25 дней 5:04
Democrats may regret standing against Trump’s border wall
Florida Republican Party Chairman Blaise Ingoglia and Donald J. Trump Media Advisory Board member Gina Loudon on how Democrats are against funding President Trump’s border wall. 22 декабря 2018, 2:07
323 706
13 дней 6:23
Chinese admiral warns that Beijing could sink two US aircraft carriers
“The Coming Collapse of China” author Gordon Chang and Center for Security Policy President Fred Fleitz discuss how a Chinese admiral warned that China could sink two US aircraft carriers. 3 января 2019, 2:08
252 753
19 дней 5:02
GoFundMe campaign for Trump’s border wall raises over $17 million
Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage's GoFundMe campaign has so far raised over $17 million to build President Trump’s border wall. 28 декабря 2018, 2:09
212 379
15 дней 4:30
Chinese leaders have changed their views of President Trump: Gordon Chang
“The Coming Collapse of China” author Gordon Chang discusses the trade spat between the United States and China. 31 декабря 2018, 21:07
146 421
12 дней 6:58
Apple has dramatically underestimated the forces in China: Tech analyst
Apple lowered its first-quarter guidance after seeing weaker-than expected iPhone sales and an economic slowdown in China, but some are pointing to bigger potential issues within the company, Fresco | 3 января 2019, 18:08
136 919
19 дней 3:33
Russia says new missile flies 27 times faster than the speed of sound
Retired Navy SEAL David Sears discusses how Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will deploy new hypersonic missile systems in 2019. 27 декабря 2018, 23:07
96 853
26 дней 8:26
Trump will eventually get full funding for his border wall: Sarah Sanders
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s decision to retire and President Trump’s push for border wall funding. 21 декабря 2018, 1:09
70 000
8 дней 5:40
China frustrated after US missile destroyer sails through South China Sea
Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) discusses the possibility of a second meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Keane also discussed China’s response to the U.S. 8 января 2019, 2:07
67 359
18 дней 6:20
China may take over Kenya’s largest port: Report
Fox Business foreign policy analyst Walid Phares discusses how China may take control of Kenya’s largest port and President Trump’s Middle East strategy. 29 декабря 2018, 2:08
62 164
25 дней 4:27
Veteran on his border wall GoFundMe campaign
Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage on his GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help fund a border wall. 21 декабря 2018, 16:08
53 696
29 дней 5:33
Comey is ‘out of his mind’: James Kallstrom
Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom discusses former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on Capitol Hill. 18 декабря 2018, 1:07
52 622
6 дней 2:14
Trump walks out of border security meeting with Democrats
FBN’s Blake Burman discusses how President Trump walked out of a meeting with Democrats about border security. 9 января 2019, 22:06
49 762
12 дней 5:59
US State Department issues China travel warning
Fox News national security strategist Sebastian Gorka discusses how the U.S. State Department updated its travel warning about China, urging Americans to “exercise increased caution.” | 4 января 2019, 2:08
49 534
28 дней 4:44
Asian markets fall after Xi Jinping’s speech
Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Pillsbury on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech, which marked the 40th anniversary of the reform era and how Asian stocks reacted to the speech. 18 декабря 2018, 21:06
46 396
28 дней 8:00
Judge in Flynn case was confused during part of hearing: Sara Carter
FBN contributor Sara Carter discusses how a federal judge postponed the sentencing of President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn. 19 декабря 2018, 2:08
44 857
5 дней 8:33
Bezos' divorce announced when Amazon is looking like the more stable of the tech companies: Tech...
Wall Street Journal tech reporter Tim Higgins and Fox News legal analyst Mercedes Colwin on the potential fallout from the announcement Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie Bezos will divorce. 10 января 2019, 14:08
38 469
4 дня 2:59
Trump floats possible path to citizenship for H1B visa holders
Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes discusses how President Trump tweeted that he will make changes to the H-1B visa program and will also offer visa holders a potential path to citizenship. 11 января 2019, 22:07
37 696
28 дней 7:13
Judge in Flynn case went after the wrong people: Joe diGenova
Digenova & Toensing’s Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova on how Michael Flynn’s sentencing was postponed by a federal judge. 19 декабря 2018, 2:08
32 571
29 дней 7:40
US needs Western Hemisphere strategy to confront China, Russia influence: Gen. Keane
General Jack Keane (Ret.) on the military strength of Russia and China. 18 декабря 2018, 1:08
31 240
22 дня 4:44
Trump: The only problem our economy has is the Fed
Heritage Foundation chief economist Steve Moore on President Trump's criticisms of the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes and their impact on the U.S. economy. 24 декабря 2018, 17:08
31 227
27 дней 5:22
Trump orders withdrawal of US troops from Syria
Former Trump State Department senior adviser Christian Whiton on why President Trump is right to pull the U.S. military out of Syria. 20 декабря 2018, 1:09
29 935
4 дня 4:12
GOP bill proposes use of confiscated Mexican drug cartel money to pay for border wall
Rep. Jody Hice, (R-GA.), on the partial government funding over funding for a border wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. 11 января 2019, 18:08
29 494
17 часов 3:46
Gillette makes razors, I don't need life lesson from you: Brian Kilmeade
'The Brian Kilmeade Show' host Brian Kilmeade on Gillette's new commercial taking on 'toxic masculinity.' | 15 января 2019, 17:06
27 975
4 дня 8:09
Every single member of Congress on the border, Democrat or Republican, they don't support the...
Rep. Henry Cuellar, (D-Texas), on the partial government shutdown over funding for a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. 11 января 2019, 14:09
26 890
13 дней 5:42
The decline in the stock market is really just getting started: Economist
MacroMavens President Stephanie Pomboy on the outlook for the markets and the U.S. economy. 2 января 2019, 15:07
24 948
8 дней 3:35
Trump can't declare national emergency over border wall funding, Judge Napolitano says
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on President Trump's threat to declare a national emergency to build a border wall. 7 января 2019, 14:08
23 926
4 дня 4:46
High cost of iPhones making Apple vulnerable to competition in China, India?
Transpire Ventures General Partner John Meyer on concerns over the potential impact of high cost of Aple iPhones and why Netflix could be the big tech stock to watch. 11 января 2019, 17:07
23 501
29 дней 3:24
Trump will get money for border wall one way or another: Kellyanne Conway
Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on Capitol Hill and the importance of securing the U.S. 18 декабря 2018, 2:07
23 288
7 дней 3:37
Why Trump can’t use a national emergency to build his border wall
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses why President Trump can’t declare a national emergency to build his border wall. 8 января 2019, 23:09
23 186
28 дней 7:44
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a force to be reckoned with: Anthony Scaramucci
Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-N.Y.), the 2020 presidential race, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and | 18 декабря 2018, 14:09
22 988
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