28 дней 14:54
The Prime Minister's Article 50 statement
"This is an historic moment." Prime Minister Theresa May confirms the UK is leaving the EU in her Article 50 statement. 29 марта 2017, 12:42
220 038
28 дней 4:48
Article 50 triggered: "The start of a long goodbye"
The Prime Minister has triggered Article 50 after her letter to European Council President Donald Tusk was delivered by Ambassador Sir Tim Barrow in Brussels. Sky's Political Editor Faisal Islam reports. 29 марта 2017, 19:32
150 038
28 дней 3:40
EU boss Donald Tusk on Brexit: "There's no reason to pretend this is a happy day"
"There is no reason to pretend that this is a happy day," the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said following the triggering of Article 50 SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: 29 марта 2017, 12:28
112 684
28 дней 3:03
Brexit: Europe reacts as Britain leaves the EU
"There's no reason to pretend today's a happy day" - those were the words of EU council president Donald Tusk after he received the Prime Minster's letter. 29 марта 2017, 19:58
93 173
8 дней 6:55
Theresa May wants to hold a General Election on Thursday 8 June 2017
Theresa May has made the surprise announcement that she wants a General Election on Thursday 8 June 2017. Follow the latest at skynews.com or on Sky News trib.al/gxECeDy. 18 апреля 2017, 10:20
72 060
13 дней 6:30
Assad says Syria chemical attack was fabricated
The deadly gas attack in Syria is "100% fabrication", says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He explains here what he thinks really happened, in his first interview since the incident. 13 апреля 2017, 15:33
51 781
26 дней 2:57
Brexit: EU hands Spain power over Gibraltar's future
The EU has effectively handed Spain a veto over the future of Gibraltar in its Brexit negotiating guidelines. 31 марта 2017, 20:36
43 414
28 дней 7:06
Gina Miller and Tim Martin's reaction to Article 50 triggering
Gina Miller - the lead claimant in the legal challenge against the government, which resulted in the Supreme Court ruling that Article 50 couldn't be triggered without a Parliamentary vote - and Tim Martin, the 29 марта 2017, 20:50
41 982
29 дней 3:31
Islamic State “broke” and can’t pay its fighters
Islamic State was once one of the richest organisations in the world, making up to £4 million a day, but now it seems IS is losing ground and money. 28 марта 2017, 14:38
34 056
29 дней 3:48
Bombs on the frontline in the Battle for Mosul
In the space of just a couple of hours yesterday a Sky News team witnessed three separate car bombings in Mosul. Iraqi government forces are closing in on the remaining IS territory. 28 марта 2017, 7:17
27 238
29 дней 4:04
Chief of the Royal Mint explains security measures on the new pound coin
Adam Lawrence, chief executive of The Royal Mint, discusses the roll out of the new 12-sided one pound coin with Ian King and says it's the most secure UK coin ever made. 28 марта 2017, 18:10
25 515
24 дня 3:40
Fears for Dover after Brexit
How will Dover fare in the wake of Brexit? There are fears that a Brexit deal may lead to the port becoming a 'magnet' for illegal immigrants. 2 апреля 2017, 6:28
25 313
19 дней 2:56
Donald Trump orders US airstrikes on Syria airbase after chemical attack
President Trump's decision to intervene in the Syrian conflict for the first time in six years has been met with a mixture of condemnation and signals of support from around the world. 7 апреля 2017, 11:20
25 171
22 дня 7:39
Theresa May on Brexit, Saudi Arabia and refugees
Theresa May is in the Middle East on a trade mission. She's due to arrive in Saudi Arabia later - and is being urged to raise concerns over human rights. 4 апреля 2017, 8:40
24 869
15 дней 1:55
Man shoots wife and student in school in San Bernardino, California
A special needs teacher and an eight-year-old student have been shot dead in a school in San Bernardino, California. The killer was the teacher's estranged husband. 11 апреля 2017, 12:58
24 762
28 дней 2:03
Brexit becomes reality: what do voters think now?
