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Published on 2 Apr 2011, 12:06
This video goes over all of the added customizations and software bundles that have been added to the LG Optimus 2X. This European unlocked version comes with a number of added programs that don't follow the device's normal language settings and only appear in a single Asian language that we don't understand. You've also got some cool LG Live Wallpapers as well as LG designed widgets. For some reason the clock widget (which nicely includes weather) will update to show the correct time while the device clock does not. This is because the device clock is not set to sync automatically with a time server. You can edit the number of home screens from the menu on the home screen and you can shrink them down to thumbnails for easy switching by tapping the home button again while on a home screen.

LG has also included a custom keyboard which by default is set to a numeric 9 button keypad. If you remember how to type with one of those, it can be useful for larger one-handed input buttons, but you'll have to dig through the settings in order to find and switch it to at Qwerty keyboard.

The Optimus 2X does have a front facing camera, but it doesn't include any video conferencing software like Qik, but it does support the normal UMTS video calling services that have been available for years. No software is included for editing Office documents, but the email program is capable of viewing them. The Optimus 2X also includes custom "Facebook for LG" and "Twitter for LG" apps, which is cool, but they're not nearly as powerful as the native apps that you can just download from the Android Market.

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LG Optimus 2X Software Tour | Pocketnow

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