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Life as a male sex worker in Britain - BBC News
It is estimated there are as many as 100,000 sex workers across the UK, and about 20% of them are male. 12 декабря 2017, 10:03
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Maradona statue: When football sculptures go wrong - BBC News
A wild-haired statue of footballing legend Maradona has been unveiled in India. And it's not the first time a sculpture depicting a player has raised eyebrows. 12 декабря 2017, 16:25
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21 час 4:09
Water Mother- BBC News
Each year more than 300 million people in India have to battle severe water shortages. People have died from dehydration because their nearest well is too far away to travel to. 12 декабря 2017, 12:11
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21 час 3:58
Trump accuser: 'We don't forget this' - BBC News
Decades ago, Jessica Leeds says Donald Trump groped her on a flight. It's a story she first shared during the 2016 election - and multiple other women soon followed suit. 12 декабря 2017, 11:25
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How do Reindeer Survive in the Arctic? - BBC News
Reindeer have a body clock, that they seem to be able to switch off and on, according to scientists. 12 декабря 2017, 14:56
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'Levi Bellfield raped me hundreds of times,' says ex-partner - BBC News
The former partner of serial killer Levi Bellfield has said he raped her "hundreds" of times. Jo Collings - who has waived her right to anonymity - told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme "we were his property". 12 декабря 2017, 15:55
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Buy food for the family or pay to see a doctor? - BBC News
Buying food for the whole family or paying for a doctor to see one child? Paying for your children to use a toilet facility or buying much needed medicines for yourself? 12 декабря 2017, 15:40
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Alabama upset: What Jones victory over Moore means for Trump - BBC News
Democrat Doug Jones victory over Republican Roy Moore in deeply conservative Alabama could have real consequences for President Donald Trump, the BBC's Nick Bryant explains. 13 декабря 2017, 7:49
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1 час 3:10
Older women less likely to report sexual harrassment - BBC News
Older women are less likely to report sexual harassment incidents, a BBC survey has found. 13 декабря 2017, 7:23
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