21 час 3:16
Turkey: Erdogan says he's in 'good condition' after fainting at Eid celebrations
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that he had made a 'quick recovery' after fainting ahead of Eid morning prayers at the Mimar Sinan mosque in Istanbul, Sunday. 25 июня 2017, 11:04
15 271
14 часов 2:37:54
LIVE: Protesters rally for 'freedom of speech' in DC, counter-protest expected
‘Freedom of Speech’ advocates rally at the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington DC, on Sunday, June 25. White supremacist and head of the National Policy Institute think tank Richard Spencer is set to speak at the rally. 25 июня 2017, 18:48
11 536
18 часов 0:34
Syria: MoD footage shows Kalibr missiles obliterating IS targets
The Russian Ministry of Defence released footage on Sunday showing its Kalibr cruise missiles hitting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria's Hama region. 25 июня 2017, 14:41
7 004
22 часа 2:46
Russia: Thousands of Muslims pray at Moscow Cathedral Mosque on Eid al-Fitr
Muscovite Muslims gathered at the Moscow Cathedral Mosque in the country's capital on Sunday to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the feast of breaking the fast. 25 июня 2017, 10:19
6 976
21 час 3:18
UK: Tens of thousands gather for Europe's largest Eid prayer in Birmingham
Tens of thousands of Muslims gathered at Small Heath Park in Birmingham to celebrate Eid al-Fitr on Sunday, in what is believed to be the largest Eid celebration of its kind in Europe. 25 июня 2017, 11:06
5 984
21 час 0:36
UK: Car accident sparks panic as 6 injured at Newcastle Eid celebrations
Six people, three of them children, were injured when a car hit a group of pedestrians outside Westgate Sports Centre in Newcastle, Sunday, where hundreds had gathered for Eid celebrations. 25 июня 2017, 11:28
3 402
12 часов 1:37
Turkey: LGBTQ activists arrested as riot police disrupt Pride parade in Istanbul
Several LGBTQ activists were arrested after Turkish riot police disrupted a Pride Parade in Istanbul on Sunday, on the day Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan. 25 июня 2017, 20:24
3 133
22 часа 0:37
Pakistan: Oil tanker fire leaves at least 135 dead in Bahawalpur *GRAPHIC*
Bodies and destroyed vehicles lined a road near the Pakistani city of Bahawalpur, Sunday, after an oil tanker truck burst into flames earlier in the day, killing 135 people dead and over 100 injured. 25 июня 2017, 10:19
3 024
12 часов 0:36
Australia: Violent shaking aboard AirAsia plane terrifies passengers
Passengers aboard an AirAsia X flight to Malaysia from Perth were in for a bumpy ride on Sunday, after the plane began shaking due to a technical issue. 25 июня 2017, 20:25
2 965
7 часов 2:16
UK: Police clash with protesters at East London demo over Da Costa death
Protesters clashed with police near Forest Gate police station in East London, late Sunday, after gathering to demand justice for Edir Frederico Da Costa who died recently after his arrest by police. 26 июня 2017, 0:53
2 517
23 часа 1:20:24
LIVE: Tens of thousands expected to gather in Birmingham for Eid al-Fitr
Tens of thousands are expected to gather in Birmingham, on Sunday, June 25, to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. The city-wide celebrations started in 2014, with a group of mosques deciding to hold the festivities together. 25 июня 2017, 9:37
2 325
18 часов 2:26
Syria: Aleppo children celebrate Eid al-Fitr for first time since city's liberation
A festive atmosphere could be witnessed in the Alklaseh neighbourhood, in eastern Aleppo, Sunday, as children celebrated Eid al-Fitr for the first time since the war-torn city was liberated from the self-proclaimed 25 июня 2017, 14:00
1 815
9 часов 0:24
UK: Protesters face off with riot police in East London over Da Costa death
Demonstrators gathered outside Forest Gate police station in East London to demand justice for Edir Frederico Da Costa, who died recently after his arrest by police. 25 июня 2017, 23:20
1 750
14 часов 1:39
UK: Far-right anti-Islam rally met with huge counter-demo in Edinburgh
A joint demonstration held by the far-right Scottish Defence League and English Defence League was countered by hundreds of protesters in Edinburgh on Sunday. 25 июня 2017, 18:20
1 732
20 часов 0:57
Israel: Netanyahu defends Israeli strikes on Syrian govt. positions
