6 дней 0:51
Graphic video: Car slams into crowd at alt-right demonstration
Graphic video: A bystander captures the moment a car slams into a crowd at a white nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. 12 августа 2017, 19:43
588 056
5 дней 0:42
Video shows car plunge into Charlottesville crowd
Disturbing video shows the moment a car crashed into the crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia. 13 августа 2017, 16:08
475 941
6 дней 0:16
Smoke rises after helicopter crash in Charlottesville
Emma Eisner captured this video of thick, black smoke billowing near Birdwood golf course in Charlottesville, Va., She says a helicopter appeared to stall and spiral down to the ground. 12 августа 2017, 23:09
341 524
6 дней 0:46
Trump responds to violence in Charlottesville
President Trump interrupted a signing ceremony for veterans to publicly denounce the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia saying the U.S. government is "ready, willing and able" to step in. 12 августа 2017, 21:10
243 669
22 дня 1:01
Shark jumps onto fishing boat, stuns everyone
Well, hello there! What would you do if a shark hitched a ride on your boat? These horrified fishermen faced the real life challenge. 27 июля 2017, 23:39
161 394
6 дней 0:52
Fights break out in the street during alt-right protest
Fights and arguments were widespread during a white nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Demonstrators were protesting the removal of a Confederate statue. 12 августа 2017, 19:44
131 436
25 дней 0:39
Jared Kushner: What you need to know
fter speaking with Senate Intelligence Committee staff members investigating Russia's interference in the presidential election, President Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner insisted Monday he did nothing 24 июля 2017, 19:20
130 903
26 дней 3:14
Story From Pure Michigan | Experience Michigan's 'Magic Hour' in VR 360
Throughout Michigan you’ll discover plenty of idyllic spots to experience a truly spectacular magic hour. 24 июля 2017, 13:00
125 251
28 дней 0:41
Newborn smiles and it moves her sister to tears
Allie, 9, adores her new baby sister, Ashlyn. 21 июля 2017, 18:27
114 348
22 дня 0:57
He drops to his knees when he finds out he'll be a dad
Destiny Prince called her boyfriend home for lunch so she could tell him she was pregnant. His reaction couldn't have been sweeter. 27 июля 2017, 16:24
108 127
28 дней 0:55
Silly Siri Tricks - thanks Queen
Jefferson Graham demonstrates that Apple's Siri actually does have a sense of humor. Watch what happens when he says, "Hey Siri, I'm a little silhouette of a man," on TalkingTech. Be Smarter. Faster. 21 июля 2017, 18:43
82 180
20 дней 2:31
Game of Thrones: Who the stars want to meet
The stars of the hit series 'Game of Thrones' tell us which character they'd want to encounter. 29 июля 2017, 15:19
80 817
24 дня 0:18
Senate votes to advance GOP health care bill
Republicans narrowly approved the “motion to proceed” Tuesday afternoon. Basically that’s a fancy way of saying the Senate is now officially considering legislation to repeal Obamacare. Be Smarter. Faster. 25 июля 2017, 20:41
79 291
5 дней 0:40
Anthony Scaramucci criticizes Trump
President Trump’s former communications director Anthony Scaramucci reacts to Trump's statement on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. 13 августа 2017, 17:48
56 388
9 дней 0:53
Journalist: \u0022We're not obsessing\u0022 over North Korea
U.S. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said media was \u0022obsessing\u0022 over Trump's recent threat against North Korea. Journalists were quick to disagree. 9 августа 2017, 20:55
50 738
20 дней 0:43
Take a peek at Tesla's new Model 3
Tesla's given us a glimpse of its latest Model 3, and it's packed with slick improvements. The sensational ride handles itself quite well on all types of terrain. The interior matches Tesla's exceptional style. 29 июля 2017, 15:05
43 697
10 дней 0:23
Jogger knocks woman into path of London bus
London police released video that appears to show a jogger pushing a woman in front of an approaching bus. Authorities say the quick-thinking bus driver narrowly avoided hitting the woman, who suffered minor injuries. 8 августа 2017, 18:10
42 519
10 дней 2:00
'Rhinestone Cowboy' Glen Campbell dies at 81
Glen Travis Campbell brought country music to new audiences. He found success as a session musician before embarking on a solo career that included several smash hits. 8 августа 2017, 21:07
38 089
24 дня 1:09
McCain's emotional speech to Senate: I'll be back
Sen. John McCain returned to the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday afternoon to cast a critical vote in favor of health care legislation less than a week after undergoing surgery and revealing he has brain cancer. 25 июля 2017, 20:34
37 471
22 дня 0:57
Video shows man lighting LGBT youth center on fire
The Phoenix Fire Department released this surveillance video they say shows a man pouring liquid on the floors and stepping out before the center catches on fire. The fire is being investigated as arson. No one was hurt. 28 июля 2017, 12:07
32 225
21 день 0:43
Trump urges law enforcement: 'Don't be too nice'
When speaking to law enforcement about MS-13 gang activity, President Trump said, "don't be too nice" to suspects. The crowd cheered. 28 июля 2017, 21:46
29 276
5 дней 0:31
Kangaroo clocks kid for coming too close
This young man showed his ability to take a punch after a kangaroo surprised him with a swift left jab at an Australian wildlife park. 14 августа 2017, 12:13
26 653
4 дня 1:08
Trump on Charlottesville violence: 'Racism is evil'
President Trump denounced all hate groups and racism following the deadly weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. 14 августа 2017, 17:11
25 448
20 дней 2:09
Woman attacked by snake, says 'blood everywhere'
An Ohio woman calls 911 while she's being attacked by a Boa constrictor. She tells the operator, 'there's blood everywhere' 29 июля 2017, 17:29
23 516
24 дня 2:03
Helped by a stranger, this woman unknowingly returns the favor
After her car ran out of fuel, TunDe walked to the station, gas can in hand, with only $5 in her pocket. Sensing she needed help, a young man picked her up, paid for her gas and gave her all the money in his wallet. 25 июля 2017, 17:59
21 176
6 дней 0:55
Alt-right protestors carry torches to Univ. of Virginia
A day before a scheduled alt-right demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, protestors marched with torches at the University of Virginia. 12 августа 2017, 17:26
19 369
24 дня 0:17
Video captures Florida boaters dragging shark
Florida wildlife officials are investigating a video that appears to show a boat traveling at a high speed while dragging a shark. 26 июля 2017, 13:12
18 826
22 дня 0:51
Bill Gates is no longer the richest person in the world
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos knocked Bill Gates out of the long-held title of THE richest person in the world, according to Forbes. 27 июля 2017, 18:53
17 633
15 дней 0:40
There's a new product for 'safe' sex. It's a sticker.
According to JIFTIP's website, its 'sticker' is intended to be a new product for 'safe' sex. The product's effectiveness, though, is less than perfect. 4 августа 2017, 0:30
15 645
24 дня 0:43
John McCain gets standing ovation on Senate floor
Sen. John McCain returned to the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday afternoon to cast a critical vote in favor of health care legislation less than a week after undergoing surgery and revealing he has brain cancer. 25 июля 2017, 19:18
14 891
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