23 часа 6:32
Russia: Vladimir Putin comments on Trump's 'dossier' and alleged ties to Russia
Russian President Vladimir Putin and newly elected President of Moldova Igor Dodon had a joint press conference following their meeting in Moscow on Tuesday, January 17. 17 января 2017, 14:41
10 125
21 час 3:46
Russia: 'Worse than prostitutes' - Putin slams Trump rumour-mongers
Russian President Vladimir Putin scorned people who "make-up such falsifications that are currently spread about the US President-elect," saying they were "worse than prostitutes," during a joint press conference with 17 января 2017, 16:33
9 234
20 часов 2:28
Switzerland: Trump will find it hard to repeal Obama diplomatic deals - Kerry
US Secretary of State John Kerry said that he does not believe that president-elect Donald Trump will repeal everything he says he will when his administration comes into power on Friday, speaking at the World Economic 17 января 2017, 17:57
6 204
18 часов 1:58
Syria: Russian aircraft unit prepares to depart Syria as scale-back continues
An aircraft wing consisting of Su-24 jets and the personnel of special task medical detachments prepared to leave Hmeymim airbase in Latakia, on Tuesday, as Russia continued to reduce its military presence in Syria. 17 января 2017, 19:22
3 909
13 часов 0:48
Russia: 'Obama burn in hell' activists unfurl banner in front of US embassy
Activists unfurled a banner reading 'Obama burn in hell' in front of the US Embassy in Moscow, Tuesday. They fired flares before setting the canvas on fire. 18 января 2017, 0:06
3 865
21 час 2:30
Brazil: Anti-eviction protesters faceoff with police in fiery clashes
Demonstrators set fire to barricades blocking the entrance of police, in Sao Paulo, Tuesday, to prevent the eviction of some 700 families from the Sao Mateus neighbourhood. 17 января 2017, 16:34
2 036
18 часов 2:19
Yemen: Mass all-woman Houthi rally held in Sanaa
More than 3,000 women staged a demonstration today in Sanaa to protest against Saudi Arabia's involvement in the conflict in Yemen. 17 января 2017, 19:34
1 426
20 часов 1:56
Serbia: Refugees bussed out amid freezing conditions in Belgrade
More than 200 refugees and migrants were bussed to a newly opened refugee camp in Obrenovac, some 32 kilometres (19,8 miles) from Belgrade, Tuesday, as the Serbian capital and its outskirts continued to be affected by 17 января 2017, 17:19
1 385
22 часа 40:07
LIVE: WEF 2017: John Kerry on ‘diplomacy in an era of disruption’
Outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry is due to take part in the interactive session “Diplomacy in an Era of Disruption” during the World Economic Forum 2017 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, on Tuesday, January 17. 17 января 2017, 15:38
1 244
8 часов 2:30
USA: Josh Earnest slams Russia during last-ever White House briefing
In his last ever briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest underlined that there was a 'stark divide' between the Obama administration and the incoming government of US President-elect Donald Trump regarding 18 января 2017, 5:30
1 083
19 часов 2:40
Russia: Moldovan leader states support for EU agreement repeal, alongside Putin
Recently elected Moldovan President Igor Dodon announced that he would support the invalidation of the Association Agreement with the EU, while speaking at a press conference alongside Russian leader Vladimir Putin in 17 января 2017, 18:13
1 007
17 часов 1:16
France: European Parliament elects conservative Antonio Tajani as president
The European Parliament (EP) elected conservative Antonio Tajani, the European People's Party's (EPP) candidate, as the body's new president in Strasbourg on Tuesday. 17 января 2017, 20:30
19 часов 2:47
China: First ever robotic parking garage opens in Nanjing
Nanjing subway station revealed its automated guided vehicle (AGV) robot, which significantly reduces the time and space needed to park a car, on Tuesday. SOT, General Manager (Mandarin): "Our parking saves space. 17 января 2017, 19:00
21 час 2:44
Germany: Europe must cease to be pulled along by the USA - Die Linke's Wagenknecht
Leader of the German Die Linke (The Left) party, Sahra Wagenknecht, held a press conference at the Reichstag in Berlin, Tuesday, to speak about the German High Court rejection of proposals to ban the far-right NPD party. 17 января 2017, 16:13
21 час 2:35
Germany: 'This Europe is not guaranteed' - Steinmeier
