16 дней 0:40
Stormy Daniels Claims Avenatti Filed Defamation Lawsuit Against Her Wishes
Adult-film actress Stormy Daniels claims that Michael Avenatti, her firebrand attorney, had filed a defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump without her approval. 29 ноября 2018, 0:58
22 дня 0:33
Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Arrive In India Ahead Of Their Wedding
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Priyanka have so much to be thankful for, especially one another. The soon to be married couple arrived in New Delhi, India on Thanksgiving day. 23 ноября 2018, 1:54
29 дней 0:44
Austrian Snowboarder Anna Gasser Lands Historic Trick
Austrian snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist Anna Gasser made history Tuesday by becoming the first woman ever to land a cab triple 1260. 15 ноября 2018, 21:51
4 дня 0:33
Indiana Boy Charged For Murdering Pregnant Teen
Reuters reports a 16-year-old boy in Indiana confessed to killing a classmate pregnant with his baby. 11 декабря 2018, 2:04
26 дней 0:33
Fox News Host Chris Wallace Tells Trump Authoritarian Countries Are Mimicking His Words
“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace told President Donald Trump how his words affect the world. 18 ноября 2018, 19:55
18 дней 0:43
Australia's PM Blasts Kids For Protesting Climate Change
According to CNN, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison blasted schoolchildren for organizing protests for climate action. 26 ноября 2018, 14:30
24 дня 0:41
Dead Whale Found With 1,000 Pieces Of Plastic In Its Stomach
(CNN)In just the latest reminder of the dangers of pollution in our oceans, a dead whale in Indonesia has been found with 13.2 pounds (six kilograms) of plastic waste in its stomach. 20 ноября 2018, 17:56
16 дней 0:33
Clintons Talk All About Donald Trump In First Stop Of Paid Speaking Tour
According to CNN, Bill and Hillary Clinton are starting their paid speaking tour in Toronto. 28 ноября 2018, 4:42
16 дней 0:55
Archaeologists Discover Eight Ancient Mummies In Egypt's Dahshur Necropolis
According to a report by Geek.com, archaeologists in Egypt made a major discovery when they unearthed eight limestone sarcophagi containing mummies at a desert site just 25 miles south of Cairo. 28 ноября 2018, 23:11
29 дней 0:30
Saudi Prosecutor Seeking Death Penalty For Khashoggi 5
FILE PHOTO: A demonstrator holds a poster with a picture of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi outside the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul, Turkey October 25, 2018. 15 ноября 2018, 12:41
25 дней 0:41
29 дней 0:56
Couple Said to Have Made Up Story Behind Homeless Mans $4k GoFundMe Campaign
The strange case of a couple in New Jersey who raised $400,000 on GoFundMe for a homeless good Samaritan appears to be skidding into a surprise ending. 15 ноября 2018, 15:54
19 дней 0:40
49ers’ Rueben Foster Released After Domestic Violence Arrest
According to Deadspin, the 49ers have released linebacker Rueben Foster after he was arrested this weekend. 25 ноября 2018, 15:13
22 дня 0:31
'The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Explains Daryl And Carol's Relationship
There is no question that Carol and Daryl have shared a special relationship during their time together on The Walking Dead. 23 ноября 2018, 1:24
16 дней 0:50
Why Japan Is Giving Away Free Houses
There's been a recent an uptick in the number of abandoned or vacant homes listed by Japanese government. According to recent estimates, Japan is home to an estimated 10 million vacant homes. 28 ноября 2018, 14:38
20 дней 0:30
Alabama Police Say Man Killed By Officer Wasn't Gunman In Mall Shooting
According to Reuters, police said that a man shot to death by police during Black Friday sales at an Alabama shopping mall was likely not the gunman in a shooting there that wounded two people. 24 ноября 2018, 23:58
26 дней 0:42
76 Dead, 1,276 Missing In California Fires
PARADISE, Calif. 18 ноября 2018, 15:14
26 дней 1:02
Teen Sings Her Way Through Brain Surgery
According to the Huffington Post, a Seattle teen is praising doctors who let her sing during brain surgery. 18 ноября 2018, 2:43
3 дня 0:36
French Police Call For Calm Following Report Of Shooting In Strasbourg
According to a report by CNN, on Tuesday, a national police spokesperson sad that several people were injured after gunshots in the French city of Strasbourg. 11 декабря 2018, 21:09
15 дней 0:37
Ukraine to Only Allow Ukrainian Citizens to Travel to Crimea
According to Reuters, Ukraine’s border service said on Thursday it would only allow Ukrainian citizens to travel to Crimea following the imposition of martial law until Dec 26. 29 ноября 2018, 17:44
28 дней 0:41
The Benefits Of Orgasms
Orgasms have several unexpected health benefits. For instance, there's a good chance after having one that you'll get a solid night's sleep. 16 ноября 2018, 23:39
22 дня 0:40
South Korea Shutters Largest Dog Meat Slaughterhouse
South Korea has shut down its largest dog slaughterhouse. Seongnam City council closed Taepyeong where hundreds of thousands of dogs were killed each year. 22 ноября 2018, 14:25
17 дней 0:36
Manafort Met Assange Before WikiLeaks Dumped Emails
Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Donald Trump's campaign, reportedly met in secret with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in March 2016. 27 ноября 2018, 15:35
14 дней 0:32
'Avengers 4' Fan Trailer Brings The X-Men
While we wait for the official trailer for Avengers 4 to drop, the internet is set ablaze with all sorts of fan theories and art in regards to the upcoming blockbuster. 1 декабря 2018, 2:08
13 дней 0:42
65 Injured & 170 Arrested As Violence Breaks Out Across France In Third Week Of Protests
According to a report by Reuters, on Saturday, over 65 people were injured and nearly 170 people arrested in central Paris after violent clashes between police and 'yellow vest' protestors. 1 декабря 2018, 17:32
16 дней 0:55
New Article Shines Light On The Curious Case Of Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein
According to a report by Business Insider, on Wednesday, alleged victims of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein came forward for the first time in a lengthy report published by the Miami Herald. 29 ноября 2018, 0:07
12 дней 0:47
Iran Says It Will Continue Missile Testing
Iran said on Sunday it would continue missile tests and denied being in breach of U.N. 2 декабря 2018, 18:49
5 дней 0:50
French President Emmanuel Macron To Make Major Announcement
According to Reuters, France's government says that President Emmanuel Macron will address the nation in the next few days after the latest violent “yellow vest” protests in the city of Paris. 9 декабря 2018, 15:17
17 дней 0:37
Celebrities Speak Out About Tear Gas Being Used At US-Mexico Border
Several celebrities reacted to photo taken of people being tear gassed at the US-Mexico border. Among them are Anne Hathaway and Eva Longoria. 27 ноября 2018, 2:27
21 день 0:33
Keanu Reeves Is Going To Be In Toy Story 4
According to UpRoxx, Keanu Reeves will voice a character in the upcoming Toy Story 4 movie. 23 ноября 2018, 22:42
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