17 дней 0:55
Kaepernick Ad Spurs Nike Boycott
Shares of Nike Inc fell 3 percent on Tuesday. This as calls for a boycott of the sportswear giant gained traction on social media. 4 сентября 2018, 14:11
25 дней 0:45
Jacksonville Mass Shooter Reportedly Lost At Madden Tournament
On Sunday, a gunman attacked at Madden NFL tournament before Jacksonville Police could bring the suspect down. According to Comicbook.com, a new report reveals their connection to the event. 26 августа 2018, 23:35
16 дней 0:38
Typhoon Jebi Kills 11 In Japan
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan began on Wednesday to clean up after a powerful typhoon killed 11 people, injured hundreds and stranded thousands at a flooded airport, though when the airport in an | 5 сентября 2018, 12:34
16 дней 0:45
Homeless Man's GoFundMe Money Is Gone: Attorney
(CNN)GoFundMe said it is working with law enforcement to ensure a homeless man receives all of the nearly $400,000 raised on his behalf, though his attorney says he's learned there may be nothing | 5 сентября 2018, 2:44
17 дней 0:39
People Destroying Nike Gear Over Colin Kaepernick
deadspin.com/people-are-destroying-their-nike-gear-because-of-colin-1828798521 wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using wochit.com | 4 сентября 2018, 15:43
29 дней 0:52
ISIS Leader Breaks Year-Long Silence
(CNN)For the first time in almost a year, ISIS has released what it says is a new audio message from its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. 22 августа 2018, 22:59
17 дней 0:32
Colin Kaepernick To Be The Face Of Nike's 'Just Do It' Campaign
According to Reuters, Colin Kaepernick, the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem as a protest against racism, has been chosen as one of Nike's representatives for advertisements | 4 сентября 2018, 0:09
24 дня 0:33
Vogue Profiles Stormy Daniel
Vogue Magazine has a profile of Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti. The profile is posted on Vogue.com. 28 августа 2018, 11:21
6 дней 0:44
Mother Of Teen Allegedly Slain By MS-13 Killed At Daughter's Memorial Site
According to a report by Newser, on Friday, a grieving mother in New York was struck and killed by an SUV at her slain daughter's memorial site after a confrontation with the driver. 15 сентября 2018, 16:47
17 дней 0:51
Roger Federer Got Soaked
Roger Federer’s fourth-round U.S. Open loss to John Millman featured some extremely un-Federer moments. The tennis champ ending his loss with 77 unforced errors and 10 double-faults. 4 сентября 2018, 18:01
22 дня 0:36
Air Leak Detected on International Space Station
According to Gizmodo, a small leak has been detected onboard the International Space Station. 30 августа 2018, 19:32
25 дней 0:34
Asia Argento Fired From ‘X Factor Italy’
SF Gate reports that Asia Argento has been fired from the Italian television show “X Factor Italy". 27 августа 2018, 15:05
18 дней 0:33
'Doctor Who' Star Jacqueline Pearce Dies At 74
The Doctor Who family is gathering to mourn the loss of Jacqueline Pearce. ComicBook.com reports the actress passed following her battle with lung cancer. 3 сентября 2018, 19:14
25 дней 0:33
Iran Says It Has Full Control Of Gulf
Reuters reports, Iran has full control of the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, the head of the Revolutionary Guards navy, General Alireza Tangsiri, said Monday.The remarks come at a time when Tehran | 27 августа 2018, 13:50
24 дня 0:50
How Serena Williams' Tennis Outfits Defy Norms For Female Athletes
Serena Williams called her most recent tennis outfit her Black Panther suit. It was custom designed with Nike to prevent blood clots. 28 августа 2018, 16:16
6 дней 0:46
Super Typhoon Mangkhut Threatening Millions Of People In The Philippines
According to a report by CNN, super typhoon Mangkhut is expected to make landfall in the northern Philippines early on Saturday, bringing gale-force winds and heavy rains as aid agencies warn that | 14 сентября 2018, 22:01
14 дней 0:29
Russia Has Warned US Military In Syria
Business Insiders reports that Russia has reportedly warned the US that its military and allied Syrian forces were ready to attack a key US-held base near the border of Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. 7 сентября 2018, 0:35
17 дней 0:39
Syrian And Russian Warplanes Pound Idlib Before Talks
According to Reuters, Russian and Syrian jets hammered a major rebel stronghold on Tuesday, days before leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey meet to discuss an expected Syrian government offensive | 4 сентября 2018, 19:52
24 дня 0:55
Ocean Lovers Face Up To New Environmental Threat
Plastic straw are definitely on the public's hit list. Some restaurant chains are banning them. But according to Mother Nature Network, there's a new villain on the scene: Cigarette butts. 28 августа 2018, 19:54
3 дня 0:48
Stormy Daniels Talks About Trump's Genitals
The Guardian was the first to publish quotes and details from the upcoming book by Stormy Daniels. The book, "Full Disclosure" offers a detailed description of Trump's anatomy, says Business Insider. 18 сентября 2018, 16:48
25 дней 0:41
New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Footage Teases Stark Reunion
The last new episode of Game of Thrones aired on August 27, 2017 (a year ago today!), so you’re forgiven for not remembering what you have and haven’t already seen in HBO’s “Coming Soon in 2019” | 27 августа 2018, 14:40
14 дней 0:44
Russia Pending Attack In Syria Puts US Troops In Crossfire
according to several US defense officials, Russia has sent a warning to the US military twice in the last week. 7 сентября 2018, 13:53
13 дней 0:38
Hurricane Florence Is Expected To Hit Eastern U.S. Coast
Reuters reports that, "Tropical Storm Florence [is] expected to strengthen back into a hurricane on Sunday... Forecasters [warn] that the storm could still make landfall somewhere along the U.S. 8 сентября 2018, 15:35
26 дней 0:57
ISIS Leader In Killed In Airstrike
CNN reports that the head of ISIS in Afghanistan, Abu Sayed Orakzai and 10 other ISIS fighters were killed Saturday night in an airstrike in Nangarhar province. 26 августа 2018, 18:21
17 дней 0:40
John Kelly Was Enraged Over Trump’s Charlottesville Response
A new book from reporter Bob Woodward says White House chief of staff John Kelly was furious and nearly resigned over President Donald Trump's reaction to a white-supremacist rally in | 4 сентября 2018, 17:38
19 дней 0:29
Lewis Hamilton Earns Italian Grand Prix Win
CNN reports Lewis Hamilton overcame both Ferrari drivers and a raucous home crowd Sunday to clinch his sixth win of the 2018 Formula One season and extend his championship lead over Sebastian Vettel. 2 сентября 2018, 19:50
5 дней 1:00
Here’s Why Trump Will Text You On Thursday
On September 20, a majority of Americans will receive a text message with the header “Presidential Alert.” Thats right: the President of the U.S. wants to text you. 16 сентября 2018, 15:22
16 дней 0:44
Brady Weighs In On Kaepernick Nike Ad
Tom Brady signaled his support for Colin Kaepernick's new Nike ad with a series of "likes" on Instagram on Tuesday. 4 сентября 2018, 21:49
25 дней 0:54
First Lady Melania Trump Adds Attack On News Media
First Lady Melania Trump has joined the Administration effort to de-ligitimize the media. 27 августа 2018, 13:06
22 дня 1:17
Asia Argento Slams Model For Cooperating With Police
Things are getting worse for Asian Argento. Argento was honored and canonized for revealing that Harvey Weinstein raped her. She became the face of the 'Me Too' movement. 30 августа 2018, 15:47
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