12 дней 2:10
Watch These High Schoolers Get Pepper Sprayed by Their Teacher
A group of Ohio high school students learned the hard way how painful pepper spray can be. The teenagers were heard screaming in agony as the effects of the spray kicked in. 17 мая 2017, 22:04
1 644 530
6 дней 1:34
Manchester Victims Smile for Selfies Before Terror Attack
A number of parents gathered inside the Manchester Arena with their children to see Ariana Grande perform, with many posing for selfies in the moments before a suicide bomber struck. 23 мая 2017, 22:12
1 543 982
24 дня 1:52
Why The Inventor Of The Trendy Fidget Spinner Hasn't Earned a Penny
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC The fidget spinner is the hot new toy sweeping the nation. It comes in a myriad of colors and styles and ranges in price from $2 to $900 for a gold-plated one. 5 мая 2017, 21:52
1 200 006
7 дней 1:29
Meet the Dancing 'Backpack Kid' Who Stole Katy Perry's Spotlight on 'SNL'
During this weekend's star-studded 'SNL,' one unknown teenager wearing a backpack stole the show. 22 мая 2017, 21:50
1 134 197
10 дней 1:35
Teen Falls Asleep In Mom's Car And No One Can Wake Her Up
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC A teenager was truly a sleeping beauty after nothing could rouse her as she dozed off in her mom's car. 19 мая 2017, 21:42
1 071 945
17 дней 0:59
Little Girl Sees 17-Year-Old Teen in Prom Dress, Thinks She's a Real Princess
A little girl thought she spotted a real-life princess. Turns out, it was just 17-year-old Kwani Taylor taking pictures before her prom. "She made my day more than I made hers," Kwani told InsideEdition.com. 12 мая 2017, 17:51
913 650
14 дней 2:09
Does Eerie Photo From Scene of Deadly Crash Show Stairway to Heaven?
Following a fatal car crash in Georgia last month, a photo captured a beam of light shining down on the wreckage, leaving many to believe it was an illumination from heaven. 15 мая 2017, 21:45
910 108
25 дней 2:31
This Technicality Got Family With Infant Kicked Off Overbooked Delta Flight
A California father's outrage is on full view as he's told his entire family is to be booted from an overbooked Delta flight. 4 мая 2017, 21:46
815 767
5 дней 2:37
Former Jihadist Explains Why Ariana Grande Was Targeted for ISIS Attack
Could Ariana Grande have been a target of ISIS because the terrorist organization despises what she stands for? Grande has 46 million Twitter followers and 106 million on Instagram. 24 мая 2017, 22:04
715 088
17 дней 2:38
Why This Mother and 15-Year-Old Son Became Father And Daughter
One family has redefined their lives together as one parent and one child have transitioned to different genders. Corey Maison, 15, who loves mascara and lip gloss, was born male. 12 мая 2017, 21:51
598 174
4 дня 2:09
Manchester Bomber Seen Shopping on Security Footage Just Before Attack
Newly released surveillance photos shows Manchester Arena terrorist Salman Abedi shopping at a mall near the city, three days before Monday's attack on an Ariana Grande concert. 25 мая 2017, 16:30
580 749
5 дней 1:34
These Are the Victims of the Manchester Terror Attack
Saffie Rose Roussos has become the face of tragedy following the terrorist bombing outside Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert. 24 мая 2017, 21:45
580 481
24 дня 1:25
Explanation Revealed of Little Girl In Photo Who Everyone Thought Was Ghost
A startling photo of a girl in the woods made headlines around the world as her image looked to be faded from view and part of her arms and legs appeared to have vanished. 5 мая 2017, 21:50
573 472
7 дней 2:22
Watch the Terrifying Moment a Sea Lion Pulls a Young Girl into the Water
As a little girl sat by the edge of a dock in Steveston, Canada, Saturday, a sea lion came out of nowhere and snatched her into the water. 22 мая 2017, 16:56
555 936
10 дней 3:17
Meet The Woman Who Hired Princess Diana As A Nanny Before She Married Charles
Before she became the People's Princess, Diana worked as a nanny. Her salary was $5 an hour. 19 мая 2017, 21:45
516 284
26 дней 2:44
The Hidden Dangers of Beach Umbrellas and Tragedies They Have Caused