Away from the drama in Westminster and Brussels, how do people feel now that the formal process of Brexit has finally been triggered? Sky's Nick Martin has spent the day in Sunderland, which voted in favour of Brexit. 29 марта 2017, 20:21
24 380
27 дней 8:55
Brexit: EU doesn't want UK punished or "to take revenge" says Guy Verhofstadt
The European Parliament's lead Brexit negotiator has told Sky News he doesn't appreciate Theresa May's apparent threat to weaken security commitments to the European Union if Britain is denied a trade deal. 30 марта 2017, 9:57
23 378
21 день 3:56
We are entirely aligned with the UK on Brexit, says Gibraltar minister
Albert Isola, Gibraltar's Financial Services and Gaming Minister, speaks to Ian King about the impact Brexit could have on the territory’s economy. 5 апреля 2017, 18:54
15 598
12 дней 9:05
Special Report: United we fall
When 69 year old David Dao was pulled kicking and screaming from his seat on a United Airlines flight nobody could have predicted the consequences for the company. 14 апреля 2017, 5:05
14 580
13 дней 3:58
United Airlines controversy 'makes airline industry look bad'
Paul Briggs, joint head of aviation at international law firm Bird & Bird, speaks to Adam Parsons about the reaction of the airline industry to the ongoing controversy surrounding United Airlines. 13 апреля 2017, 18:10
10 502
28 дней 8:43
Ex-EU Commissioner Lord Hill on triggering of Article 50
Lord Hill, the UK's commissioner to the European Union who resigned two days after the EU referendum, tells Ian King Live there will be some job losses in the City because of Brexit but he believes negotiations will 29 марта 2017, 17:50
9 828
23 дня 3:27
Migrants fleeing Trump's America
The number of people trying to cross the US border into Canada has increased dramatically since Donald Trump came to power SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: youtube.com/skynews Follow us on 3 апреля 2017, 21:11
9 801
29 дней 3:33
Brainwashed children kill prisoners in Islamic State training
Sky News has seen propaganda videos which show children who have been brainwashed by Islamic State, being trained to fight by murdering handcuffed men begging for their lives. 28 марта 2017, 7:00
9 282
29 дней 4:07
Thousands dumped in mass grave by Islamic State
Local people have told Sky News that IS fighters may have murdered as many as 6,000 people at a sinkhole on the outskirts of Mosul. It's created what's thought to be the biggest mass grave in Iraq. 28 марта 2017, 7:33
7 400
28 дней 2:39
How will Brexit affect British expats?
Whatever happens to the rights of EU citizens in the UK, it's probably going to have an effect on British people living in Europe. 29 марта 2017, 19:14
7 132
21 день 2:26
Public test out driverless pods
Members of the public are getting the chance to test newly designed electric "driverless pods" on pavements in Greenwich. 5 апреля 2017, 9:31
6 968
14 дней 4:24
Donald Trump warns China he is ready to act alone over North Korea nuclear programme
Donald Trump has said the US is prepared to take action against North Korea if China does not toughen its stance over Kim Jong-Un's nuclear programme. 12 апреля 2017, 15:28
5 757
24 дня 8:25
Gerry Adams tells Sky News he would talk about his past in Northern Ireland
The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland border is causing concern for the UK government, where Brexit is one part of what's pushed power-sharing to the brink. 2 апреля 2017, 12:13
5 590
7 дней 2:57
Ladbrokes: 'This is the most lopsided election race in years'
The bookies are already offering odds on the winners and losers of the election, with some outfits putting Labour's chances of a majority win as low as 12 to 1. 19 апреля 2017, 18:11
5 167
22 дня 3:47
Ken Livingstone suspended for another year
Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has been suspended from Labour for another year after claiming Hitler support Zionism - but says he won't apologise for "telling the truth" 4 апреля 2017, 19:09
5 053
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