25 дней 28:01
WATJ 20: Secret Gov’t Space Program, UFOs & Steven Greer
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss the history of the Space Race and modern day cooperation between the American and Russian space agencies. 26 января 2018, 22:52
105 407
26 дней 3:53
Tensions ramp up between Turkey & US
Turkish President Recep Erdogan says a military operation against Kurdish forces in Syria will continue despite a possible confrontation with the United States. 25 января 2018, 2:14
60 050
29 дней 3:34
‘Operation Olive Branch’: Turkey invades Syria
Turkey has invaded northern Syria to pacify US-backed Kurdish militias. At least 6 civilians were killed by Turkish airstrikes on Saturday. 22 января 2018, 23:48
53 119
7 дней 7:24
Intelligence officials: ‘The United States is under attack’
While testifying on Capitol Hill Tuesday, US intelligence officials warned that Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China all pose a significant threat to Washington’s strategic interests. 13 февраля 2018, 22:56
52 735
23 дня 27:49
On Contact: Coming Unrest with David North
David North, Chairman of the World Socialist Web Site’s International Editorial Board, discusses the capitalist crisis in the United States. 28 января 2018, 8:36
44 427
21 день 1:41
Rare supermoon, blue moon & lunar eclipse to surface Wednesday
Science experts say this Wednesday’s lunar phenomenon of a blue moon, supermoon, blood moon and total lunar eclipse hasn’t been viewed for 150 years, making it a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 30 января 2018, 2:36
31 900
5 дней 1:32
Real change needed after mass shooting at Florida high school leaves 17 dead
RT America’s Ed Schultz calls for systemic changes following the senseless tragedy that unfolded at a Florida high school this Valentine’s Day. 15 февраля 2018, 2:15
29 310
12 дней 2:56
Miracle cancer treatment discovered at Stanford
Researchers at Stanford have developed a promising breakthrough process that may be able to treat and even cure cancer. 8 февраля 2018, 23:22
24 236
25 дней 7:59
‘Military solution’ to North Korea doesn’t exist, or Trump would have used it already – professor
A military solution to a nuclearized North Korea is not as feasible as President Donald Trump would like to think, Peter Kuznick, director of Nuclear Studies Institute at American University, tells RT America’s Anya 27 января 2018, 0:11
20 448
28 дней 3:56
US imposes tariffs on China, Trump says ‘no trade war'
China is upset at President Donald Trump’s imposition of stringent new tariffs on solar panels and washing machines, vowing to appeal to World Trade Organization (WTO) authorities. 23 января 2018, 23:46
20 063
20 дней 4:19
Release the memo & ‘federal court judges will explode’ – Lionel
The FBI objected to the release of the Nunes memo, reportedly detailing FISA abuses under the Obama administration. 31 января 2018, 23:08
18 185
20 дней 1:21:41
President Trump addresses the nation in his first State of the Union speech
President Donald Trump has said he plans to call on both Republicans and Democrats to come together over the divisive issue of immigration reform. 31 января 2018, 3:37
17 596
19 дней 3:46
Mattis reveals foreign policy plans for Russia & China
In an unclassified 11-page National Defense Strategy report, the defense secretary outlines America’s plan to encourage ‘strategic competition.’ RT America’s Manila Chan reports. Find RT America in your area: rt. 1 февраля 2018, 1:52
16 785
13 дней 3:38
FBI texts hint at Obama involvement in Deep State?
