29 дней 1:37
Trump’s letter to North Korea may have worked: Kennedy
FBN’s Kennedy on the report that North Korea is willing to resolve issues with the U.S., after President Trump cancelled his meeting with Kim Jong Un. 25 мая 2018, 2:07
354 060
22 дня 5:37
Howard Steel owner reacts to Trump’s steel tariff
Howard Steel Owner James Howard reacts to President Trump’s decision to move ahead with his tariff on steel. 31 мая 2018, 21:07
323 612
2 дня 1:56
Trump: Democrats put illegal immigrants ahead of US citizens
President Donald Trump discusses his recently signed executive order to end family separations and how Democrats are weak on immigration. 21 июня 2018, 2:08
294 996
29 дней 7:30
North Korea is willing to resolve issues with US following cancelled summit: report
Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) on the reports that North Korea is still willing to speak with the United States, following President Trump’s decision to cancel the meeting with Kim Jong Un. 25 мая 2018, 1:08
256 673
16 дней 5:02
North Korea can’t pay for hotel rooms at summit: Rep. McSally
Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) discusses the significance of the North Korean summit and North Korea’s economic struggles. 6 июня 2018, 20:06
228 466
3 дня 7:44
China made a mistake retaliating to Trump tariffs: Peter Navarro
White House Director of Trade Policy Peter Navarro discusses President Trump’s tariffs against China and why the Chinese shouldn’t have retaliated with their own tariffs. 20 июня 2018, 1:07
134 630
28 дней 5:01
Sen. Scott on North Korea; Trump took control of the conversation
Sen. Tim Scott, (R-S.C.), on President Trump's speech at the Naval Academy commencement and President Trump's handling of North Korea. 25 мая 2018, 16:06
111 480
28 дней 3:04
China worried they'll lose influence over North Korea?
Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) on the fallout from President Trump's decision to cancel the summit with North Korea. 25 мая 2018, 15:06
111 183
16 дней 8:33
Picking a fight with Canada doesn't strike me as very smart: Gingrich
Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on the fallout from President Trump's trade negotiation strategy. 6 июня 2018, 13:09
108 538
16 дней 5:01
California primaries not the blue wave Democrats were hoping for?
California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte on the primaries in California. 6 июня 2018, 16:07
105 041
11 дней 4:32
Trump suggests he'll end federal ban on marijuana
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on President Trump suggesting he would support an end to the federal ban on marijuana. 11 июня 2018, 15:06
95 945
14 дней 5:22
Trump’s tariffs have provoked a crisis with the EU: David O’ Sullivan
David O’ Sullivan, European Union ambassador to the U.S., on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's comment that EU countries have agreed not to allow Russia to return to the G-7 meeting and why he disagrees with President 8 июня 2018, 21:06
86 842
21 день 3:36
The end of Chrysler?
FoxNews.com Automotive Editor Gary Gastelu on the future of Fiat Chrysler. 1 июня 2018, 11:06
79 024
23 дня 4:30
Kim Kardashian asks Trump to pardon her grandmother
“The Five” co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle on Kim Kardashian’s request for President Trump to pardon her grandmother. 31 мая 2018, 0:07
76 778
16 дней 6:44
Mexico’s tariff on pork is unsettling: Ken Maschhoff
Maschhoff Family Foods Chairman Ken Maschhoff discusses how American producers are reacting to Mexico’s tariff on U.S. pork. 6 июня 2018, 21:08
75 666
22 дня 6:45
Did Obama reach out to foreign leaders to go after Trump?
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes’ new book, “The World As It Is.” 1 июня 2018, 2:08
75 097
8 дней 5:50
Nintendo COO on Sony’s 'Fortnite' crossplay problems
Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime discusses how Sony isn’t letting players access their PlayStation 4 accounts for the game "Fortnite" on the Nintendo Switch. 14 июня 2018, 21:07
74 067
18 дней 6:02
Giuliani is throwing gas on fire: Napolitano
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on President Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's comments about President Trump and Rep. Devin Nunes and Rep. Trey Gowdy's debate over the FBI. 4 июня 2018, 13:08
72 908
22 дня 3:49
Nigel Farage on Italy's political chaos: Ultimately about democracy
European Parliament member Nigel Farage on the fallout from President Trump's tariffs and the political chaos in Italy. 31 мая 2018, 16:07
72 786
16 дней 7:06
Mexico hits back at U.S. with tariffs
NY GOP strategic adviser John Burnett, RealClearPolitics political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns and FBN's Deirdre Bolton on President Trump's trade negotiation strategy. 6 июня 2018, 17:07
70 861
7 дней 4:29
US-China trade war is easy to win: Gordon Chang
“The Coming Collapse of China” author Gordon Chang discusses why the U.S. would win a potential trade war with China. 15 июня 2018, 21:07
67 181
9 дней 6:35
Canada is prepared to relook at, revise NAFTA: Canadian Cabinet member
Canadian Public Safety Minister and former Finance Minister Ralph Goodale on trade tensions with President Trump. 13 июня 2018, 16:07
65 071
14 дней 6:00
Vanguard Group founder on the problem with index funds
Vanguard Group Founder Jack Bogle discusses how the indexing business has changed over the years and the problem with index funds. 9 июня 2018, 1:06
64 698
22 дня 2:44
Trump has done more than any president: Lou Dobbs
FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs says President Trump's endless, boundless energy has propelled his presidency to accomplish more than any president has in modern history. 1 июня 2018, 1:12
64 547
28 дней 4:28
Trump shakes hands with nearly 1,100 US Naval Academy graduates
Capt. William Parker (Ret.) on how President Trump shook the hand of every US Naval Academy graduate and the struggles that each graduate endured. 26 мая 2018, 1:06
64 514
28 дней 3:27
US-North Korea relations: What's next?
Fox News foreign policy analyst Kiron Skinner on the future of the Trump administration's negotiations with North Korea. 25 мая 2018, 11:06
63 372
17 дней 6:18
Ex-Navy sailor doesn’t have a case against Obama: Judge Napolitano
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses how former Navy sailor Kristian Saucier may sue Barack Obama, for what he calls unequal protection under the law. 5 июня 2018, 23:07
59 635
22 дня 8:05
Trump’s steel, aluminum tariffs are about national security: Peter Navarro
White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro discusses the significance of President Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs. 31 мая 2018, 22:08
57 673
21 день 7:54
Tariffs will hurt American energy production, jobs: American Petroleum Institute
Kyle Isakower, API vice president of Regulatory & Economic Policy, and Societe Generales Chief U.S. economist Stephen Gallagher discuss how President Trump’s tariffs will impact American jobs and businesses. 1 июня 2018, 21:07
55 447
11 дней 3:55
IHOP flips name from pancakes to burgers
FBN's Jeff Flock on IHOP's decision to change its name to IHOb. 11 июня 2018, 13:09
48 215
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