Competing in the X Games of machine learning with Dr. Manik Varma

Published on 22 Feb 2019, 0:33
Episode 63 | February 13, 2019

If every question in life could be answered by choosing from just a few options, machine learning would be pretty simple, and life for machine learning researchers would be pretty sweet. Unfortunately, in both life and machine learning, things are a bit more complicated. That’s why Dr. Manik Varma, Principal Researcher at MSR India, is developing extreme classification systems to answer multiple-choice questions that have millions of possible options and help people find what they are looking for online more quickly, more accurately and less expensively.

On today’s podcast, Dr. Varma tells us all about extreme classification (including where in the world you might actually run into 10 or 100 million options), reveals how his Parabel and Slice algorithms are making high quality recommendations in milliseconds, and proves, with both his life and his work, that being blind need not be a barrier to extreme accomplishment.

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