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Hundreds at anti-fracking protests in Lancashire over environmental concerns
Hundreds of people turned up to an anti-fracking protest at a Cuadrilla site in Lancashire on Saturday. RT spoke to activist Richard Roberts who was jailed for protesting. Like what you see? 22 октября 2018, 9:03
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Tory plan to make it easier to change your gender criticized for "eroding " rights of others
A Conservatives plan to make it easier to legally change your gender has been criticized for eroding the rights of others including women's rights groups. 22 октября 2018, 11:35
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The Iron Harvest
A century on from the end of WW1 and the land which was once battlefields, is still littered with grenades, fuses and land mines. 22 октября 2018, 9:03
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UK Column News - 22nd October 2018
Multistreaming with restream.io A mixture of live and pre-recorded video content from the UK Column. 22 октября 2018, 13:21
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Lorry on wrong side of road causes near head-on collision
THIS is the dramatic moment a BMW driver was forced to swerve out of the way of a lorry which was hurtling towards him on the wrong side of the road. 22 октября 2018, 11:15
1 час 1:40
SHOCKING: Racist shopper is telling a black security guard: “You don't belong here!”
SHOCKING: Racist shopper is removed from Sainsbury’s after telling a black security guard: “You don't belong here!” | 22 октября 2018, 12:38
1 час 28:02
EP.670: UBS Whisteblower on Financial Corruption & Tax Evasion, Steve Sprung on Corporate Welfare
On today's episode of Going Undeground: UBS Whistleblower Stephanie Gibaud, author of the book 'La Traque des lanceurs d'alerte', discusses the corruption within UBS, tax evasion and financial | 22 октября 2018, 12:53
1 час 6:28
UBS Whistleblower Stephanie Gibaud on Financial Corruption & The Psychological War on Whistleblowers
UBS Whistleblower Stephanie Gibaud, author of the book 'La Traque des lanceurs d'alerte', discusses the corruption within UBS, tax evasion and financial corruption in France and the psychological | 22 октября 2018, 12:53
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Utter nonsense from Patrick Harvie as he rules our a "People's Vote" on #Indyef2
Utter nonsense from Patrick Harvie. Scotland went into #indyref with no clear plan on currency or EU membership, and we also had oil revenue projections which were negligent at best. 21 октября 2018, 17:28
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Boy 'points gun' at his teacher’s head as she marks schoolwork
A SHOCKING video shows the moment a teenage schoolboy pointed a gun at his teacher's face. The French 15-year-old now faces prison time for the "joke" which took place in a Paris classroom last week. 22 октября 2018, 13:39
2 часа 6:28
Police appear to brutally punch restrained suspect (Akron) FULL
Punches occur at 02:28 Sun Subscribers get the latest breaking news and videos directly to their feed. SUBSCRIBE NOW and hit the bell to be the first in the know. thesun.co.uk | 22 октября 2018, 12:17
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Parking row in Darlington has residents up in arms | ITV News
Residents say the parking bays on Geneva Drive are ridiculous because they leave a tiny space which is impossible for traffic to pass through. They want to see the bays removed. 22 октября 2018, 13:53
1 час 2:20
Moment floor collapses at a South Carolina house party
THIS is the terrifying moment at least 30 people were injured when a floor collapsed during a house party in South Carolina. 22 октября 2018, 13:07
1 час 7:24
'The Plan' Director Steve Sprung on Corporate Welfare and the Arms Industry
Steve Sprung, director of the film 'The Plan' discusses corporate welfare and how much of corporations' innovation is financed by governments and how the jobs in the arms industry can be turned | 22 октября 2018, 12:52
48 мин 1:45
Surveillance Footage Proves Ryanair Staff Sleeping On Floor Photo Was Staged
Surveillance footage from inside the crew room in Malaga Airport, Spain, taken on Oct.13, proves that the photo of Ryanair flight staff sleeping on the floor, which went viral on social media, was | 22 октября 2018, 13:30
2 часа 1:13
Why You Should Eat Insects
Here are four reasons why you should eat insects. 22 октября 2018, 11:20
1 час 12:41
Judy Hill on The Struggles of Growing up Black in America and The Continuation of American Racism
Judy Hill, star of the film 'What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire' discusses her experiences growing up as a black woman in America, the New Orleans crack epidemic and the ongoing racism of | 22 октября 2018, 12:52
18 мин 2:36
This man claims to have a cheaper solution to Trump's Wall
Glenn Spencer has spent over a million dollars on secret underground sensors and drone technology to stop illegal activity at the US-Mexico border - and believes his system could replace the need | 22 октября 2018, 13:59
2 часа 1:36
What Happened To Jamal Khashoggi? Donald Trump Asks For Tape Recordings
The investigation into the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi continues. 22 октября 2018, 11:50
2 часа 1:09
Who is Steve Penny? Former USA Gymnastics President Arrested in Larry Nassar Investigation
The former head of USA gymnastics Steve Penny has been arrested in connection with the investigation in to Larry Nassar. 22 октября 2018, 11:40
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