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Nick Clegg: Why did Ebbw Vale in Wales vote Brexit? BBC Newsnight
Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg reports for us from Ebbw Vale in South Wales to find out why people voted for Brexit. 28 марта 2017, 21:49
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Luxembourg hoping to capitalise on
The cranes are up and construction workers hard at work. Luxembourg isn't waiting to see if Brexit turns out badly for London's renowned financial services sector. 28 марта 2017, 22:48
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Islamic State “broke” and can’t pay its fighters
Islamic State was once one of the richest organisations in the world, making up to £4 million a day, but now it seems IS is losing ground and money. 28 марта 2017, 14:38
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Chief of the Royal Mint explains security measures on the new pound coin
Adam Lawrence, chief executive of The Royal Mint, discusses the roll out of the new 12-sided one pound coin with Ian King and says it's the most secure UK coin ever made. 28 марта 2017, 18:10
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"Scots' right to choose own future" - Sturgeon
"Change should not be imposed on us". Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon opened up #indyref2 debate ahead of a vote on the second referendum. Courtesy: SPTV Like what you see? 28 марта 2017, 14:08
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Documentary: Husband's battle for justice after wife's 'avoidable' death after childbirth
When Frances Cappuccini died at Tunbridge Wells Hospital in 2012, just hours after the birth of her second son, her family sought answers. Subscribe for more documentaries: bit.ly/LtASif. 28 марта 2017, 15:21
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