AWS Virtual Transformation Day Feb 2019 - Achieving Business Value

Published on 8 Feb 2019, 18:55
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AWS Transformation Day is designed for enterprise organizations looking to make the move to the cloud in order to become more responsive, agile and innovative, while still staying secure and compliant. Join us for this virtual event and we'll share our experiences of helping enterprise customers accelerate the pace of migration and adoption of strategic services. We recommend this event for IT and business leaders who are looking to create sustainable benefits and a competitive advantage by using the AWS Cloud.

It is well understood by the enterprise that cloud computing enables companies to host applications, mission critical workloads, and special projects on infrastructure that is built and managed by a third-party provider such as AWS. However, many customers find themselves having a difficult time in assigning value to the benefits of the cloud. In this session we will introduce a framework that can be used to identify the impact of moving to the cloud and the business value around areas such as cost savings, staff productivity, operational resilience, and business agility.

Speaker: Michael Chu, Jake Burns

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