дней 1:22
Quick-thinking Indian villagers save day after bus falls into river
A bus driver and five passengers had a lucky escape when their vehicle plunged into a swollen river in the Gadag area of the southern Indian state of Karnataka on Monday. 16 мая 2017, 3:03
218 109
21 день 1:51
First China-built large passenger aircraft C919 takes off for maiden flight
China's first domestically built large passenger jet C919 successfully took off for its maiden flight at 2:00 p.m. (0600 GMT) on Friday afternoon from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. 5 мая 2017, 6:36
152 808
26 дней 1:06
Closer to China: Industrial Transformation via Scientific Strength 02
Is 'who you know' rather than 'what you know' holding Chinese science back? 30 апреля 2017, 5:20
150 701
26 дней 1:24
Closer to China: Industrial Transformation via Scientific Strength 01
What is wrong with China's talent selection system in science? 30 апреля 2017, 5:18
131 891
24 дня 0:41
Japan's Shiki-Shima luxury train makes maiden journey
A new luxury sleeper train offering passengers traditional comforts like tatami rice straw mats but also modern design like glass ceilings has been put it into service in Japan. 2 мая 2017, 14:25
64 010
14 дней 0:34
Caught on camera: Man goes into coma after being struck by falling glass
A 22-year-old man was struck by a piece of falling glass which left him in a coma on May 3 in Shaoyang city, central China’s Hunan Province. Surveillance footage shows the victim, surnamed Zhu, riding his bicycle home. 12 мая 2017, 7:46
57 667
6 дней 1:32
Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia for first foreign trip as president
US President Donald Trump on Saturday arrived in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, the first leg of his first international trip since taking office in January.Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud welcomed Trump at the 20 мая 2017, 8:10
56 500
21 день 3:19
China-built aircraft C919 makes successful maiden flight
China's first domestically-built large passenger jet C919 has just landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, after successfully undertaking its maiden flight. 5 мая 2017, 8:54
52 476
14 дней 0:25
Viral video: Girl rushes to aid toddler in fall from third floor balcony
In the event of an emergency, many don't hesitate to give a helping hand. A 12-year-old girl in central China’s Henan Province took this quite literally, using her bare hands without hesitation. 12 мая 2017, 5:59
48 121
25 дней 0:19
Acrobat loses control mid-way through air, lands on head
A frightening accident was captured by onlookers in the city of Putian, in east China's Fujian Province, when an acrobat attempted to catch a swinging hoop but lost grip midway through the air. 1 мая 2017, 12:01
41 251
28 дней 0:44
Watch: Triplets really don't want their dad to go to work
A heartwarming video has emerged from China of toddler triplets running after their dad's car as he leaves for work. 28 апреля 2017, 7:04
37 717
7 дней 1:03
Video of restaurant fight over noisy child sparks cyberbullying of protagonists
Surveillance video footage of a fight that broke out in a restaurant in Dalian, northeast China last Friday after a university student appeared to kick a noisy child has divided opinion over who was to blame for the 19 мая 2017, 7:21
35 676
19 дней 0:41
Panda cubs attempt quick getaway in southwest China
Alarms were raised at a panda breeding center in China when four naughty little panda cubs attempted a quick getaway while hanging out with their keeper. 7 мая 2017, 11:42
32 252
16 часов 0:55
US woman jumps on hood to stop carjacking
A US woman, whose car was about to get stolen right before her eyes, decided not to surrender without putting up a fight first. 26 мая 2017, 3:57
32 133
16 дней 0:47
Woman pours cola into ATM after falling for bizarre phone scam
A Chinese woman has been arrested for vandalism, after being persuaded by telecom fraudsters to pour cola into two ATM machines in a bid to retrieve money that had been stolen from her. 10 мая 2017, 13:08
26 241
27 дней 1:15
Aerial footage of US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson near Nagasaki, Japan
Japanese broadcaster NHK has released footage showing American aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson sailing off the coast of Nagasaki, southwestern Japan. NHK said the footage was shot around 6:30 AM local time on Saturday. 29 апреля 2017, 8:25
24 631
26 дней 1:06
China’s amphibious aircraft AG600 makes first glide test
China's largest amphibious aircraft, the AG600, successfully made its first glide test in Zhuhai, south China's Guangdong Province on Saturday, according to the China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. (AVIC). 30 апреля 2017, 14:55
22 604
14 дней 5:48
President Xi Jinping: Why I proposed the Belt and Road
China is gearing up to host the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on May 14-15. 12 мая 2017, 14:42
18 480
23 дня 2:21
China-built aircraft C919's maiden flight set for May 5
The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) announced on Wednesday that May 5 had been set for the maiden flight of China’s domestically-developed aircraft C919. 3 мая 2017, 15:16
17 762
21 день 1:49
China and Russia to work together on C929 aircraft
China and Russia are developing a jumbo jet called the C929, which is expected to be ready for passenger flights in the next six or seven years. 5 мая 2017, 8:06
15 624
11 дней 0:41
Putin surprises with impromptu piano performance in Beijing
Russian President Vladimir Putin showed off his skills on the piano on Sunday, playing classic Soviet tunes as he waited for a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the Belt and Road Forum 15 мая 2017, 3:24
15 482
13 дней 5:13
Qamchiq Tunnel: a demonstration of ‘Chinese speed’
Traveling from Fergana in eastern Uzbekistan to capital city Tashkent used to involve a long and arduous trip via neighboring country Tajikistan or a perilous mountainside drive. 13 мая 2017, 14:18
14 746
18 дней 0:55
Firefighter tiptoes along narrow 15th-floor ledge to stop suicide
A firefighter walked along a narrow ledge on the outside of the 15th floor of a building in Wuhu city, east China’s Anhui Province to save an apparently suicidal woman on Sunday. 8 мая 2017, 6:17
14 220
13 дней 0:51
Close encounter: Russian fighter jet ‘greets’ US Navy aircraft
A Russian SU-27 fighter jet flew within six meters of a US Navy plane operating over the Black Sea recently. 13 мая 2017, 6:27
13 283
10 дней 0:26
Video: Commuter gets finger stuck in door as train pulls away
Frightening footage shows a Chinese commuter with his finger stuck in a carriage door running alongside the train as it pulls away from the station. 16 мая 2017, 14:09
12 967
21 день 3:08
Indian-controlled Kashmir sees sharp rise in militancy among youths
The situation in Indian-controlled Kashmir is threatening to boil over, as protests by students in Pulwama threaten to escalate into a movement making many young people disillusioned, leading to massive trouble for the 5 мая 2017, 15:18
12 644
8 дней 0:50
Chinese-made Z-19E military helicopter takes maiden flight
A Chinese-made military helicopter, known as Z-19E, has taken its maiden flight in Harbin, the capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. 18 мая 2017, 9:21
12 348
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