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Hillary Clinton wanted to dump Taiwan: WikiLeaks emails show HRC wanted to ditch Taiwan - TomoNews
WASHINGTON — An alleged email by Hillary Clinton shows that the former secretary of state was willing to discuss an op-ed piece in the New York Times that called for Washington to ditch Taiwan in exchange for China 17 января 2017, 16:23
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Mixed race couple attacked: viral video of man abusing black man dating white woman - TomoNews
USA — A video of a biracial couple eating at a restaurant has gone viral, as it was filmed by a man who walked up to them and chastised the black man for being with a white woman. 18 января 2017, 7:29
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Facebook live car crash: Maserati salesman livestreams 111 mph joyride, winds up dead - TomoNews
HIGHLANDS RANCH, COLORADO — Maserati car salesman Brandon Guy Gianopoulos was killed in a suspected high-speed car crash after a video of him joyriding was streamed live to his Facebook account. 18 января 2017, 12:40
3 часа 10:30
Couple harassed for speaking Greek in LA; Vape pen explosion:Idaho man loses 7 teeth - 1/17/2017
1. Viral video filmed inside a California supermarket last week shows a Greek-American couple being harassed by a woman for not speaking English. 2. 18 января 2017, 10:20
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Grab her by the p: Councilman insults female employee then pinches her in the groin - TomoNews
GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT — A councilman in Greenwich, Connecticut was arrested last week for sexually assaulting a female public employee on Dec. 8. 18 января 2017, 12:14
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Life-saving technologies: Stockholm ambulances hijack radio frequency to send warnings
STOCKHOLM — Accidents involving ambulances and modern vehicles so well-insulated against noise that drivers can’t hear emergency sirens until it’s too late are on the rise in Sweden. 18 января 2017, 10:50
4 часа 4:17
Missile attack gone wrong: Nigeria airstrike mistakenly targets refugee camp, kills 50+ - TomoNews
RANN, NIGERIA — The Nigerian Air Force killed at least 52 civilians and aid workers, and injured 120 more in an airstrike that was supposed to be targeting Boko Haram on Tuesday. 18 января 2017, 9:22
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