Text messages between FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok indicate that President Barack Obama was aware of Deep State efforts to undermine the Trump campaign. 8 февраля 2018, 0:05
15 065
3 дня 28:20
WATJ 22: Black History, COINTELPRO & Donald Jeffries
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss the importance of the black press and the FBI’s infamous Counter Intelligence Program. 17 февраля 2018, 1:29
14 068
12 дней 4:27
What right does US have to defend anti-Assad forces? – fmr diplomat
The US-led coalition carried out several “defensive” airstrikes on Syrian forces in retaliation for what they called an “unprovoked” attack on the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and foreign military 8 февраля 2018, 2:15
13 536
18 дней 5:53
‘Top officials in FBI & DOJ committed felonies’ – CIA whistleblower
President Trump has declassified the much-anticipated Nunes memo, which reveals that Christopher Steele’s ties to the Clinton campaign, as well as the political bias of several members of the FBI and Justice Department 2 февраля 2018, 23:21
13 429
3 дня 2:04
Can Tillerson prevent war w/ Turkey?
Turkish forces continue to battle US-backed Kurdish militias in northern Syria. The US continues arming and funding the People’s Protection Units (YPG) despite Ankara’s regard for them as terrorists. 17 февраля 2018, 1:13
13 397
6 дней 2:03
Dutch Foreign Minister admits he made up fake news about Putin
According to a recent report by the Associated Press, Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra has admitted to making up a lie about Putin. 14 февраля 2018, 22:12
12 979
9 дней 28:25
On Contact: Rise of progressive politics with Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez, Author of “Reclaiming Gotham: Bill de Blasio and the Movement to End America’s Tale of Two Cities ,” discusses the structural inequality of cities through class and racial policies formed by the US 11 февраля 2018, 13:11
12 974
8 дней 4:17
Will airstrikes in Syria result in international war?
Are actions by the United States, Israel and Turkey pushing Syria into an international war? To discuss this, RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by former CIA officer and counterterrorism specialist Philip Giraldi. 12 февраля 2018, 23:52
12 749
21 день 3:48
Clinton crashes Grammys to read ‘Fire and Fury’
Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance during Sunday night's Grammy Awards. In a pre-recorded skit, Clinton read from the controversial book “Fire and Fury” about President Donald Trump's first year in office. 30 января 2018, 2:41
12 488
20 дней 3:07
Sanctions on Russia ‘designed to make sure relations cannot improve’ – fmr diplomat
The US Treasury Department has released a declassified list of Russian politicians and business leaders threatened by US sanctions. The list includes the names of some 200 top officials, but not President Vladimir Putin. 31 января 2018, 19:21
11 741
18 дней 3:30
US defends aid to Lebanon army, despite warnings from Israel
Despite a series of threats hailing from Israel, the US is defending its aid to Lebanon and its military. Israel argues the Lebanese army is indistinguishable from Hezbollah and is fair game in any future war. 2 февраля 2018, 2:12
10 237
25 дней 3:25
Trump ‘pulling the mask off US policy’ on Palestine – Abunimah
President Donald Trump’s slashing of aid to UNRWA has caused the worst financial crisis in the organization’s history, forcing UNRWA to choose between educating and medically treating the Palestinians, RT America’s Dan 27 января 2018, 0:09
9 923
12 дней 2:27
After DOJ declines, California to take over San Francisco police
The state of California is stepping in to provide oversight of the San Francisco Police Department, after the Trump Department of Justice said it would roll back Obama-era oversight of local police forces. 9 февраля 2018, 0:33
9 740
21 день 26:28
Court halts Trump's DACA plan; What happens next?
A federal judge temporarily blocked Donald Trump's plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. So, what happens now? 30 января 2018, 23:15
9 267
3 дня 8:28
Court releases documents from the Las Vegas shooting
Mike talks with Attorney Robert Eglet about new revelations from the deadly Las Vegas shooting. 17 февраля 2018, 16:00
8 865
4 дня 2:54
Coffee & cancer in California
If you start your morning with a hot cup of coffee, you may want to think twice: acrylamide, a chemical compound which forms when coffee beans are roasted at high temperatures, may be carcinogenic. 17 февраля 2018, 0:52
8 804
25 дней 1:57
Universal basic income is coming
The mayor of Stockton, California is pushing for a universal basic income program. 27 января 2018, 0:13
8 220
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