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Doritos-Loving Teen With Down Syndrome Gets Helicopter Ride to Prom
18-year-old Shaedon Wedel made headlines last month when he asked his best friend's 15-year-old sister, Carlie who has Down syndrome, to be his date to the senior prom. 23 апреля 2017, 21:52
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Youth Soccer Coach Arrested for Allegedly Impregnating 15-Year-Old Player
A youth soccer coach in Philadelphia was arrested for allegedly fathering a child with a teenage girl who used to play in his league. 23 апреля 2017, 20:31
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Bride-to-Be Asks Future Sister-in-Law With Brain Injury to Be Bridesmaid
It was a touching moment when a bride asked her sister-in-law with brain damage to be in her wedding. Siblings Jessica and Derrick Torres were always close. 23 апреля 2017, 19:29
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Little Boy Throwing First Pitch at Baseball Game Gets Surprised By Military Mom
A little boy thought he was just throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game, but didn't expect to get something in return. 24 апреля 2017, 1:05
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Dog Saved After Wandering For Days With Jar Stuck On His Head
A dog wandered around for days with a jar on its head, but finally got some relief. Residents in Fort Worth, Texas called police to help the pit bull terrier mix named Pickles. 24 апреля 2017, 0:50
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