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on Israeli airstrikes against Syrian Arab Army (SAA) military positions in the Syrian-controlled area of the Golan Heights, speaking from Jerusalem on Saturday. 25 июня 2017, 12:41
1 636
9 часов 2:00
Syria: President Assad gives Eid prayers in Hama
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad delivered Eid al-Fitr prayers at the Al-Nouri mosque in Hama, Sunday. 25 июня 2017, 23:08
1 630
16 часов 2:02
Belgium: Protesters form 90km long human chain calling for closure of Tihange nuclear plant
Thousands of protesters gathered in front of the Tihange Nuclear Power Station in Huy, Sunday, to call for the immediate shut down of the plant. 25 июня 2017, 16:05
1 609
13 часов 2:05
Russia: 'Best country in the world' - Cameroonian fans over the moon with Confed Cup welcome
Cameroonian football fans shared their thoughts on the welcome they received when visiting Russia for the FIFA 2017 Confederations Cup, in Sochi, Sunday. 25 июня 2017, 19:24
1 533
15 часов 2:06
Libya: Demonstrators call for Gaddafi's son to lead Libya out of civil war
Protesters in Bani Walid rallied on Saturday night calling for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, a son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, to lead the country. 25 июня 2017, 17:14
1 507
20 часов 1:20
Philippines: Muslims pray in Marawi as IS-linked militants and army call truce for Eid
Muslims at the Saguiaran evacuation camp near Marawi took part in Eid al-Fitr celebrations, Sunday, during an 8-hour ceasefire between government forces and militants linked to the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly 25 июня 2017, 12:43
1 398
9 часов 2:05
USA: Tens of thousands take part in NYC anti-Trump Pride March
Tens of thousands of people marched through the streets of New York City, Sunday, for the annual Pride March. 25 июня 2017, 22:57
1 239
7 часов 1:31
Canada: 'Hate not welcome here' - anti-Muslim rally met by counter-protest
An unauthorised anti-Islam protest took place in Calgary, Sunday. 26 июня 2017, 1:11
1 200
16 часов 1:33
North Korea: Pyongyang rallies with fists high marking 67th anniv. of Korean War
Thousands took part into a mass rally in Pyongyang, Sunday, marking the 67th anniversary of the Korean War, which also takes place during the 'Struggle Against US Imperialism' month. 25 июня 2017, 16:40
1 109
14 часов 1:42
Germany: Anti-sex education protesters march in Wiesbaden
Around 500 "Demo fuer Alle" (Demo for All) protesters marched in Wiesbaden, Sunday, to oppose what they see as "gender ideology and the sexualisation of children" in German schools. 25 июня 2017, 18:13
1 108
13 часов 1:20
India: Seven dead in Kashmir cable car accident
Seven people, including a family of four, were killed on Sunday after a cable car derailed in the tourist resort of Gulmarg, north of Kashmir. 25 июня 2017, 19:27
1 078
11 часов 1:48
Belarus: Minsk gets fast and furious as Eastern European Drift Cup comes to town
The Eastern European Drift Cup (EECD) was held in Minsk on Sunday, displaying the best drifting cars and drivers from six different eastern European countries. 25 июня 2017, 21:38
1 059
9 часов 2:25
USA: Alt-right protesters hold 'Freedom of Speech' rally in Washington DC
Scores of protesters held a 'Freedom of Speech' rally in Washington DC, Sunday. 'Alt-right' figure Richard Spencer was among the protesters speaking at the demonstration. 25 июня 2017, 22:58
18 часов 2:34
Germany: Schulz demands Erdogan release political prisoners in Turkey
Martin Schulz, President of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), attacked chancellor Angela Merkel and her party during a SPD congress in Dortmund, Sunday. 25 июня 2017, 14:47
7 часов 0:58
UK: Police make arrests following clashes in East London
Protesters clashed with police near Forest Gate police station in East London, late Sunday, after gathering to demand justice for Edir Frederico Da Costa who died recently after his arrest by police. 26 июня 2017, 1:22
5 часов 1:49
USA: 'Love dumps hate' - San Francisco Pride Parade celebrates resistance
Tens of thousands of people marched through San Francisco downtown, Sunday, for the annual Pride parade. 26 июня 2017, 3:01
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