22 часа 1:59
Davos founder: President Xi Jinping's speech reassures China is to lead world going
Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, sends his Chinese New Year wishes to the Chinese people before the opening of the 47th annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. 17 января 2017, 15:20
23 часа 0:52
Brazil in grip of successive prison riots
Brazilian police on Monday cleared inmates from the roof of a prison where dozens were murdered over the weekend in the latest of a series of deadly cellblock uprisings. 17 января 2017, 14:22
22 часа 0:38
Chinese President Xi Jinping meets WEF founder, Klaus Schwab
Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, on the sidelines of this year's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. 17 января 2017, 15:18
8 часов 2:12
Putin says damaging report on US president-elect a ’hoax‘
Russian President Vladimir Putin is accusing the outgoing Obama administration of trying to discredit President-elect Donald Trump by spreading malicious rumors about his coziness with Russia and Russia’s improper role 18 января 2017, 5:43
9 часов 7:06
The Point with LIU Xin: Does China only open up its economy just enough to benefit itself?
An anti-globalization wave has swept through the West over the past year. Globalization and free trade are being attacked in the US and Europe. 18 января 2017, 4:55
22 часа 3:39
‘What is China?’: No family reunion for some at Spring Festival
It’s that time of the year again: the massive human migration for the biggest celebration of the year. 17 января 2017, 15:17
9 часов 6:04
The Point with LIU Xin: What messages did President Xi send in Davos?
Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland -- the first time a Chinese head of state has attended and addressed the forum. 18 января 2017, 4:51
11 часов 0:34
Driver thrown from out-of-control truck
A truck driver survived after being thrown out of his vehicle on an expressway in Chuxiong, SW China's Yunnan province earlier this month. 18 января 2017, 2:52
7 часов 1:03
President Xi meets US Vice President, Belgium's King and Ukrainian counterpart
Chinese President Xi Jinping and US Vice President Joe Biden have called for closer cooperation between the two global heavyweights when they met at the World Economic Forum in Davos. 18 января 2017, 7:07
23 часа 0:45
British PM says there is no 'half in, half out' deal with EU
British Prime Minister Theresa May says Britain does not want "anything that leaves us half in, half out" of the European Union. 17 января 2017, 14:12
5 часов 1:45
Chinese expert revives ancient weaving techniques
Wang Yarong, special research fellow at the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is specialized in repairing ancient silk. 18 января 2017, 8:42
8 часов 0:41
Swiss FM Burkhalter praises "very important" Xi speech at Davos
CGTN caught up with Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter after President Xi Jinping's speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos. 18 января 2017, 5:32
8 часов 7:15
The Point with LIU Xin: Why many world problem are not caused economic globalization?
President Xi Jinping's appearance at Davos has, perhaps not surprisingly, taken center stage in the coverage given to the World Economic Forum by the world's press. 18 января 2017, 5:49
22 часа 1:32
Facebook launches startup programme in Paris campus
Facebook has launched its first ever startup support program in a massive tech incubator funded by a French telecoms billionaire in Paris. 17 января 2017, 15:19
7 часов 14:04
World Insight: President Xi stresses benefits of globalization at Davos
President Xi Jinping takes up the mantle of advocate for globalization at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland - warning rising protectionism and a trade war will benefit no one. 18 января 2017, 7:05
23 часа 3:49
The World at a Glance for Jan. 16
Here comes "The World at a Glance" for January 16 - China and Vietnam promised to settle their differences regarding territorial claims in the South China Sea; Donald Trump labelled German Chancellor Angela Merkel's 17 января 2017, 14:45
23 часа 8:39
Liu Xin speaks to the WEF’s Philipp Rosler
Philipp Rösler, the Head of the Centre of Regional Studies and a Member of the Managing Board of the World Economic Forum, spoke to Liu Xin ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s highly-anticipated speech at the 17 января 2017, 14:54
7 часов 6:43
Exclusive interview at Davos: AIIB President
When the Chinese president speaks, the world listens. This is especially true at a time of economic uncertainty. 18 января 2017, 7:04
3 часа 0:40
US forces in live-ammunition drills in Poland
Tank and Bradley Fighting Vehicle crews from the US on Wednesday conducted live-fire training exercises in Swietoszow, western Poland. 18 января 2017, 10:39
2 часа 8:20
Final episode of 'What is China': CGTN wraps things up with final thoughts
For the past three weeks, CGTN has been searching for answers to questions on China. The simple question, "What is China?", is both the title of this series and our quest here. 18 января 2017, 11:08
7 часов 2:11
UK’s Theresa May confirms desire for clean break from EU
During a highly expected speech on Tuesday, UK Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed she will seek a clean break from the European Union following the Brexit vote. Olly Barratt has this report. 18 января 2017, 6:20
7 часов 3:47
China representative of the WEF talks about China's role in global governance
At the sidelines of this year's Davos World Economic Forum, Tian Wei sat down with the chief China representative of the WEF, David Aikman. 18 января 2017, 6:50
2 часа 2:18
Exclusive tour of the UN Office in Geneva ahead of Chinese President Xi's arrival
Housed in the Palace of Nations in Geneva, the United Nations Office has been labeled as an outstanding testimony to the 20th century. 18 января 2017, 11:20
7 часов 6:11
Exclusive interview at Davos: what role China plays in the global economy
At the sidelines of this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Tian Wei caught up with the former deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Zhu Min, who is also a member of the board at the World 18 января 2017, 7:02
2 часа 2:07
Frozen China: Icy build-up creates a sea of trouble in China's Bohai Gulf
The Bohai Gulf is the only gateway to the outside world for sea-based trade routes, that come in and out of northeast China. 18 января 2017, 11:10
4 часа 2:30
Private sector in Cuba on edge as Trump takes over
US President Barack Obama has called the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba one of his most important achievements in foreign policy. However, this legacy is now threatened by President-elect Donald Trump. 18 января 2017, 9:19
1 час 1:37
Davos 2017: President Xi offers China's vision on global economy
Chinese President Xi Jinping offered on Tuesday China's vision on the global economy during his keynote speech at the opening session of the World Economic Forum. 18 января 2017, 12:32
2 часа 0:52
Stunning footage: Daredevil ice-skates on old Soviet prison in frozen lake
Stunning footage has emerged of a daredevil ice-skating over an old Soviet prison submerged in a frozen lake in Estonia. 18 января 2017, 12:07
2 часа 0:43
Footage: Sea lion follows guest's hands
This aquarium guest decided to wave his hand around to see what the tank's occupants, a sea lion, would do. As soon as he did, she began to follow his motions with her head, spinning and doing flips. 18 января 2017, 12:07
53 мин 2:27
Turkey nightclub shooter captured in Istanbul apartment
Abdulkadir Masharipov, the gunman who carried out a deadly shooting at a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year's Day and killed 39 people, has been caught in an apartment in Istanbul's Esenyurt district during a police 18 января 2017, 13:14
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