7 дней 0:39
Hawaii Missile Threat Quickly Ruled False Alarm
On Saturday, residents of Hawaii received an emergency alert warning of an incoming ballistic missile threat. Officials quickly confirmed soon after that it was a false alarm and was sent out by mistake. Lt. 13 января 2018, 19:19
30 334
11 дней 0:39
Iranian Oil Tanker Burns For Third Day
BEIJING (Reuters) - Lashing winds, high waves and toxic gases are hindering dozens of rescue boats struggling to locate missing sailors from a stricken oil tanker in the East China Sea and to extinguish a fire that has 9 января 2018, 13:39
23 871
11 дней 0:33
Trump Booed By Fans Ahead Of Georgia/Alabama Football Championship Game
President Donald Trump was confronted by a booing crowd as his motorcade came into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Monday night prior to the college football national championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and 9 января 2018, 2:28
19 121
17 дней 1:02
Niagara Falls Is A-MAZING Right Now
Sure, your pipes and your breath are freezing. But when Mother Nature sends brutally cold temperatures through much of the country, she paints some gorgeous landscapes with her frozen brush. 2 января 2018, 23:19
19 072
9 дней 1:00
YouTube Cuts Ties With Logan Paul After His "Suicide Forest" Video
Richard Shotwell AP Logan Paul arrives at Jingle Ball on Dec. 11 января 2018, 1:06
17 178
13 дней 0:45
Jake Tapper Cuts Off Stephen Miller, Interview On CNN
Sunday morning during an interview on CNN's "State of the Union," the shows host Jake Tapper appeared to have had enough, as he cut off a contentious interview with White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller. 7 января 2018, 17:10
13 009
16 дней 0:41
Did North Korea Rocket Its Own City? On Accident?
According to a report from The Diplomat, a ballistic missile fired from North Korea failed and fell upon a city in the country. 4 января 2018, 1:37
11 425
8 дней 0:37
Trump Criticizes Immigrants From 'Shithole Countries'
President Donald Trump on Thursday questioned why the United States would want to accept immigrants from quote "shithole countries." The president was referring immigrants escaping natural disasters or civil strife 12 января 2018, 2:21
9 702
22 дня 0:50
Scientists Observe Strange Double Whirlpool Effect In Ocean For First Time
Slow waves meander westward out in the deep ocean south of Australia. Sometimes they carry with them carry large eddies, whirlpools over 100 miles across. 28 декабря 2017, 23:48
8 707
6 дней 0:44
Protesters Vandalize South African H&M Stores Over 'Racist' Ad
On Saturday, protesters outraged by a controversial H&M advertisement ransacked several of the Swedish fashion group's South African stores. 13 января 2018, 23:38
7 964
7 дней 0:49
Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Brokered a $130,000 Payment to Porn Star Stormy Daniels Over Trist
President Donald Trump's personal lawyer brokered a $130,000 payment to a porn actress to prevent her from publicly discussing an alleged sexual encounter with Trump. 13 января 2018, 4:26
6 605
6 дней 0:45
White House Says Hawaii's False Ballistic Missile Warning Was 'A State Exercise'
On Saturday, the White House seemed to distance itself from a mix-up that resulted in a false alert being sent out in Hawaii warning of an imminent ballistic missile attack. 13 января 2018, 23:24
5 809
14 дней 0:39
Figure Skater Ashley Wagner Is Mad For Not Making Olympic Team
Bradie Tennell, Mirai Nagasu and Karen Chen will represent the US Women's Figuring Skating team at the upcoming Winter Olympics. And Ashley Wagner is mad about and being the first alternate. 6 января 2018, 21:17
5 491
26 дней 0:37
Topless Femen Activist Tries to Snatch Jesus Statue From Vatican Crib
On Monday Reuters reported that a topless activist from the feminist group Femen tried to snatch the statue of the baby Jesus from the Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square, but was stopped by police as she grabbed it. 25 декабря 2017, 17:11
5 169
21 день 0:37
'Swatting' Prank Leads To One Man's Death
Police shot and killed a Kansas man After receiving a call about a shooting and hostage situation. police responded to a house in Wichita, and shot Andrew finch as he answered the door. 30 декабря 2017, 0:59
4 686
16 дней 0:41
Earthquake Rattles San Francisco
Residents in the San Francisco Bay Area were shaken awake in the early hours of Thursday morning after a magnitude-4.4 earthquake hit the region. 4 января 2018, 14:30
4 148
11 дней 0:57
What Trump Really Felt While Singing The Anthem
President Trump made a quick stop after his speech in Tennessee over to Georgia to join the festivities of the College Football Playoff National Championship in Atlanta. 9 января 2018, 19:59
3 407
24 дня 0:35
Coalition: Less Than 1,000 IS fighters Remain In Iraq, Syria
According to a United States-led international coalition, fewer than one thousand Islamic State fighters remain in Iraq and Syria. The new number is a third of the estimated figure only three weeks ago. 27 декабря 2017, 17:28
3 009
25 дней 0:38
Erie, PA Gets Record Snowfall For Christmas
Erie, Pennsylvania received a white Christmas and then some. The city was blanketed in 34 inches of snow on Christmas Day, shattering the city's previous records for snowfall in a single day. 26 декабря 2017, 19:18
2 972
17 дней 0:40
At Least 36 Dead in Peru bus Crash
At least 36 people were killed and six injured when a bus fell down a cliff north of Lima, Peru, on Tuesday, according to a tweet from the Ministry of Health. 3 января 2018, 3:05
2 647
12 дней 1:08
Frances McDormand Happy With Bleeped Golden Globes Speech
Frances McDormand found herself being bleeped at unusual times during her moving acceptance speech at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, January 7 — but she didn’t let it bring her down. 8 января 2018, 18:04
2 569
17 дней 0:37
New Law Lets Oregon Residents Pump Their Own Gas
A new law that has taken effect in Oregon that lets residents pump their own gas. Before now, Oregon and New Jersey were the only two U.S. states where people didn't have to do it. 3 января 2018, 18:35
2 568
24 дня 0:52
Storm Dums 53 Inches of Snow on Erie, Pennsylvania Over Christmas
A Christmas storm has dumped a record amount of snow on Erie, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. 27 декабря 2017, 2:21
2 563
10 дней 0:36
7-Eleven Stores Across US Raided By ICE
NBC News reports U.S. immigration agents raided dozens of 7-Eleven stores before dawn Wednesday, and arrested 21 people. 10 января 2018, 21:43
2 472
3 дня 0:46
Millie Bobby Brown Is Dating Singer Jacob Sartorius
Millie Bobby Brown is dating singer-songwriter Jacob Sartorius, a source confirms to Us Weekly. 17 января 2018, 0:05
2 471
11 дней 0:34
Southern California Mudslides Claim Two Lives
After fires swept into Santa Barbara from neighboring Ventura county last month, heavy storms have brought floods and mudslides. 9 января 2018, 19:38
2 437
27 дней 0:31
Trump Reportedly said Some Very Questionable Things About Haitians
President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive action in the Oval Office at the White House, Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017 in Washington. 23 декабря 2017, 23:15
2 299
7 дней 0:30
2 246
10 дней 0:52
Luxury Montecito Caught Off Guard By Mudslides
In the days before the torrential rains came, authorities in the Southern California community of Montecito were worried that residents were suffering from “evacuation fatigue.”After fleeing last month’s record-setting 10 января 2018, 14:08
2 228
17 дней 0:43
Snow In Florida?
Florida will not escape the arctic chill gripping the nation this week. Parts of the state are preparing for the possibility of snow Tuesday night. 2 января 2018, 23:20
1 984
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