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Published on 27 Jan 2018, 3:00
Samsung Galaxy S8+ After the Buzz! Infinity displays. Cutting Edge cameras. Multiple methods of biometric security. We’re in full on rumor mode for Samsung’s next flagship, which is the perfect time to revisit a phone you can still buy today. Closing in on a full year, how has this puppy aged? What worked? What hasn’t? Here’s our Galaxy S8 Plus, after the buzz.

How can a manufacturer both lead the way and play it safe at the same time? Look no further than the Galaxy S8 Plus. This is the most successful version of refining a phone line from 2017. Both breaking new ground for smartphone design, while wonderfully recovering from one of the biggest tech disasters a smartphone maker has ever had to bear.

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ After the Buzz: Like it never left! | Pocketnow

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