Experian: Event-Driven Pub-Sub with SNS and SQS

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Published on 19 Feb 2018, 19:00
On the next This Is My Architecture, Danny from Experian explains how they moved from a monolithic architecture on-premises, to an event-driven microservices system in the cloud. You'll learn about how they use ECS, SNS, SQS and DynamoDB to power their next-generation architecture. You'll also hear how they underwent a cultural change to match the tech, by breaking their teams up into smaller groups, each responsible for a set of microservices, leading to easier deployments, reduced dependencies, and faster development. Learn more at - amzn.to/2EhLXib.

Host: Matt Yanchyshyn, Director Solutions Architecture
Speakers: Danny Perschonok, Solutions Architect and Engineering Manager
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