14 дней 9:09
Justice Factor : Final show Part Two
The Jacob Zuma presidency gave us much to chew on, but also much to debate and argue. For one, it gave rise to Julius Malema and the EFF while it also gave birth to the Guptas and state capture. 2 августа 2018, 12:48
76 601
15 дней 8:54
Those who say elections are rigged must provide proof: Chigumba
The Chairperson of Zimbabwe's Electoral Commission Priscilla Chigumba says those who allege that the election has been rigged must provide proof. 1 августа 2018, 12:54
73 616
8 дней 7:07
MDC Alliance leader arrested
Speaking to eNCA's Xoli Mngambi, lawyer Nqobizitha Mlilo confirms that MDC Alliance leader Tendai Biti has been arrested. Courtesy DStv403 8 августа 2018, 9:34
73 101
8 дней 5:57
No inauguration of the newly elected Zimbabwean President-MDC
The party's approaching the Constitutional Court to challenge last week's election outcome.Zanu-PF clinched a majority after battling the MDC in polls. Courtesy #dstv403 8 августа 2018, 17:17
59 197
18 дней 3:41
[CHAMISA SPEAKS] We are pulling out all stops
Foreigners have been hired to interfere with the country's (Zimbabwe) electoral system, claims Nelson Chamisa. Courtesy #dstv403 29 июля 2018, 12:36
47 405
17 дней 16:38
Zimbabwe's new dawn
It's now a waiting game. Zimbabweans are on edge tonight, with their future up in the air. eNCA's Aldrin Sampear is in Harare at the results centre. Courtesy DStv403 30 июля 2018, 18:25
41 922
7 дней 3:57
Rapper ProKid passes away
Award-winning rapper Linda 'ProKid' Mkhize has died. The 37-year-old hip hop artist suffered a severe seizure on Wednesday night. 9 августа 2018, 4:45
36 703
22 дня 25:18
LIVE: MDC calls urgent meeting on Zim elections
Zimbabwe Presidential candidate Divine Hove has pulled out of the election race while the main opposition in the country, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), is convening an emergency meeting on Wednesday. 25 июля 2018, 12:23
35 330
10 дней 10:22
MDC challenges ZANU-PF win
Zimbabwean president elect Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to be sworn in over the weekend. But the opposition MDC is threatening to throw a spanner in the works. It is vowing to challenge the election results in court. 6 августа 2018, 11:06
28 718
19 дней 8:29
EFF celebrates 5 years
The EFF is celebrating its 5th birthday. The big bash is taking place in Mdantsane, in the Eastern Cape and the red berets have been visiting communities there. 28 июля 2018, 14:06
28 607
7 дней 5:30
Tendai Biti in court- Pindai Dube reports
The lawyer for Tendai Biti says the Zimbabwean opposition leader has been detained at Harare Central Police Station. Biti, along with three others, had sought asylum in Zambia. 9 августа 2018, 15:44
27 864
13 дней 14:08
#ZimElections2018 - Reaction to the results
#ZimElections2018 - Reaction to the results. Michelle Craig goes live to Harare for the latest on the ground from Reporter Aldrin Sampear on #eNCAnow Courtesy #DStv403 3 августа 2018, 8:54
27 462
16 дней 6:52
A look at how Zimbabwe's elections results will be released
Zimbabwe's election results will start being announced at 3pm this afternoon. eNCA's Duduzile Ramela is on the ground in Zimbabwe to unpack how this process will unfold. 31 июля 2018, 10:00
27 327
18 дней 12:08
Thulasizwe Simelane and Vuyo Mvoko speak to Zimbabweans
Thulasizwe Simelane and Vuyo Mvoko speak to Zimbabweans.We are contiuing to give you live coverage of the Zimbabwe elections. Courtesy #dstv403 29 июля 2018, 13:19
26 231
16 дней 12:33
EFF's Shivambu on land expropriation without compensation
Jane Dutton continues her discussion with EFF second in command, Floyd Shivambu. Courtesy DStv403 31 июля 2018, 18:37
25 869
13 дней 5:32
Journalist reports on election results reaction from Bulawayo
