21 день 1:18
California Hair Stylist Sets Client's Hair on Fire to Get Rid of Split Ends
Hair stylist JR D'Angeles claims cutting hair with blunt scissors causes breakage and more split ends! 24 июля 2018, 18:39
7 731 644
27 дней 1:19
Dangers of the ‘Shiggy Challenge’
Are these people nuts? They’re hopping out of moving vehicles to dance, as the car continues rolling forward. People of all ages are participating, and so are kids. 18 июля 2018, 21:24
5 715 807
26 дней 1:57
21-Year-Old Georgia Waitress Takes Down Customer Who Groped Her
A Georgia waitress groped while working grabbed the patron who did it by the shirt, put him in a headlock and slammed him into the wall. 19 июля 2018, 20:43
2 476 041
29 дней 1:39
How This Grandma Uses a Magic Eraser to Clean Her Ohio Pool
After struggling with a pool that would turn green, an Ohio woman tries a simple hack, placing a Magic Eraser sponge in the skimmer overnight and waking to find the water crystal clear. 16 июля 2018, 16:59
2 380 950
27 дней 1:54
Woman Falls During Trapeze Routine on ‘AGT’
An “America's Got Talent” stunt went horribly wrong Tuesday. 18 июля 2018, 21:25
1 932 243
5 дней 1:57
Teen Suffers Broken Ribs After Being Shoved off Bridge Into Water in Washington
In a harrowing moment captured on video, a Washington teen is pushed by a friend from a bridge more than 50 feet high. Jordan Holgerson, 16, suffered five cracked ribs and a lung injury. 9 августа 2018, 21:22
1 702 957
12 дней 1:50
Is Dragon’s Breath Snack Safe to Eat?
There is a tasty controversial frozen treat known as Dragon's Breath, but is it safe to eat? It consists of cereal that’s instantly frozen in liquid nitrogen, it is found at malls, festivals, and fairs. 2 августа 2018, 21:26
1 499 928
25 дней 1:53
U.K. Teen Warns About the Dangers of Making Slime After It Makes Her Sick
A teen is warning others of the dangers of homemade slime. Jessica Morehead, 16, started making slime about six weeks ago after looking up recipes online. 20 июля 2018, 20:43
901 968
20 дней 1:53
Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Destroyed With Pickaxe
Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been smashed to bits, seemingly with a pickaxe left at the scene. "I just seen a guy going to town on I guess the ground or whatever," a witness told KCBS. 25 июля 2018, 18:19
879 796
4 дня 1:28
How to Hold Your Breath Safely Underwater
Robert Bunsa, 24, drowned during a contest to see who in a bachelor party could hold his breath underwater the longest. He suffered shallow water blackout, which happens when swimmers hold their breath for too long. 10 августа 2018, 13:49
815 846
24 дня 2:09
What Parents Need to Know About Washing Machine Dangers
Kids climbing into the washing machine is a hidden danger many parents don’t think about. But once that door closes there can be tragic consequences. 21 июля 2018, 15:53
782 566
6 дней 2:06
What You Need to Know About the 'Momo Challenge'
Law enforcement officials are warning the public about a new viral challenge possibly behind at least one child's apparent suicide, according to reports. 8 августа 2018, 0:42
777 303
29 дней 1:27
Weather Balloon Helped Florida Man Make Suicide Look Like Homicide: Cops
Did a Florida man use a weather balloon to stage his own homicide? That's what police are saying after investigating a mysterious death. 16 июля 2018, 19:49
727 191
25 дней 1:29
The Dangers of Dogs on Escalators
They seem instinctively to know that danger is lurking, and they're right. Dogs and escalators are not a good mix. Suki the chihuahua got her paws caught in the metal grate when she reached the top of an escalator. 20 июля 2018, 14:07
721 754
26 дней 2:30
Here’s How Hot It Is Inside a Mail Truck
It was a day of blistering heat in Southern California, and now the family of mail carrier Peggy Frank, 63, wants to know whether she was killed by extreme temperatures while on the job. 19 июля 2018, 14:28
707 416
29 дней 2:08
Woman Missing for 7 Days Found Alive After Driving Off California Cliff
The 911 calls made about the missing Oregon woman found by hikers in Big Sur, California have been released. Angela Hernandez, 23, was missing for a week after she drove off a cliff. 16 июля 2018, 21:58
675 712
11 дней 2:07
18-Year-Old Wows Family With Piano Skills as He Delivers Pizza
He's the pizza delivery guy dazzling the nation with his piano playing. But there's a backstory to this pizza-delivering virtuoso that will surprise you. 3 августа 2018, 14:06
667 265
21 день 1:59
K-Pop Star J-Hope of BTS Does 'Shiggy Challenge' Outside Moving Car
A new version of the "Shiggy Challenge" stands poised to be the biggest one yet. 23 июля 2018, 23:59
643 057
12 дней 1:45
Cops Troll Missing Girl Cold Case Suspects on Facebook: 'We Are Coming For You'
A police department in Illinois is taking an unusual approach to cracking a cold case, by publicly trolling the suspects. Det. 2 августа 2018, 22:58
632 639
7 дней 2:37
Is It Safe for Dogs to Lick You?