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC As beach season approaches, a hazard may be lurking in the sand while you're having fun in the sun: a wind-propelled umbrella. 3 мая 2017, 21:45
479 143
28 дней 2:20
Strangers Save Father and 2 Babies Trapped Inside Overturned Truck During Floods
A Texas family pulled from their overturned truck while raging floodwaters rushed into the vehicle are thanking the good Samaritans who came to their aid as video of the dramatic rescue has gone viral. 1 мая 2017, 21:40
477 427
19 дней 1:24
Toddler From 1800s Found in Casket Under Home Last Year is Finally Identified
One year after a casket was found in a San Francisco backyard containing the perfectly preserved body of a little girl from the 1800s, researchers discovered her true identity. 10 мая 2017, 14:37
477 074
27 дней 1:17
Puppy Covered In Glue Left For Dead By Children Makes Miraculous Recovery
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC A stray puppy tormented by children and left for dead, according to a rescue organization, has made a miraculous recovery. 2 мая 2017, 20:43
458 354
25 дней 1:17
Bus Driver Pulls Over to Help Lost Girl Trying to Find Her Way Home
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC When a bus driver in Milwaulkee, Wis., saw a child walking around by herself, she knew something was up. 4 мая 2017, 18:40
372 379
25 дней 1:34
Investigation Reveals That Buttons at Crosswalks Are Actually Pointless
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC If you push that button to change the traffic light at crosswalks, you may be surprised to learn you're wasting your time. 4 мая 2017, 21:44
369 689
24 дня 1:24
When Man Told Breastfeeding Mom To Cover Up, She Told Him To Cover His Face
Avery Lane was breastfeeding her 2-month-old son at an H&R Block while waiting for a friend when she says the manager of the store shooed her out and asked her to cover up. 5 мая 2017, 21:21
346 903
26 дней 1:37
Parents Lose Custody of Kids After Posting Controversial Prank Video on YouTube
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC The Maryland couple who famously pranked their kids for their YouTube channel has lost custody of two of the five children in the home. 3 мая 2017, 21:28
341 612
18 дней 1:14
Meet the Woman Who Flashed Pitcher During Miami Marlins Game
One woman found a way to distract a rival pitcher during Wednesday's Miami Marlins game. As the Marlins playing the St. Louis Cardinals, viewers at home watching the game spotted a woman showing off her cleavage. 11 мая 2017, 21:31
336 333
20 дней 1:01
Simone Biles Fires Back at 'DWTS' Judges: 'Smiling Doesn't Win You Gold Medals'
Simone Biles and dancing partner Sasha Farber survived another week of eliminations on "Dancing With the Stars," but it didn't come without controversy. "I don't know if the smile is authentic. 9 мая 2017, 16:46
321 120
3 дня 1:41
Watch Neighbor Unplug Bounce House That Deflated on 12 Kids at Birthday Party
One man is being called a "bad neighbor" after he was caught unplugging a bounce house with 12 kids inside at a birthday party. 26 мая 2017, 21:24
305 705
7 дней 1:01
Did Melania Trump Swat President's Hand Away in Israel?
Footage appears to show Melania Trump swatting away her husband's hand as he reached for it during their trip to Israel. 22 мая 2017, 21:48
300 164
20 дней 1:13
17-Year-Old Aspiring Funeral Director Arrives To Prom Inside Coffin
You can take a limo to prom, or, if you're like this New Jersey teen, a hearse. Megan Flaherty, 17, made her grand entrance at the dance from inside a coffin. 9 мая 2017, 19:17
298 792
28 дней 2:26
Model Who Promoted Fyre Festival Breaks Her Silence After Disaster
A model who helped promote that catastrophic music festival in the Bahamas is denying being involved in planning the event. 1 мая 2017, 22:08
296 574
10 дней 1:47
Moms Admit The Truth About Woes Of Swimsuit Shopping
Summer is just around the corner so it's time to start thinking about the perfect swimsuit. At Bloomingdale's in New York City, Fashion Director Erica Russo showed Inside Edition some figure-flattering styles. 19 мая 2017, 21:40
293 750
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