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TomoNews From the Vault: Don't you want a balloon? [Episode 151]
Welcome to From the Vault, where we dig up old gems from the archives of TomoNews that you may or may not have seen — but will enjoy either way. 29 июля 2017, 11:07
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Climate engineering: Cooling down the planet by dimming sunlight, sucking up CO2 - TomoNews
OSLO, NORWAY — With global warming causing heatwaves, rising sea levels, and potentially bringing about more devastating consequences, scientists are turning to climate engineering solutions to keep temperatures down. 29 июля 2017, 7:50
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Vertical farming: Plenty receives $200 million investment from tech giants - TomoNews
SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco startup Plenty specialized in vertical farming has secured $200 million from investors including Japanese media corporation SoftBank, the parent company of Google, Alphabet and Amazon. 29 июля 2017, 4:49
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Climate change: Geoengineering artificially cools the Earth, but at a cost - TomoNews
HAMBURG, GERMANY ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — As temperatures on Earth reach unprecedented highs, extreme, potentially disastrous weather will be more likely. 29 июля 2017, 1:42
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