It was a shocking turn of events for a 48-year-old dad who lost his hands and legs after doing something so many of us do every day: getting licked by a dog. 7 августа 2018, 12:58
623 043
19 дней 2:39
Couple Kidnapped While Scouting Out Wedding Venues
A Florida couple scouting wedding locations in Mexico ended up kidnapped and brutally beaten. 26 июля 2018, 21:16
614 945
22 дня 1:29
The Truth Behind the Grown Man Snatching a Baseball at Chicago Cubs Game
A little boy was tossed a baseball during a game over the weekend but as he failed to catch it, the man behind him snatched it up and took it. The little boy at Wrigley Field in Chicago looked dejected. 23 июля 2018, 21:34
596 646
21 день 1:40
Netflix Series ‘Insatiable’ About Fat-Shaming Revenge Draws Major Backlash
A new Netflix series is facing allegations of fat-shaming."Insatiable" follows a high school student named Patty who is made fun of for her weight. 24 июля 2018, 21:19
592 775
20 дней 1:51
Georgia Woman Hears Late Mom's Voice in Teddy Bear
A great-grandmother in Georgia may have died months ago, but her voice is living on in a teddy bear. 25 июля 2018, 21:09
585 715
15 дней 2:32
Husband Wins $9 Million From Wife’s Lover in ‘Alienation of Affection’ Case
It was a harrowing confrontation between a man, his wife and her lover. Forty-eight-year old Keith King is seen confronting the man his wife is now seeing, shouting, “That is my wife, man! 30 июля 2018, 21:24
578 744
14 дней 1:49
Day at Florida Beach Gave Teen Hookworms in His Feet
A day of fun at the beach turned into a nightmare for one teen. Michael Dumas, 17, was buried in the sand by his buddies. He didn’t know it at the time, but lurking in the sand were tiny parasites known as hookworms. 31 июля 2018, 17:01
565 692
18 дней 1:43
New Zealand Police Crash 5-Year-Old's Birthday Party After He Calls Them
New Zealand police crashed a 5-year-old's birthday party after he called them multiple times. Little Zachary had phoned the emergency number to invite officials to his police-themed celebration. 27 июля 2018, 22:26
541 433
22 дня 2:27
Couple Heartbroken Over Wedding Day Disaster: ‘Like a Horror Movie’
A New York couple whose storybook wedding descended into madness as guests became violently ill have described a scene resembling "the apocalypse" and "a horror movie." Jesse Abbott and his bride, Melissa Conarton, 23 июля 2018, 21:16
529 068
6 дней 1:46
Couple Stunned After They’re Charged With Murder in Death of 10-Month-Old
A Michigan couple has been charged with murder for allegedly starving their 10-month-old daughter to death. Seth Welch and his wife, Tatiana, both 27, stand accused of starving their infant daughter, Mary. 8 августа 2018, 21:26
521 019
6 дней 1:31
Texas College Student Takes Graduation Photos With Giant Alligator
A college senior in Texas posed for her graduation photos alongside a massive alligator. 8 августа 2018, 0:42
511 651
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