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier met with his Dutch counterpart Bert Koenders, in Berlin, on Tuesday, as they took part in the 2017 German-Dutch Forum. 17 января 2017, 16:24
19 часов 2:22
Iran: Renegotiation of Iran nuclear deal 'impossible' - Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani dismissed the idea that the P5+1 nuclear deal could be renegotiated, labelling the notion "impossible," during a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday. 17 января 2017, 18:31
21 час 1:02:30
LIVE: European Parliament to elect new president - third ballot
Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of e-commerce group Alibaba, is due to attend the World Economic Forum 2017 on Wednesday, January 18, in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. 17 января 2017, 16:30
19 часов 1:17:16
LIVE: European Parliament to elect new president - fourth and final ballot
The European Parliament is due to elect a new president in Strasbourg on Tuesday, January 17. No candidate won the required absolute majority of valid votes cast (346) in the first, second and third rounds of voting. 17 января 2017, 18:21
22 часа 2:38
Germany: Constitutional Court rules against banning far-right NPD
The Federal Constitutional Court of Germany has ruled against banning the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), in Karlsruhe, Tuesday. 17 января 2017, 15:56
10 часов 1:23
Italy: Former South American leaders handed life sentences for Operation Condor
A court in Rome has given life sentences to eight former leaders and military officers form South America on Tuesday, over the disappearance and death of 23 Italian nationals during the 1970s and 1980s. 18 января 2017, 3:49
12 часов 2:24
Germany: AfD's Hoecke compares Merkel to GDR leader Erich Honecker
Bjorn Hocke, former leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was no "different from Erich Honecker," the former German Democratic Republic leader, during a 18 января 2017, 1:14
22 часа 3:00
UK: Who let the dogs out? World’s first canine tour bus hits London
The world's first tour bus specifically geared towards hosting dog owners and their dogs hit the streets of London, on Tuesday. 17 января 2017, 16:05
20 часов 1:38
Russia: Fatah and Hamas reps. hopeful of Palestinian unity after Moscow talks
The prospect of Palestinian political unity was heralded by both Fatah and Hamas representatives during talks on the subject in Moscow, Tuesday. 17 января 2017, 17:16
2 часа 1:08
Greece: Golden Dawn launches violent attack on school hosting classes for refugees
Prominent Golden Dawn MP Yiannis Lagos led a group of ultranationalist supporters in an attack on a primary school in Perama, close to Athens, Tuesday, after it was announced that classes would be given to refugee 18 января 2017, 11:45
20 часов 2:03
Spain: Holy turtle! Madrid's pets blessed in honour of St. Anthony
Hundreds of religious animal-lovers queued up outside the Church of San Anton in Madrid, on Tuesday, to get their pets blessed by the local priest on the day of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of animals. 17 января 2017, 17:42
11 часов 1:45
Russia: Football fans jailed in France after Euro clashes released from prison
Two Russian football fans who were imprisoned after clashing with British supporters during the Euros in Marseille in June, arrived in Moscow after being freed from jail in France, Tuesday. 18 января 2017, 2:27
23 часа 0:59
USA: Mouth to mut - DC firefighters resuscitates dog retrieved from burning house
MANDATORY CREDIT: DC Fires and EMS Firefighters from Washington DC managed to retrieve and resuscitate a Maremma Sheepdog, called Cesare, from a burning house on Klingle Street in the city's northwest, as seen on 17 января 2017, 14:48
10 часов 2:47
UN: RT joins UN's in-house broadcast network
RT officially joined the United Nation's in-house international broadcast network, Tuesday. 18 января 2017, 3:06
21 час 2:07
Ukraine: Maidan protest shooting trial resumes at Kiev District Court
The trial into the shootings that occurred during the Maidan protests was resumed at Kiev District court on Tuesday, with new evidence being examined. 17 января 2017, 16:37
15 часов 1:49
Spain: Police officers stage 'funeral for dignity' in Barcelona
Over a thousand police officers marched mournfully through central Barcelona carrying a coffin signifying a "funeral for police dignity' on Tuesday. 17 января 2017, 22:54
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