10 часов 7:20
Florida school shooting suspect appears in court
Accused gunman Nikolas Cruz appeared for a hearing at a courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Cruz faces 17 counts of premeditated murder in the deadly school shooting in Parkland. 19 февраля 2018, 19:32
125 492
13 часов 6:28
Florida school shooting survivors rally for action on gun control
Students who survived the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida are calling for action. Hundreds plan to visit Florida's Capitol to call for a ban on assault weapons. 19 февраля 2018, 16:04
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15 часов 1:49
Violent brawl breaks out on Carnival cruise ship
The Carnival Legend cruise ship docked three hours late due to a violent brawl that broke out on board. Passengers on board are blaming one unruly family for picking fights. Ten Witness News' Ted O'Connor reports. 19 февраля 2018, 14:20
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11 часов 11:31
President Trump slams FBI over FL shooting, Russia
President Trump will meet with high school students and teachers Wednesday following last week's deadly shooting. 19 февраля 2018, 17:55
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13 часов 1:18
Student shot 5 times in Florida rampage hailed a hero
Fifteen-year-old Anthony Borges is being hailed a hero after he was shot five times while attempting to shut and lock his classroom door during the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida. 19 февраля 2018, 15:45
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11 часов 0:27
Four people shot by a masked suspect outside a popular San Antonio Steakhouse
A six-year-old boy and three adults were shot Sunday night in the parking lot of a Texas Roadhouse in San Antonio. Two of the adults' injuries are life-threatening. 19 февраля 2018, 17:58
8 311
7 часов 5:36
Ex-Trump aide Rick Gates expected to plead guilty in Russia probe
Former Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates is expected to plead guilty in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. 19 февраля 2018, 21:51
7 992
7 часов 0:28
Pennsylvania high court issues new congressional district map
Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court has approved a new map of the state’s 18 congressional districts. The map would be in effect for the upcoming May 15 primary and could boost the Democratic Party's quest to control the U.S. 19 февраля 2018, 22:14
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18 часов 1:05
LeBron James to Fox News host: We will not "shut up and dribble"
NBA star LeBron James responded after Fox News host Laura Ingraham criticized him for prior comments about social issues. 19 февраля 2018, 11:40
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8 часов 6:22
Trump supports improved background checks for gun purchases
The White House has said President Trump supports efforts to improve background checks for gun purchases. This comes as CBS News has learned the suspected Florida school shooter bought seven rifles in the last year. 19 февраля 2018, 20:44
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4 часа 1:02
Trump ranked worst president in survey of scholars
President Trump came in last place in an ranking of "presidential greatness," according to the 2018 Presidents and Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey released Monday. 20 февраля 2018, 1:05
2 962
7 часов 2:22
911 dispatcher killed in wrong-way crash on way to work
A vehicle going the wrong way on a Minnesota highway crashed into another car, killing the driver. The victim was a 911 dispatcher on her way to work. A church pastor was driving the car going the wrong way. 19 февраля 2018, 22:07
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8 часов 6:20
What's in background checks bill that Trump supports?
As students who survived the Florida school shooting call for gun control reforms, the White House says the Trump administration is open to supporting a bill improving federal background checks. 19 февраля 2018, 21:22
2 706
8 часов 6:43
Florida school shooting reignites gun control debate
The White House says President Trump supports efforts to improve federal background checks. This comes as Republican Sen. John Cornyn and Democratic Sen. 19 февраля 2018, 20:56
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12 часов 3:27
Notorious British pedophile gets 32 years in prison
One of the most notorious pedophiles in Britain, Matthew Falder, has been sentenced to 32 years in prison. Falder pleaded guilty to 137 charges. 19 февраля 2018, 17:40
1 915
10 часов 1:54
Three things harder to obtain than a gun in Florida
In Florida, it's easier to buy an assault rifle than it is to obtain cold medicine. 19 февраля 2018, 19:30
1 561
10 часов 1:52
"Black Panther" shatters records during opening weekend
"Black Panther" is making history. It earned an estimated $192 million in the U.S. and Canada during its opening weekend, and the film's debut comes at a momentous time. 19 февраля 2018, 19:33
1 515
11 часов 11:39
New PBS documentary explores evolution of black colleges & universities in America
A new film is taking a look at the challenges and achievements of historically black colleges and universities in the U.S. 19 февраля 2018, 18:07
4 часа 1:43
Woman comes face to face with ex-NYPD officers accused of raping her
A woman confronted two former NYPD police officers in a Brooklyn court who she claims raped her during a traffic stop in 2017. CBS New York’s Magdalena Doris reports. 20 февраля 2018, 1:26
3 часа 3:45
What's in Senate's bipartisan gun bill?
The White House says President Trump is "supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check system," but what do those efforts look like? 20 февраля 2018, 2:18
45 мин 3:27
Rick Gates expected to plead guilty in Russia probe
President Trump's former deputy campaign manager, Rick Gates, is expected to plead guilty to charges in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. 20 февраля 2018, 4:57
59 мин 1:01
Dog food products recalled over possible lethal drug
J.M. Smucker said it is recalling some shipments of four brands of dog food, including the popular brands Kibbles 'N Bits and Gravy Train, after detecting "extremely low levels" of a drug used to euthanize animals. 20 февраля 2018, 4:43
31 мин 5:20
Documents show encounters between Florida shooting suspect and law enforcement
Newly released documents show several encounters between Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz, and law enforcement officials. 20 февраля 2018, 5:12
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