14 дней 10:00
CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised Mexico would pay for wall
CNN's Kaitlan Collins presses President Trump on his promise that Mexico will pay for a border wall on the US-Mexico border. 4 января 2019, 20:21
5 747 695
29 дней 6:28
Lawmaker calls Trump official 'liar,' storms out
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) confronted DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen over border separations during the Trump administration and stormed out of the hearing during her response. #CNN #News | 20 декабря 2018, 21:43
1 955 214
10 дней 9:32
Trump's full speech from Oval Office on shutdown and border wall (Full national address)
President Donald Trump made his case for funding for a border wall on the US-Mexico border during a national address to the nation from the White House Oval Office. #Trump #CNN #News | 9 января 2019, 2:17
1 897 616
14 дней 9:32
Anderson Cooper debunks Trump’s shutdown claims
CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses President Donald Trump's recent rhetoric about the government shutdown and border wall. #CNN #News | 5 января 2019, 2:05
1 683 983
2 дня 9:47
Nancy Pelosi pulls power move on Trump
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking to move the day of the State of the Union address or deliver it in writing, citing security concerns from the | 16 января 2019, 21:43
1 273 911
9 дней 5:42
Schumer: Trump walked out of meeting after Pelosi said no to border wall
Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) talk to reporters after meeting with President Donald Trump about a deal to end the partial shutdown of the federal government. 9 января 2019, 20:52
1 260 601
16 дней 10:52
Anderson Cooper exposes Trump’s false claims in cabinet meeting
CNN's Anderson Cooper checks President Donald Trump's comments during a White House meeting with his cabinet and congressional leaders. #CNN #News | 3 января 2019, 2:26
1 221 170
20 дней 10:24
Graham to CNN anchor: That's a bunch of bulls***
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) discusses President Trump's demands for a border wall as a partial government shutdown enters its second week. #CNN #News | 30 декабря 2018, 16:22
1 121 079
1 день 10:46
Trump fires back at Nancy Pelosi: I’m canceling your trip
President Trump wrote a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi a letter canceling her trip to Belgium, Egypt and Afghanistan during the shutdown. CNN's Jim Acosta reports. #CNN #News | 17 января 2019, 20:08
1 068 706
8 дней 4:59
Border official shows Trump tunnels under wall
President Donald Trump said he is nearing a decision to declare a national emergency on the southern border, which he visited in person Thursday despite earlier reservations about taking the trip. 11 января 2019, 1:20
1 028 792
15 дней 10:52
Anderson Cooper: The world changed today for Trump
CNN's Anderson Cooper explores the future for President Donald Trump and his administration now that his opposition has grown stronger in Congress. #CNN #News | 4 января 2019, 2:59
1 020 316
20 дней 3:14
Meghan Markle faces scrutiny in British media
CNN's Max Foster reports how Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has become a favorite target of the British media. #CNN #News | 30 декабря 2018, 9:43
940 354
10 дней 10:35
Trump gets testy with reporter over shutdown
During a bill signing for human trafficking legislation, President Trump argued with a reporter over signing a bill that would end the partial government shutdown. #CNN #News | 9 января 2019, 18:10
887 240
2 дня 10:59
Giuliani: I never said there was no collusion in the campaign
President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani talks to CNN's Chris Cuomo about special counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign. 17 января 2019, 3:38
884 590
4 дня 9:21
Anderson Cooper: I'm not usually at a loss for words
CNN's Anderson Cooper discussed President Donald Trump's denial that he was ever working as an agent of the Russian government. #CNN #News | 15 января 2019, 1:47
879 892
27 дней 9:10
Hundreds feared dead after tsunami hits Indonesia
A tsunami that hit Pandeglang, Serang and South Lampung, Indonesia, has left dozens dead and hundreds injured.#CNN #News | 23 декабря 2018, 7:46
866 375
11 дней 10:33
Kevin Hart: Not my dream to be LGBT ally
CNN's Don Lemon says comedian Kevin Hart reached out to him following his emotional plea for Hart to become an ally of the LGBTQ community. #CNN #News | 8 января 2019, 5:35
865 506
12 дней 10:58
See Kevin Spacey appear in courtroom
Actor Kevin Spacey, who is facing a charge of indecent assault and battery, was ordered by the judge to have no contact with the accuser. CNN's Jean Casarez has the latest. #CNN #News | 7 января 2019, 17:14
831 093
7 дней 10:25
Trump backs off national emergency threat
CNN's Jake Tapper discusses the government shutdown at day 21, tying it with the longest government shutdown of all time, where nearly one million Americans did not receive a paycheck. #CNN #News | 11 января 2019, 22:06
818 628
5 дней 8:19
Trump lashed out at Mulvaney during meeting
President Donald Trump lashed out at acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney during a Situation Room meeting with Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck | 14 января 2019, 8:01
792 350
25 дней 10:37
Trump tweets 'poor me' as shutdown continues
President Trump spent most of Christmas Eve alone in the White House tweeting grievances. CNN's Abby Phillip reports. #CNN #News | 24 декабря 2018, 22:30
791 164
22 дня 5:59
Putin: Russia's new nuclear missile is invincible
Russia's new hypersonic missile system, which President Vladimir Putin claims is "invulnerable" to US defenses, will enter service in 2019, the Russian leader said after a test of the missile. 27 декабря 2018, 23:15
786 108
16 дней 10:03
Don Lemon: Trump waking up to whole new reality
CNN's Don Lemon discusses President Donald Trump's comments during a White House meeting with his Cabinet and congressional leaders. #CNN #News | 3 января 2019, 4:48
748 449
9 дней 10:56
Navarro files her nails during border wall debate
Conservative political commentators Steve Cortes and Ana Navarro debate immigration and President Trump's proposal for a wall along the US-Mexico border. #CNN #News | 10 января 2019, 7:01
723 259
7 дней 8:02
CNN analyst: It's like Trump's tweet was written by Putin
CNN analyst Samantha Vinograd says President Trump's tweets only make Russia's job easier. #CNN #News | 12 января 2019, 18:40
715 595
6 дней 11:11
Trump on Putin: I'm not keeping anything under wraps
Speaking to Fox News' Jeanine Pirro, President Donald Trump responds to two separate reports containing accusations against his involvement with Russia and President Vladimir Putin. #CNN #News | 13 января 2019, 8:02
708 538
29 дней 10:59
Schumer: Trump plunging country into chaos
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) comments on President Donald Trump's hope to secure border wall funding stating, "the Trump temper tantrum will shutdown the government, but it will not | 21 декабря 2018, 0:56
707 281
16 дней 10:52
Mitt Romney details what bothers him about Trump
In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Senator-elect Mitt Romney (R-UT) details his concerns with President Donald Trump. #CNN #News | 2 января 2019, 22:07
675 882
10 дней 4:49
Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer respond to Trump's speech
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) respond to President Donald Trump’s national address about immigration and the US-Mexico border. 9 января 2019, 2:32
660 151
13 дней 8:08
Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump can't use emergency powers to fund wall
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) tells CNN's Jake Tapper that President Donald Trump trying to use emergency powers to fund the border wall is a non-starter for negotiations to end the government shutdown. 6 января 2019, 15:48
654 403
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