24 мин 3:59
Chinese Military Shifts Focus to Sea, Air and Cyber Space
China’s military has reduced the size of its standing army by nearly 50 percent. 23 января 2019, 23:21
1 час 3:53
Trump: Pelosi Preventing SOTU Because 'She's Afraid Of The Truth' | NBC News
After Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that she won’t authorize President Trump to give his annual State of the Union address in the House chamber until the partially closed federal government is | 23 января 2019, 22:25
3 часа 22:24
WATCH LIVE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses the United States Conference of Mayors
Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: to.pbs.org/2Jb8twG Find more from PBS NewsHour at pbs.org/newshour Subscribe to our YouTube channel: bit.ly/2HfsCD6 Follow | 23 января 2019, 20:14
2 часа 4:57
Undocumeted Immigrants Easily Get Passed Border Wall In Arizona
Support The Show On Patreon: patreon.com/seculartalk Here's Our Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Like | 23 января 2019, 21:00
2 часа 1:16
Protesters Outside Mitch McConnell's Office Demand End To Shutdown | NBC News
Protesters sat outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office demanding work and pay. Several were arrested and led out of the building by police officers chanting, "end the shutdown". 23 января 2019, 21:41
1 час 10:09
What are MAGA Hats All About? (2019)
Donald Trump's infamous Make America Great Again MAGA slogan was quickly plastered onto red baseball caps that became the must have item for supporters of the president, prominently worn by the Alt | 23 января 2019, 22:18
30 мин 3:05
Putin & Erdogan to decide Syria’s future
Presidents Putin of Russia and Erdogan of Turkey are meeting in Moscow to discuss the future of security in Syria following the withdrawal of US forces. 23 января 2019, 23:15
1 час 1:40
Theranos Founder Answers Questions in Newly Released Video
Never-before-seen video shows Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes being questioned by government attorneys about the company's downfall. 23 января 2019, 22:24
2 часа 9:13
What We Know About The Covington Catholic Students And Their Standoff | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
Watch Washington Post Opinion Writer Jonathan Capehart and Chris Jansing break down what we know about the students from Covington Catholic and the incident that has now become the focus of a | 23 января 2019, 21:14
4 часа 9:24
🇻🇪 Venezuela opposition leader declares himself interim president | Al Jazeera English
Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself the country's interim president on Wednesday before thousands of demonstrators cheering in support. 23 января 2019, 19:24
1 час 3:33
5 killed in bank shooting in Florida, police say
Five people were killed in a shooting at a bank in Sebring, Florida, police said Wednesday. A gunman surrendered to police after a SWAT team entered the bank. 23 января 2019, 22:10
1 час 4:32
Maduro Cuts Relations With U.S. As Trump Recognizes Opposition Leader | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
President Trump officially recognized Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president on Wednesday after Guaidó declared himself the country's leader. 23 января 2019, 21:54
4 часа 3:43
Что из себя представляет Жириновский? Отвечает Пальчевский
Полное видео: youtu.be/SwIZ1b7MZiU За камерой Жириновский - совершенно другой человек, - Андрей Пальчевский #112Украина Подписаться на канал: goo.gl/CqZYZb Прямой эфир | 23 января 2019, 19:36
18 мин 1:43
Anti-Maduro demonstrations turn violent in Caracas
(23 Jan 2019) Large crowds of protesters gathered in Caracas waving flags and chanting "Get out Maduro" in what was shaping up to be the largest demonstration since a wave of unrest that left more | 23 января 2019, 23:27
3 часа 8:06
Fox News Smears Justice Dem Ilhan Omar
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1 час 11:39
TIPS: How To Run An Effective Campaign
Become a TYT member at: tyt.com/JOIN TYT's Cenk Uygur spoke with Roger Wolfson, a Democratic consultant and writer, about how Democrats can run effective campaigns. 23 января 2019, 22:00
3 часа 25:22
Zimbabwe protests: Is Mnangagwa more of the same? | The Stream
Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised to investigate a wide-ranging crackdown on anti-government protests in which local rights groups say at least 12 people have been killed and | 23 января 2019, 20:02
3 часа 1:20:13
Александр Семченко в прямом эфире - #1 "Ринг Тайм"
Друзья, сегодня, 23 января, в 20-00, мы запускаем новый, предвыборный формат прямых эфиров! "Ринг Тайм" с кандидатами в президенты Украины. Три раунда вопросов, каждый со своей спецификой. 23 января 2019, 20:06
1 час 3:16
BREAKING: 5 Dead In Bank Robbery - Sebring, Florida
Emergency officials are responding to an incident at a bank in central Florida. Authorities told multiple media outlets that “several were down” in the incident. 23 января 2019, 21:50
1 час 2:54
Analyst: Israeli Strikes on Iranian Targets 'as Fair as Can Be'
CROSSROADS | U.S. Marine Corps Ret. 23 января 2019, 21:53
4 часа 7:46
Is China’s Economy Slowing Down? | China Uncensored
China’s #economy has started to sputter. 23 января 2019, 19:28
5 часов 8:21
Україну засипає снігом: яка ситуація на Вінниччині, Кіровоградщині та у столиці
UA - Снігопади та завірюхи, затори на дорогах та нечищені тротуари, непроїзні траси не тільки регіонального, а й міжнародного значення. І комунальники, які вкотре не змогли впоратися зі стихією. 23 января 2019, 18:05
5 часов 11:39
Кого выберет Россия: США или Китай? Исаев на Первом #ВремяПокажет
Никита Исаев в программе Время покажет на Первом канале. Кого выберет Россия: США или Китай? #Россия #США #Китай #Исаев | 23 января 2019, 18:43
16 мин 0:31
Tonight's Tipping Points: Columbus, Behar, & Supreme Court!
Visit us at: Website: oann.com Facebook: facebook.com/OneAmericaNewsNetwork Twitter: twitter.com/OANN | 23 января 2019, 23:30
5 часов 30:41
"Сегодня". 23 января 2019 года. 19:00
"Новый" кандидат: в президентскую гонку на Украине включилась Юлия Тимошенко. 23 января 2019, 18:02
29 мин 8:39
How the TSA Could Ground Government Shutdown (w/Joe Madison)
Could the T.S.A. stop Donald Trump's Shutdown? 23 января 2019, 23:16
5 часов 0:26
Georgian TV films moment man who killed woman in speedboat crash hands himself in
A Briton who went on the run after killing a woman in a speedboat crash on their first date is thought to have surrendered in Georgia. 23 января 2019, 18:27
2 часа 1:32:07
Теперь у них получится? (В. Жуковский, Б. Кагарлицкий)
Будем крайне благодарны вашим пожертвованиям на развитие сайта rabkor.ru donationalerts.ru/r/bkagarlitsky patreon.com/Rabkor Карта Сбербанка: 4279 3800 1057 2594 Яндекс | 23 января 2019, 21:37
1 час 2:48
Nurse charged in sexual assault of incapacitated woman who gave birth
Arizona police have charged 36-year-ol Nathan Sutherland, a former licensed practical nurse at Hacienda HealthCare, for the sexual assault of an incapacitated woman in the facility's care. 23 января 2019, 22:39
4 часа 8:29
Russia's Entanglement in Israeli-Iranian Tensions in Syria
THE RUNDOWN | While safeguarding Assad's hold on power in Syria, Russia is now findings itself caught in between Iran and Israel on the Israeli-Syrian border. 23 января 2019, 19:02
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