Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer with WiFi Module -

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Published on 5 Dec 2017, 9:01
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Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer
E180 features a build volume of 130 x 130 x 130mm and runs at a high traveling speed. Adopting bowden extruder reduces the moving mass of the printing head and allows faster controlled motion, less shaking of E180, and more importantly, faster printing! The extruder extrudes smoothly, avoiding clogging or jamming. Another important feature should be the break-resuming capability, empowering E180 to save and stop the current printing job lest power outage or filament fracture takes place. In a word, it is the rigorous design that enables E180 to deliver smooth surface finish, sleek contour, clear angles and strong structure for the final printout.

Cloud-based EasyPrint 3D App:
EasyPrint 3D App is cloud-based to connect 3D printing fanciers all over the world to promote the development of this new tech. It is a social App which is multi-featured with remote control over your 3D printer, a cloud gallery of free 3D models and a 3D printing community.

Break-resuming capability:
E180 features the function of break-resuming, convenient to stopping and saving the printing status in real time. You could continue the uncompleted print at the same place as if the machine has never stopped.

3.2 inch full color touch screen:
3.2 inch full color touch screen unfolds an intuitive and sensitive panel by which you could modify the relevant parameters for a comprehensive control over the whole printing process. The employment of touch screen, in a large measure, simplifies the operation flow.

Modularized extruder:
The modularized design also brings you the unbeatable ease to change the hotend which is in slide connection with the cold-end. Now with a little slide, you can assemble /disassemble the hotend like a breeze.

Excellent after-sale service:
WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype are available for customer service and technical support, local engineers are also available for technical support.

Product description:
Print technology: FDM
Build volume: 130 x 130 x 130mm
Printing precision: 0.05mm
Positioning precision: X / Y 0.11mm, Z 0.0025mm
Print speed: 80 - 110mm/s recommended
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Filament supported: PLA
Operating system: Windows
Control software: EasyPrint 3D
File format: .STL, G-code
Max extruder temp: 230 Deg.C
Power supply: DC 12V 6A
Connectivity: WiFi, USB, TF card ( support stand-alone printing )
Display screen: 3.2 inch full color touch screen
Chassis: metal plate + injection molding ( a portable cantilever type 3D printer )
Build platform: aluminum alloy plate
XYZ Rods: wear-resistant, stainless steel and lead screw ( Z axis )
Stepper motors: 1.8 degree step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping
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