22 часа 9:19
‘Darkness, below freezing, most would starve’: What nuclear war would look like
Rising tensions between the US and North Korea or a number of other scenarios could lead to nuclear conflict. Many Americans wonder what a nuclear war would actually look like. 26 апреля 2017, 23:56
9 678
20 часов 5:42
Was Trump briefing to Senate on N. Korea a cynical power play?
US presidents are supposed to notify Congress when intending to use force against a foreign country. Is that why President Trump’s White House briefed the entire US Senate on Wednesday? 27 апреля 2017, 1:50
5 436
22 часа 3:42
How Syrian jihadists got NATO's weapons
Weapons from a NATO member state have ended up in the hands of jihadists in Syria, according to an investigation carried out by a Bulgarian journalist. 26 апреля 2017, 23:56
4 091
20 часов 6:56
Trickle-down rebranded?: Trumponomics revealed in new tax plan
The White House is proposing comprehensive tax reforms said to simplify the federal tax code through cutting rates and eliminating deductions. 27 апреля 2017, 1:51
4 034
20 часов 2:22
The VOICE of Trumpism
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced today a new, fully-functional agency called Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE), a 27-person subdivision of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 27 апреля 2017, 1:50
2 148
22 часа 5:36
US & France ‘certain’ Assad carried out gas attack; media ignores contrary evidence
The US has sanctioned some 271 Syrians who Washington believes are involved in the research and production of chemical weapons – yet many journalists and observers remain sceptical of the official White House story, 26 апреля 2017, 23:57
2 140
21 час 27:27
America’s Lawyer [20]: Airline Gangsters, NFL Fleeces Taxpayers & A Brand New Congress
On this episode of America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio discusses how deregulation has allowed airlines to consolidate power over customers and speaks with attorney, Dan Soloway, about the infamous United Airlines video 27 апреля 2017, 0:54
1 983
3 часа 2:43
Bernie Sanders calls on Congress to introduce $15 US minimum wage
Sanders spoke to the union workers on the Hill ahead of the reintroduction of a bill called “The Raise the Wage Act of 2017” that will be unveiled later on that day and will be enforced by 2024. 27 апреля 2017, 19:13
1 234
3 часа 2:14
'Absolutely offensive' says local resident as Confederate flag raised in Florida
There were mixed reactions in Belleview, Florida on Wednesday as the Confederate flag was flown at the City Hall to honor Confederate History Day. 27 апреля 2017, 19:09
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1 час 2:48
Obama to give $400,000 speech at Wall St conference
President Obama is reported to be making a speech at a health care conference held by Wall Street banker, Cantor Fitzgerald. He is getting a reported $400,000 for the speech. 27 апреля 2017, 21:29
30 мин 7:37
US invasion of North Korea 'not off the table' - head of Pacific Command
US forces in the Pacific are ready to strike North Korea but are unprepared for prolonged conflict, Admiral Harry Harris, Jr. Commander, US Pacific Command testified today. 27 апреля 2017, 22:08
25 мин 2:21
US Air Force shows readiness with missile launch
The US Air Force launched an unarmed Minuteman III missile from a military base in California on Wednesday, amid escalating military shows of force from both North Korea and the United States. 27 апреля 2017, 22:13
29 мин 2:19
'Fascism or capitalism': French protesters riot over candidate choices
Smoke grenades could be seen being thrown at a demonstration in Paris where hundreds of protesters are marching against second round candidates for the 2017 French presidential election – Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel 27 апреля 2017, 22:09
29 мин 4:34
Syria accuses Israel of airstrikes on its international airport
Explosions have rocked the Syrian capital of Damascus, devastating the area near the international airport. Syrian state media suggests the blasts were from Israeli air strikes. 27 апреля 2017, 22:09
13 мин 4:46
FCC to reverse net neutrality policy
Federal Communication Commission Chair Ajit Pai announced he will begin the process of reversing net neutrality rules put in place during the Obama administration. 27 апреля 2017, 22:25
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