20 часов 49:35
Alex Jones' Statement On New Sandy Hook Lawsuit
Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 23 мая 2018, 22:54
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20 часов 12:44
Trump Is Swinging For The Fences For America
Roger Stone joins the Alex Jones Show to discuss new bogus lawsuits directed at Alex Jones, the Trump campaign being spied on, and how Trump is on the offensive for America’s interests. 23 мая 2018, 22:58
14 920
19 часов 2:51:16
Full Show – SOROS LAWFARE EXPOSED: Phony Sandy Hook Lawsuits Filed By FBI Agent And Families
Alex Jones breaks down new lawsuits waged against Infowars about Sandy Hook, including an FBI agent who has joined in on the all out, non-stop lawfare. Also, a U.S. 24 мая 2018, 0:44
12 073
2 часа 11:07
Rank And File FBI Starts To Speak Out Against Comey, McCabe, And Mueller's Political Corruption
Alex Jones breaks down how the deep states' plan to terminate Trump's presidency is coming to an end as good men and women within the FBI start to speak out against the politicization of their department. 24 мая 2018, 17:03
10 591
18 часов 2:08:59
Democrat Judges Announce That Trump No Longer Has Free Speech On Twitter - War Room Full Show
In a shocking decision, the Southern District Of New York has decided that President Trump is not allowed to block Twitter users and also declared Twitter a public forum. 24 мая 2018, 1:39
10 038
23 часа 13:17
SPYGATE: Trump Picks Up Term Coined By Alex Jones For The Surveillance Of His Presidential Campaign
Alex Jones reveals how President Trump has adopted a term he coined for the Obama and Hillary sponsored illegal wiretap and surveillance of Donald Trump and members of his campaign. 23 мая 2018, 19:57
8 954
19 часов 10:45
A View To A Shill: Clapper’s Lies, Then & Now
The “lying machine”, as President Trump calls Jim Clapper, is on tour selling his book on The View. 24 мая 2018, 0:00
8 348
21 час 21:41
Ted Nugent: The Links Between Liberals And Lying Are Lucifer And Saul Alinsky
Ted Nugent lays out that the links between liberal democrats and their constant lying to the public and the media is Saul Alinsky's book, "Rules For Radicals," which is dedicated to Satan. 23 мая 2018, 22:20
7 911
23 часа 10:34
Sodom And Gomorrah: World Scout Jamboree Prepares Condoms And Alcohol For Men And Boys
Alex Jones breaks down how the World Scout Jamboree is scheduled to hand out condoms to boy scouts while simultaneously allowing scout fathers to bring alcohol. 23 мая 2018, 20:47
7 494
20 часов 4:28
MKULTRA Families Fight Back
Survivors and families of those victimized by Project MKULTRA, a CIA mind control program, are preparing a class-action lawsuit against the U.S. 23 мая 2018, 22:52
6 925
19 часов 20:55
Liberals Try To Convince Owen Shroyer Of Russian Collusion
The challenge was simple: If you can call in and convince Owen Shroyer that Trump colluded with Russia, he will quit radio forever. 23 мая 2018, 23:55
6 475
21 час 6:06
President's MS13 Panel Deals With Violent Animals
Long Island New York knows exactly what Donald Trump meant when he directly referred to ms13 as Animals. 23 мая 2018, 22:25
5 252
19 часов 2:08:23
Real News Full Show—NFL Bans Kneeling But Taxpayers Kneel To $4B Stadiums
Gas prices are going up, hitting $5/gal in NYC but a federal mandate for only high octane fuel going to make pump prices soar if lobbyists have their way with the GOP. 24 мая 2018, 0:30
3 681
1 час 13:01
State Department Issues Warning After Employee Hit By Possible Sonic Attack In China
The U.S. State Department issued a warning to U.S. citizens in China Wednesday after a government employee experiencing “abnormal” sounds and pressure received a mild traumatic brain injury. 24 мая 2018, 18:01
2 596
56 мин 11:45
The Globalists' NWO Depends On Spiritual Distortion To Prevent Ascension Into A Higher Dimension
Alex Jones breaks down how the Globalists' New World Order plan absolutely depends on distorting peoples' free will so that they themselves choose to close off their spiritual understanding. 24 мая 2018, 18:53
1 470
11 мин 13:18
UNBELIEVABLE: Judge Rules It Is Unconstitutional For Trump To Block Twitter Users
Alex Jones reveals how a Judge ruled it to be unconstitutional for President Trump to block users on his own Twitter. 24 мая 2018, 19:38
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