I'M A DEATH WORM // SONG VOYAGE // Mongolia Music Video //

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Town Hall Debate Songified
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Obama Sings 'Let's Stay Together'
Published on 11 Jan 2017, 19:00
Next Episode of Song Voyage - Wednesday, January 25th! // The Gregory Brothers' SONG VOYAGE takes them onwards to Mongolia, where they are momentarily distracted from their mission of creating world peace through music by the urgent need for them to murder The Mongolian Death Worm. New episodes every other Wednesday! Get all our songs for $2 a month: patreon.com/gregorybrothers
Created by Portal A (portal-a.com) and the Gregory Brothers

Starring the Gregory Brothers: Andrew Gregory, Evan Gregory, Michael Gregory, Sarah Gregory

Featured Artist: HOSOO

Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Kai Hasson, Evan Bregman, Zach Blume, and the Gregory Brothers

Directed by: Dan Eckman
Written by: Jeremy Weiner, Lee Ellenberg
Original Song by: The Gregory Brothers ft. HOSOO

Produced by Portal A
Co-Producers: The Gregory Brothers
Line Producer: Jeff Winkler
Associate Producers: Jenny Leaf, Brendan Nahmias
Consulting Producers: Meggie McFadden, D.C. Pierson

Director of Photography: Graham Sheldon
B-Cam/Sound/Swing: Rin Ehlers

Additional Music Production & Guitar Shredding: Alex Foote

Editor: Jeff Striker, Brad Allen Wilde
Assistant Editor: Jake Keller

Visual Effects Artist: Tanner Merrill
Graphics and Title Artist: Tess Hannel, Jake Keller

Special Thanks: Chinzorig “Chinzo” Chuluunbaatar, Byarbaatar "OB" Oyunbold, Karina Moreton, Emily Sykes, Enkhjargal "Enkhee" Enkhsaikhan
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