We Pulled A Prank & He Gave Up!

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Published on 9 Jan 2019, 5:00
The first day of CES 2019 is always tough but let's try to get things started on the right foot!

A special thanks to all our sponsors for CES 2019

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Gear list (from Amazon):
Main 4K Camera - geni.us/SONYA7III
Main Lens - geni.us/Tamron2875
Main Camera Mic - geni.us/RODEMIC
Second 4K Camera - geni.us/GH5w1260
$700 4K Camera (Panasonic G7) - geni.us/24nm
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 - geni.us/dLL
Cinevate DUZI Slider - geni.us/1Hwt
AKG C314 - geni.us/6o9
AKG C 568 B - geni.us/1D2S
Zoom H5 - geni.us/2LUm
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