24 дня 1:02
Parish Shootings in Louisiana Leave 5 Dead
According to Newser, Authorities in Louisiana have announced that separate but related shootings in two different parishes have resulted in the death of five people. 26 января 2019, 22:31
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Indian Paramilitary Unit Bombed, 40 Dead
At least 40 people were killed Thursday, when a bomb exploded near a convoy of Indian paramilitary personnel. CNN reports the bombing took place in Indian-controlled Kashmir. 14 февраля 2019, 23:46
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R.E.M. Copyright Complaint Means Trump Tweet Axed
Apparently even Donald Trump is not immune to copyright takedowns. 16 февраля 2019, 19:46
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Body Spotted Amidst Plane Wreckage Of Soccer Star Emiliano Sala
The UK's Air Accidents Investigation Branch has said a body has been seen in the wreckage of the plane which was carrying missing footballer Emiliano Sala,. 4 февраля 2019, 14:05
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20 дней 0:51
Thai Officials Close Bangkok Schools Due To Toxic Levels Of Air Pollution
According to a report by CNN, Thailand's Ministry of Education have ordered all schools in Bangkok and some surrounding provinces to close for the remainder of the week amid concerns over | 30 января 2019, 17:10
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13 дней 0:48
Nancy Pelosi's Withering Reactions To Trump's State Of The Union Address Are Going Viral
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's dismissive reactions to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address have started to go viral. 6 февраля 2019, 14:30
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22 дня 0:42
How to watch Super Bowl 2019 online
According to Digital Trends, The Patriots are now on their way to the Super Bowl after their triumph at the AFC championship game. This will be their fourth Super Bowl in five years. 29 января 2019, 1:12
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CNN Corrects Segment Identifying Virginia Gov. Northam As A Republican
According to a report by SFGate, CNN has corrected a segment of Anderson Cooper 360 after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was misidentified as a Republican during coverage of his public apology for | 2 февраля 2019, 20:38
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15 дней 0:40
Liam Neeson Under Fire Over Racist Revenge Story
Unable to play video. HTML5 is not supported! Batman Begins star Liam Neeson is facing backlash over comments some are calling racist, ET reports. 4 февраля 2019, 19:54
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24 дня 0:38
Justin Trudeau Fires Canada's Ambassador To China
According to Reuters, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fired John McCallum, his ambassador to China. 26 января 2019, 21:06
11 дней 0:35
Cat Found frozen Under Snow Makes Full Recovery
According to Business Insider, in Montana, The Animal Clinic of Kalispell has saved and revived a cat named Fluffy after her owners found her frozen and buried in snow. 9 февраля 2019, 0:23
26 дней 0:43
Dozens Of Wild Horses Die Of Thirst In Australia's Heatwave
When Ralph Turner arrived at his usual swimming spot, Deep Hole, about 12 miles from the remote Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) community in Australia's Northern Territory, he couldn't believe his | 24 января 2019, 13:49
17 дней 0:33
Bill Maher's Joke Called Out For Being Racist
Bill Maher recently made a joke referring to Popeyes Chicken with Texas Republican Congressman Will Hurd. 2 февраля 2019, 22:27
29 дней 0:31
Unpaid Fyre Festival Cook Wins Back Life Savings
According to SFgate.com, the woman who lost her life savings in the Fyre Festival fiasco in 2017 has won back $139,000 through a crowdfunding campaign. 22 января 2019, 0:50
5 дней 1:03
Avenatti Hands R. Kelly Tape Over To Investigators
CNN reports that prosecutors investigating R. Kelly are looking into a newly surfaced video featuring the R&B superstar. The tape was described to CNN by Michael Avenatti. 14 февраля 2019, 18:46
16 дней 0:40
John Legend And Adam Levine Do ‘Super Bowl’ Spot For Pampers
[youtube= youtube.com/watch?v=S9A9Uw9e2p8&w=650&h=366] This year’s Super Bowl commercials have presented some unexpected collaborations, to say the very least. 4 февраля 2019, 0:03
4 дня 0:39
Kashmir Suicide Bomber Radicalized After Beating By Troops, Parents Say
A suicide bomber who killed 44 paramilitary policemen in Indian-controlled Kashmir joined a militant group after having been beaten by troops three years ago, his parents told Reuters on Friday. 15 февраля 2019, 14:18
14 дней 0:47
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes First 2019 Apparance
Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday made her first public appearance since her cancer surgery in December. 5 февраля 2019, 12:45
28 дней 0:41
Plane Carrying Cardiff City Soccer Player Sala Disappears Over English Channel
Newly signed Cardiff City soccer player Emiliano Sala was missing on Tuesday after the light aircraft he was traveling in disappeared between France and England the previous evening, France’s civil | 22 января 2019, 14:21
14 дней 0:50
24-Year Old Texas Man Dies After Vape Pen Exploded, Severing Artery To Brain
According to a report by Gizmodo, a 24 year-old man in Fort Worth, Texas has died after his vape pen exploded in his face, severing an artery to his brain. 5 февраля 2019, 17:44
20 дней 0:36
How The Polar Vortex Is Affecting Chicago
According to Geek.com, "Chicago, temperatures were the lowest they’ve been since 1985, plunging to minus 23 degrees by 7 a.m. Wednesday. 30 января 2019, 22:15
14 дней 0:42
Nancy Pelosi Admits She May Have Been Misquoting The Bible For Over A Decade
According to a report by Business Insider, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to have a habit of quoting a line from the Bible that does not actually appear anywhere in the holy book. 5 февраля 2019, 17:36
28 дней 0:48
China Made An App That Shows Which People Nearby Are In Debt
A Chinese province has developed an app to tell people if they are in the vicinity of someone in debt. 22 января 2019, 15:51
15 дней 0:34
5 Killed In Suburban California Plane Crash
Business INsider reports ive people were killed Sunday after a small plane crashed in a suburban neighborhood in Yorba Linda, California. 4 февраля 2019, 14:23
21 день 0:42
Chicago Expected To Be Colder Than Antarctica & Siberia This Week
According to a report by Mother Nature Network, Chicago is expected to be hit with the record breaking low temperatures, with forecasts predicting a chilling 23 below zero in the Windy City. 29 января 2019, 16:45
16 дней 0:37
Pope Aarrives In UAE For Historic Gulf Visit
Pope Francis became the first pontiff to visit the Arabian Peninsula on Sunday, just hours after issuing his strongest condemnation yet of the war in Yemen, where his host the United Arab Emirates | 3 февраля 2019, 19:09
26 дней 0:43
Emiliano Sala: Hope Fades As Missing Plane Not Found
CNN reports The search for a missing airplane carrying Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala restarted Thursday as hopes of his survival began to fade. 24 января 2019, 13:18
20 дней 0:33
Sarah Sanders Believes God 'Wanted Donald Trump To Become President'
CNN reports that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on record and said she believes God wanted Donald Trump to win the 2016 election. 31 января 2019, 1:47
14 дней 0:47
Lindsey Vonn Crashes In Final Super-G Race Of Her Career
Skiier Lindsey Vonn participated in the super-G race, but crashed early on after straddling a gate. Vonn was able to get up after the crash and ski down the mountain on her own. 5 февраля 2019, 17:36
27 дней 0:32
Rescuers Continue Search For Emiliano Sala
A fan holds a portrait of Emiliano Sala in Nantes' city center after news that newly-signed Cardiff City soccer player Emiliano Sala was missing after the light aircraft he was travelling in | 23 января 2019, 12:15
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