Oleg Tinkov at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2018 [Русские субтитры]

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Published on 22 Nov 2018, 15:57
Oleg Tinkov, founder of Tinkoff Bank, stopped by Hong Kong FinTech Week 2018, to discuss how it all began, what cutting-edge fintechs like Tinkoff are doing now and what the future is likely to hold.

02:25 What was the reason beyond the idea of new business, why bank?

04:26 How Tinkoff Bank has changed the banking industry in Russia and in the world

07:28 Can large banks successfully build their own digital banks?

11:51 Is it true, that’s Tinkoff doesn't hire people who has worked in a bank before?

13:21 About Fintech Startups

16:47 Why Tinkoff didn’t buy one of UK challenger banks?

18:57 About Cryptocurrency

20:08 What Oleg Tinkov thinks about Alibaba and ANT Financial expansion in Russia

22:20 Have Tinkoff ever received any offers from Chinese techfin players to be acquired?

23:16 What competitive advantage Tinkoff have towards WeBank?

26:20 Which product Oleg Tinkov dream Tinkoff customers using in 2020?

28:01 About lifestyle banking

29:49 Is Oleg Tinkov considering to sell Tinkoff one day?
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