Journalist Dudu Ramile reports on the reaction in Bulawayo to Zimbabwe's election results. 3 августа 2018, 13:08
24 007
13 дней 15:39
Chamisa on a mission to prove he is the real winner
Uncertainty in Zimbabwe, and tonight there's no telling how long it will last. Main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa says he's on a mission to prove he's the real winner. Will he help make sure the vote wasn't rigged? 3 августа 2018, 18:21
23 923
28 дней 9:52
ANC official arrested in cash-in-transit heist
The ANC employee arrested in connection with a cash-in-transit heist in Soweto is believed to be involved in two other similar robberies in the North West. 19 июля 2018, 15:16
23 777
19 дней 2:17:10
EFF celebrate its fifth anniversary
The EFF is gearing up to celebrate its fifth anniversary in Mdantsane near East London 28 июля 2018, 13:51
23 768
6 дней 7:31
Zimbabwe elections challenge
MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, claims the vote was rigged.He also says he has evidence that his party won the election. Trust Ndlovu, MDC-Alliance SA Chairperson gives an analysis. Courtesy #dstv403 10 августа 2018, 15:49
23 737
29 дней 2:15
Terrifying moments before Wonderboom plane crash
eNCA has obtained footage filmed from INSIDE the plane that crashed in Wonderboom near Pretoria last week. 18 июля 2018, 4:40
22 718
16 дней 16:14
Does SA trust the EFF to lead?
They have been called populist, socialist, and a voice of the poor. Now their leader, Julius Malema, says he is ready to lead the country. 31 июля 2018, 18:23
22 571
17 дней 6:22
Robert Mugabe casts ballot at historic elections
eNCA's Thulasizwe Simelane brings you the latest from Harare just moments after former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe cast his vote in the current Zimbabwe elections. Courtesy DStv403 30 июля 2018, 12:02
21 089
16 дней 5:24
Nelson Chamisa takes to social media during #ZimElections2018
Social media analysts Tebogo Ditshego joins eNCA Now's Michelle Craig in studio to take a closer look at Nelson Chamisa's use of social media during the Zimbabwe elections. Courtesy DStv403 31 июля 2018, 12:41
20 577
9 дней 7:08
MDC leader rejects election results
MDC leader Nelson Chamisa says there is evidence his party won the 2018 Zimbabwe elections without a doubt. He says the Electoral Commission's figures are false and inflated. 7 августа 2018, 11:04
19 486
24 дня 4:36
Another taxi boss killed in Gauteng
The Ivory Park Taxi Association says they are confused about the murder of their members in KZN. 11 people died, 4 were wounded and 2 escaped unharmed. Meanwhile, another taxi boss was murdered in Gauteng today. 23 июля 2018, 15:21
19 277
2 дня 13:01
Court to rule on Zim vote
The outcome of Zimbabwe's historic elections is now in the hands of the country's Constitutional Court. Zanu PF has filed papers against a petition filed by the opposition, Movement for Democratic Change Alliance. 13 августа 2018, 19:31
19 015
15 дней 10:52
MDC's Dr Nkululeko Sibanda holds briefing following protest violence
The MDC's Dr Nkululeko Sibanda says Nelson Chamisa is shocked and saddened by the events which took place in the capital of Zimbabwe today. Courtesy DStv403 1 августа 2018, 17:32
18 980
23 дня 7:28
Zimbabwe Presidential candidate Divine Hove pulls out of Zim elections
Zimbabwe Presidential candidate Divine Hove has pulled out of the Zimbabwe elections. He speaks to eNCA's correspondent Pindai Dube on eNCA Now. Courtesy DStv403 24 июля 2018, 14:54
18 729
6 дней 5:23
Tendai Biti granted bail: Glen Mpani in studio
Zimbabwe's former finance minister and opposition leader Tendai Biti was granted bail on Thursday. After facing charges over his role in violence linked to post-election unrest. 10 августа 2018, 8:30
18 097
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