21 день 5:40
Ann Coulter Admits She Was A “Stupid Girl” For Letting Trump Con Her
**Want to read 5 books in one sitting? 29 января 2019, 17:00
48 772
28 дней 3:46
Thousands Of Stores Forced To Reject Food Stamp Payments Due To Government Shutdown
Thousands of stores across the country are having to turn away food stamp payments because they have been unable to renew their license to accept EBT payments due to the government shutdown. 22 января 2019, 20:00
44 437
9 дней 4:39
Trump Is STILL Ignoring His Intelligence Briefings
We’ve seen this episode before: A President who believes that he is either too good or too busy to be bothered by daily intelligence briefings. 10 февраля 2019, 20:01
43 447
6 дней 4:26
Donald Trump Is Being Sued AGAIN
The Trump administration is facing a major lawsuit from at least 6 migrant families who claim that the administration’s family separation policies have caused unnecessary harm, emotional distress | 13 февраля 2019, 22:00
43 169
22 дня 6:07
Trump Organization Fires Dozens Of Undocumented Workers During Border Wall Fight
Catch Mike Papantonio in new documentary “The Devil We Know” and learn the story of how DuPont poisoned the world. 28 января 2019, 17:00
42 259
13 дней 5:47
Eric Trump Says Ivanka Has Done More For Women Than Anyone Ever
During an interview with Fox & Friends this week, Eric Trump told the hosts that his sister Ivanka was being unfairly ridiculed and that she had done more for women than anyone else has ever done. 6 февраля 2019, 21:00
41 507
5 дней 7:08
Republican Freakshow Says He’d Drown His Own Kids If They Were Gay
A West Virginia Republican by the name of Eric Porterfield is facing growing calls from across the country to resign from the House of Delegates after multiple homophobic rants. 14 февраля 2019, 22:00
41 492
9 дней 5:01
Jeff Bezos Thinks Trump Could Be Behind National Enquirer’s Blackmail Efforts
Jeff Bezos believes that the National Enquirer’s publishing of text messages between Bezos and his mistress was politically motivated, and that there could have been government involvement in | 10 февраля 2019, 21:00
40 782
2 дня 4:13
Police Officers Are Working With Far Right Extremists, Text Messages Show
A bombshell new report shows that far right extremists in Portland, Oregon had been having friendly text message conversations with police officers. 17 февраля 2019, 17:00
40 296
26 дней 6:03
Kellyanne Conway FREAKS OUT Over People Saying "Wall" During Chaotic Interview
**Want to read 5 books in one sitting? 24 января 2019, 22:00
39 075
13 дней 4:00
Kellyanne Conway Threatens To Shoot Women Who Talk About Abortion In Old Video
In a recently re-surfaced video from C-SPAN in 2007, Kellyanne Conway appears before the College Republican National Committee to let them know that she is tired of women talking about their | 6 февраля 2019, 22:00
39 073
22 дня 4:18
Republicans Try To Distance Themselves From Trump’s Government Shutdown
Now that the government shutdown has ended, at least temporarily, Republicans in Congress have been doing everything possible to rewrite history and pretend that they weren’t a part of it. 28 января 2019, 18:00
37 927
24 дня 4:44
Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen Likely Committed Perjury During House Testimony
Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley has asked the FBI to investigate whether Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen lied during her Senate testimony a few months ago when she said that DHS did NOT | 26 января 2019, 20:00
37 746
23 дня 4:47
Millions Of Americans Fleeing To Mexico For Better Healthcare
According to new reports, American citizens are traveling in droves across our southern border to get better, and cheaper, medical care than they’d be able to get here in the United States. 27 января 2019, 21:01
37 381
5 дней 4:56
37 172
1 день 4:47
11-Year Old ARRESTED For Refusing To Stand For The Pledge Of Allegiance
An 11-year-old Florida student was arrested earlier this month after he refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at school. 18 февраля 2019, 20:00
36 852
1 день 3:34
Ann Coulter Says The Only National Emergency Is That Trump’s An Idiot
The feud between the White House and Ann Coulter is getting uglier, with the President’s former biggest cheerleader attacking him over his phony national emergency declaration. 18 февраля 2019, 22:00
36 689
18 дней 3:59
Laziest President Ever – Trump Averaged ONE Event Per Day In January
Donald Trump had only 32 events on his calendar for the 31-day month of January, a low even for him. 1 февраля 2019, 22:00
36 510
17 дней 4:12
Republicans Don’t Have A Single Policy Plan, And The Public Is Catching On
What does the Republican Party stand for? Is it tax cuts for the wealthy? Building a wall? 2 февраля 2019, 18:00
36 423
12 дней 5:41
Mike Pence Is Ready To Shut Down The Government AGAIN
**Want to read 5 books in one sitting? 7 февраля 2019, 22:00
36 254
22 дня 4:37
Uh Oh – Fox News Poll Shows That Voters REALLY Want To Tax The Wealthy More
Fox News has released a new poll that likely didn’t give them the outcome that they had expected. 28 января 2019, 22:00
35 865
26 дней 3:59
Mitch McConnell AGAIN Blocks Bill To Reopen Government
Mitch McConnell officially owns this government shutdown. 24 января 2019, 17:00
35 111
17 часов 5:05
Two More Trump Lawyers Accused Of Lying To Investigators
🌞 Need someone to talk to? 19 февраля 2019, 22:00
35 008
25 дней 6:19
Trump’s Pal Roger Stone ARRESTED By FBI After Mueller Indictment
Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone was arrested in an FBI raid early Friday morning following an indictment handed down by Robert Mueller’s office. 25 января 2019, 17:00
34 442
7 дней 5:01
Trump Admin Wants To Steal Puerto Rico Disaster Money To Fund Border Wall
Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is working on a plan for Trump that would allow him to steal money from disaster relief programs for Puerto Rico and California in order to shore up the cash he | 12 февраля 2019, 20:00
33 792
18 дней 4:54
Tomi Lahren Says Ocasio-Cortez Isn’t Successful “In Real Life”
Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren went off the deep end this week when she told the Fox & Friends hosts that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might be good at Twitter, but she’s not actually | 1 февраля 2019, 21:00
31 733
12 дней 4:16
Matt Gaetz Gets DESTROYED During Hearing, Then Lashes Out At Parkland Survivors
Republican Representative Matt Gaetz was part of a House Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence on Wednesday, but after he was called out for making things up by a fellow Congressman, Gaetz | 7 февраля 2019, 20:00
31 650
19 дней 4:47
Jared Kushner Thinks He Can Get Democrats To Support Trump’s Border Wall
Jared Kushner, along with some help from the Koch Brothers network, believes that he can convince Democrats to get behind Trump’s plan to build a border wall. 31 января 2019, 18:00
30 937
27 дней 4:12
White House BEGS Trump To Get Rid Of Rudy Giuliani
Officials inside the White House are panicking about Rudy Giuliani, and several have asked the president to forbid his attorney from appearing on TV ever again because “nothing good will come of | 23 января 2019, 17:00
30 749
18 дней 5:48
Climate Scientists Say Ocasio-Cortez’s Climate Warnings Are Accurate
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been attacked by conservatives and the media for saying that we only have 12 years left to reverse course or face the dire consequences of climate change. 1 февраля 2019, 18:00
30 596
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