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Sneaky toddler steals Prince Harry's popcorn
Prince Harry made a new friend at the Invictus Games last night but it appeared two-year-old Emily Henson was only after one thing: his popcorn. 28 сентября 2017, 7:49
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09.04.10 5:15
Sex workers take steroids - Bangladeshi sex workers 'plump up' for clients | Guardian Investigations
Sex workers in Bangladesh, some as young as 12, are putting their health at risk by taking a drug to make themselves fatter so they are more attractive to clients. 9 апреля 2010, 16:17
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09.09.15 0:20
Liam Dutton nails pronouncing Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
It may be a mouthful to say, but Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in north west Wales was one of the warmest places in the UK today. 9 сентября 2015, 9:33
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09.06.15 2:56
Exclusive: CCTV of Isis attack on Libya checkpoint
Channel 4 News obtains exclusive footage of an Islamic State attack on a checkpoint in Libya, as concerns are raised that talks aimed at finding stability in the country are on the verge of collapsing. 9 июня 2015, 20:12
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17.09.13 7:16
The Five Worst Weapons Still in Use - Truthloader
OK, so this one is up for debate, but we've put together a list of the top five worst weapons that are still in regular legal use, today. 17 сентября 2013, 14:13
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23.10.13 10:49
Paxman vs Russell Brand - full interview - BBC Newsnight
Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman talks to Russell Brand about voting, revolution and beards, as he launches his guest edit for the New Statesman. 23 октября 2013, 21:59
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24.04.12 1:35
Girl swallowed by pavement in China
A cab driver comes to the rescue of a young girl after she falls into a sinkhole under a pavement in the city of Xi'an in northern China. Read more... 24 апреля 2012, 6:42
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22.04.15 7:08
Robert Downey Jr full interview: star walks out when asked about past
Robert Downey Jr talks super heroes, Iron Man and his latest movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. 22 апреля 2015, 15:31
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18.09.14 0:46
Colombian women's cycling team 'not ashamed' of 'vagina-like' team kit
A Colombian women's cycling team defend their choice of uniform which has led to criticism from the International Cycling Union president and online commentators. 18 сентября 2014, 8:21
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25.02.13 1:39
Oscar for the funniest speech goes to...
The Best Actress winner at the 2013 Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence, brushes off questions about tripping up during the ceremony with the funniest interview of the night. 25 февраля 2013, 11:25
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08.07.13 4:38
Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) force fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure
Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) force fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: bitly.com/UvkFpD As Ramadan begins, more than 100 hunger-strikers in Guantánamo Bay continue their 8 июля 2013, 11:03
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02.08.13 5:10
Relax, Dad, it's a car for children...
As youngsters around the world fall out of love with driving, one manufacturer is fighting back. Only a few years ago environmentalists were worrying about how our addiction to the car was going to destroy the planet. 2 августа 2013, 9:11
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28.04.11 2:27
Unseen footage of Japan tsunami released
The Japanese Coast Guard release new footage of the tsunami engulfing Sendai, Kamaishi and Kensennuma. 28 апреля 2011, 16:16
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18.08.15 1:13
Russian President Vladimir Putin pays visit to Crimea in a submarine
Putin looked as if he was auditioning for a Bond film when he visited the Black Sea to explore a sunken shipwreck in a mini-sub Get the latest headlines telegraph.co.uk Subscribe to The Telegraph 18 августа 2015, 19:11
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16.07.13 1:12
Armed robber meets his match - CCTV
This is the moment a robber attempting to hold up a store in Pennsylvania with a BB gun was challenged by a shopkeeper wielding his own weapon. 16 июля 2013, 9:57
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24.10.14 3:47
The difference between US vs UK Ebola news coverage
Russell Howard looks at the extreme difference in coverage of Ebola in the UK and USA. Watch new episodes every Thursday at 10pm on BBC Two. 24 октября 2014, 16:24
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12.07.13 2:09
Three gored at Pamplona bull fighting festival
This is the moment a bull trampled and tossed a festival-goer in the air at the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. 12 июля 2013, 18:25
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08.03.13 1:04
Justin Bieber lashes out at cameraman
WARNING CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE Pop star Justin Bieber was today involved in a clash with a cameraman outside his Park Lane hotel. 8 марта 2013, 18:50
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30.12.15 0:56
Giant beached blue whale saved by fishermen off Chile coast
Fishermen and beachgoers in Chile have helped rescue a whale stranded on a beach. 30 декабря 2015, 10:12
5 599 521
25.03.15 1:08
Top Gear Presenter James May Reacts To Jeremy Clarkson Being Sacked By BBC
Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear co-presenter James May says he, Clarkson and Hammond come "as a package" so the future of the show and a replacement "will require thought". 25 марта 2015, 14:24
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23.05.13 1:15
Saudi Arabia executes five men and hangs their bodies from a crane - Truthloader
Saudi authorities have executed five Yemeni men as punishment for murder and robbery and hung their bodies from a crane in full public view in the southwestern town of Jizan as further punishment. 23 мая 2013, 12:48
5 304 126
28.02.12 0:53
Human mattress dominoes attempt breaks world record
850 people in New Orleans were knocked back onto mattresses in human dominoes to break the world record for the number of people taking part. 28 февраля 2012, 21:05
5 246 826
10.01.13 8:36
Quentin Tarantino interview: 'I'm shutting your butt down!'
Subscribe to Channel 4 News: bit.ly/1sF6pOJ Quentin Tarantino refuses to discuss any link between movie violence and real life violence during a heated interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy about his latest film 10 января 2013, 15:48
4 686 259
03.08.16 2:43
Inside China's gruelling sports schools
Children as young as four spend up to 10 hours a day training to be the next Olympians at schools such as Chen Jinglun in the city of Hangzhou. Some go on to sporting stardom, but others have their hopes dashed. 3 августа 2016, 21:58
4 496 032
13.06.14 2:01
Exclusive video: Life inside the ISIS-controlled Mosul
Subscribe to ITV News: bit.ly/1yqmkCg​ ITV News has obtained exclusive footage of what Iraq's second city Mosul looks like under the control of the Islamist militant group ISIS. 13 июня 2014, 20:12
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16.12.15 0:40
"If you Luke father west....if you're Wookiee" Today's Star Wars weather
Count the Star Wars puns in Sian Welby's weather report. 16 декабря 2015, 16:06
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29.04.11 6:31
Catherine Middleton walks down the aisle
Catherine Middleton enters Westminster Abbey and walks down the aisle with her father, Michael Middleton, led by the Dean of Westminster. More on The Royal Family: royal.uk Credit: PA Images 29 апреля 2011, 10:39
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31.05.13 1:04
Elephants hit by speeding train in India
Elephants hit by speeding train in India Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: bitly.com/UvkFpD Two elephants lie dead on a track after being hit by a speeding train in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, eastern India. 31 мая 2013, 9:55
4 194 193
17.03.11 2:14
Tsunami video - Miyako City, Iwate
Amazing footage showing the Tsunami breaking into Miyako City. 17 марта 2011, 13:16
4 166 710
07.12.13 4:23
Flashmob of British Army musicians surprises Christmas shoppers in Gateshead's Metrocentre
British Army Musicians entertained unsuspecting Christmas shoppers in Gateshead's Metrocentre with a flashmob performance of festive music: "A Winter's Tale" (made famous by David Essex), followed by "Santa Claus is 7 декабря 2013, 15:11
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