The Future of Voice

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Published on 13 Mar 2018, 18:26
Perception doesn’t necessarily match reality when it comes to today’s voice user interfaces. In this talk, we chart a path from today’s command-and-control assistants towards a future of more adaptive, inclusive, humane VUI for all. Cheryl is Senior Design Manager for the C+E Admin Experience team and is exploring conversational UI for Azure admins. Her experience with VUI design stretches back over a decade, for voice user interfaces including Windows Automotive, Cortana, the Nintendo DS, Amazon’s Alexa platform, and the Echo Look.

Far from HAL or Her, the current generation of voice interfaces represents an incredibly important step forward - but the journey to the next generation of experiences is far from over. Cheryl draws from her extensive experience to highlight several key shortcomings of today’s voice interfaces. As we examine those shortcomings, we will discover important opportunities for today’s product teams. These opportunities impact all disciplines – AI, design, product management and business development.

This is an expanded version of Cheryl’s “Future of Voice” talk that premiered in October at Webdagene 2017. For additional background content, start with Cheryl’s post on VUI design for the Microsoft Design blog on Medium.

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