16 дней 0:20
American woman wins NYC marathon for first time in 40 years
Shalane Flanagan made history as she crossed the finish line. 5 ноября 2017, 18:00
628 544
21 день 1:13
NYPD: Person in custody after incident in lower Manhattan
Reports of multiple victims after vehicle drove down popular bike path, striking pedestrians and cyclists; New York City mayor's office says there is no active threat. 31 октября 2017, 20:58
463 775
16 дней 2:57
Texas church massacre: Timeline of US church shootings
At least 26 people are dead in the Sutherland Springs, Texas church massacre. Here is a look back at the deadliest church shootings in U.S. history. 6 ноября 2017, 1:59
458 209
14 дней 1:36
Woman caught on camera stealing Uber driver's tips
Raw video: Rider grabs cash from tip jar and runs away in Brooklyn, New York. 7 ноября 2017, 16:00
437 130
22 дня 13:01
Tucker: Mueller's indictment confirms Manafort-Podesta link
Tucker's Thoughts: Grand jury indictment never mentions the 2016 presidential election and only mentions Russia in passing. Put it confirms our previous reporting on the ties between Paul Manafort and the Podesta Group. 31 октября 2017, 1:01
317 720
21 день 1:37
Witness describes incident in Lower Manhattan
Local student says driver was running with what looked like two guns; David Lee Miller reports from New York City. 31 октября 2017, 20:58
276 947
16 дней 3:46
Officials: Texas church shooter identified as Devin Kelley
Bryan Llenas reports on latest information out of Sutherland Springs, Texas. 6 ноября 2017, 0:01
274 713
7 дней 1:40
Defendant faints in court after being found guilty
Diana Lovejoy passes out, interrupts jury's verdict after being found guilty on counts of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder. 14 ноября 2017, 14:02
265 220
22 дня 3:09
Trump remains defiant amid the Manafort charges
The president pushed back hard against any notion that the indictments had any trail to his campaign, as the press secretary sought to distance the White House from the former campaign manager. 30 октября 2017, 23:01
229 388
14 дней 10:20
Hume: Unpopularity of Trump won race for Northam
Fox News senior political analyst breaks down the factors that enabled Democrat Ralph Northam to defeat Ed Gillespie in Virginia governor race and lessons for the GOP from the election for the 2018 midterms. #Tucker 8 ноября 2017, 3:00
215 060
19 дней 5:56
Former Navy SEAL commander: Terrorists don't deserve to live
Jocko Willink speaks out on eliminating the threat across the world. 2 ноября 2017, 13:00
154 429
16 дней 1:04
Multiple people shot at Texas church
Constable tells Fox News authorities responded to active shooter situation. 5 ноября 2017, 20:59
148 586
29 дней 5:25
Gingrich: On the edge of the greatest corruption scandal
On 'Hannity,' former House speaker reacts to the Uranium One deal revelations. 24 октября 2017, 3:00
139 928
16 дней 12:56
Texas attorney general discusses church shooting
Ken Paxton shares an update on the situation in Texas after mass shooting at church. 5 ноября 2017, 23:03
131 620
12 дней 14:29
Hannity: Don't rush to judgement over Roy Moore
Reaction on 'Hannity' to serious allegations made against the Alabama Senate candidate. 10 ноября 2017, 4:03
120 187
16 дней 5:24
Report: Texas shooting suspect may have had ties to military
Unconfirmed information released about the Texas church shooter. 6 ноября 2017, 0:01
114 786
4 дня 10:09
Tucker: Clinton dynasty crumbles
Tucker's Thoughts: The society-wide backlash against sexual harassment by powerful producers, actors and politicians finally comes for the Clintons and even former allies are turning against them. #Tucker 18 ноября 2017, 2:01
104 243
6 дней 7:01
Sean Hannity responds to open letter from Roy Moore
Answers were demanded of the Senate candidate regarding allegations of sexual misconduct. 16 ноября 2017, 4:01
97 664
13 дней 1:38
Trump blames Gillespie for election loss: Did not embrace me
President tweets after former RNC chairman lost Virginia gubernatorial race to Democrat Ralph Northam. 8 ноября 2017, 14:58
92 549
13 дней 7:25
Voters, Trump reject Ed Gillespie in 'purple state' Virginia
Democratic engagement, turnout key to Virginia's gubernatorial race; insight from Fox News contributor John Bussey, associate editor of news at the Wall Street Journal. 8 ноября 2017, 20:59
87 301
5 дней 11:14
Melanie Morgan: Al Franken harassed me after TV appearance
Media Equalizer co-founder speaks out on 'The Ingraham Angle' about her experiences. 17 ноября 2017, 4:01
85 187
7 дней 5:36
Rep. Jordan presses Jeff Sessions to appoint special counsel
Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee questions the attorney general on Christopher Steele, the anti-Trump dossier and the Clinton campaign and urges an independent investigation. 14 ноября 2017, 17:59
85 096
16 дней 4:29
Gov. Greg Abbott: 26 lives lost in church shooting
Texas governor shares information after the largest shooting in the state's history. 6 ноября 2017, 0:03
78 699
18 дней 7:42
Tucker: CNN's Jim Acosta is a fraud 'hard news' journalist
Tucker: CNN's senior White House correspondent would like you to believe he's bring you the facts - but that's far from the truth. He has his own agenda and could be considered the face of the anti-Trump movement. 4 ноября 2017, 1:00
73 329
25 дней 10:05
More Russia bombshell revelations to come?
It was a bad week for Hillary Clinton and Democrats as revelations on their roles in the Trump dossier came to light and investigations began on the Obama-era Uranium One deal. Is this just the beginning? 28 октября 2017, 1:02
70 949
27 дней 7:35
Gorka: Uranium One scandal is absolutely massive
'Clinton Cash' author Peter Schweizer and Dr. Sebastian Gorka speak out on 'Hannity' about controversies involving the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. 26 октября 2017, 3:00
63 891
13 дней 4:54
Virginia, New Jersey race results a warning for Republicans?
Democrats rode to victory in two hotly contested gubernatorial elections, as Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie in Virginia and Phil Murphy beat Republican Kim Guadagno in New Jersey; insight from Jake 8 ноября 2017, 16:59
63 856
19 дней 14:14
Trump talks tax cuts, future of immigration reform
President Trump opens up about a wide range of issues on 'The Ingraham Angle.' 3 ноября 2017, 3:01
62 974
13 дней 13:07
Donna Brazile: My book tells some hard truths
Part 1: Former interim DNC chair addresses claims that the Democratic National Committee slanted the nomination in favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, dysfunction in the Clinton campaign and more. #Tucker 9 ноября 2017, 3:00
62 840
21 день 2:01
Motor vehicles new weapon of choice in terror attacks
ISIS has told followers to use vehicles and knives in attacks. At least 11 attacks have involved vehicles in the last year. #Tucker 1 ноября 2017, 1:02
62 342
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