4 часа 1:01
May hits out at Corbyn for meeting Hamas, Hezbollah & the IRA but not her
"He's been willing to sit down with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA without preconditions" Theresa May slams Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to meet her for talks on #Brexit at #PMQs. 23 января 2019, 13:18
5 часов 7:13
Is It Okay for Online Influencers to 'Sadfish'? | Good Morning Britain
Sadfishing is part of a social media trend where someone uses emotional problems to hook an audience. 23 января 2019, 11:59
18 часов 2:35
David Attenborough warns of environmental crisis at World Economic Forum in Davos | ITV News
Sir David Attenborough has warned it is difficult to overstate the environmental crisis facing the planet, as he was interviewed live on stage by the Duke of Cambridge. 22 января 2019, 22:56
5 часов 8:35
Prince William jokes about unpredictable kids with David Attenborough
Prince William joked about ‘unpredictable’ kids during an interview with Sir David Attenborough at The World Economic Forum in Davos. Report by April Brown. 23 января 2019, 12:27
3 часа 1:14
Peter Bone hits out at May's 'Remainer' government
"Prime Minister your government is stuffed full of Remainer ministers" Peter Bone hits out at Theresa May's government in what the PM called a 'job interview' at #PMQs. Like what you see? 23 января 2019, 14:14
23 часа 2:08
Footballer on board plane missing in Channel Islands
A Premier League footballer is missing after the plane he was in lost contact while flying over the Channel Islands. 22 января 2019, 18:45
5 часов 3:06
James Jordan on His Weight Loss and Working With Gemma Collins | Good Morning Britain
James and Ola Jordan chat to GMB about their experience on E4's Celebrity Coach Trip: Road to Benidorm. 23 января 2019, 12:00
19 часов 2:10
Welsh farmers fear damaging impact of no-deal Brexit | ITV News
It is not, of course, just the Westminster Parliament that is frantically discussing Brexit. The Welsh Assembly did so too. 22 января 2019, 22:25
6 часов 6:13
2 часа 5:56
Verhofstadt: Irish border issue is the UK's responsibility, not EU
Like what you see? 23 января 2019, 15:42
4 часа 39:55
Theresa May PMQs 23/01/2019 (full)
Jacob Rees Mogg and others hold meeting of the Bruges Group of Brexiteers to discuss "A Real Brexit – opening up a world of opportunity; defeating the remain challenge, promoting the world trade | 23 января 2019, 13:20
7 часов 0:31
Britain set for economic growth if it secures #BrexitDeal with the EU
Britain's expected to grow 1.5% in 2019 amd 1.6% in 2020 IF the UK secures a #BrexitDeal with the EU. That's faster than Italy or Germany. Like what you see? 23 января 2019, 10:46
22 часа 1:55
Campaign to make the online abuse of people with disabilities a hate crime | ITV News
A campaign to make the online abuse of people with disabilities a hate crime has been supported by MPs. It was sparked by the model Katie Price whose son Harvey was subjected to vile abuse. 22 января 2019, 19:13
5 часов 8:34
Head of UK Counter Terrorism Makes Appeal for Public Information | Good Morning Britain
Neil Basu, Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing tells GMB that the number of public tip-offs more than halved in a year. 23 января 2019, 12:00
1 час 4:28
Up to 40 members of the government ready to quit over #NoDealBrexit
Like what you see? 23 января 2019, 16:25
6 часов 0:37
"UK, tell us what you want, what you really really want"
💃 "Tell us what they want, what they really really want" 💃 EU Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas pleads with the UK over #Brexit by quoting Spice Girls' 'Wannabe'. Like what you see? 23 января 2019, 11:39
23 часа 2:35
Meet Sheldon Edwards aka HD CUTZ LONDON, barber to the stars | ITV News
Meet the hairdresser to some of the world's top sporting stars. 22 января 2019, 17:59
23 часа 3:09
Hundreds of people turned out for the funerals of an RAF veteran couple they didn't know| ITV News
More than 200 people attended the funeral today of a couple who met serving in the air force at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire during the Second World War. 22 января 2019, 18:04
3 часа 0:41
Corbyn uses Fox's claim about 40 #Brexit trade deals against him
Jeremy Corbyn uses Dr Liam Fox's claim that 40 trade agreements would be signed the SECOND after #Brexit against him at #PMQs. 📄⏰🦊 Like what you see? 23 января 2019, 14:49
23 часа 2:03
Katie Price backed by MPs over disability abuse online
A petition from Katie Price calling for new laws to protect disabled people from online abuse has been backed by MPs. 22 января 2019, 18:35
22 часа 2:23
Derry alerts 'designed to frustrate' bomb investigation
Three security alerts in Northern Ireland, which came in the wake of a car bombing on Saturday, have been condemned by police as "deliberate" hoaxes. 22 января 2019, 18:59
22 часа 2:02
Family of speedboat crash victim urge her fugitive killer Jack Shepherd to come forward | ITV News
The family of Charlotte Brown, who died after a speedboat crash, have said there is "no hiding place" for the fugitive killer Jack Shepherd. 22 января 2019, 19:11
3 часа 0:59
Tributes pour in for missing striker Sala
Tributes have been pouring in for Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala. A search is currently underway for a missing plane carrying the Argentinian. Like what you see? Please subscribe youtube. 23 января 2019, 13:57
2 часа 4:59
Prince William: air ambulance work pushed him to tackle mental health
WORLD leaders and top CEOs are meeting in Davos in Switzerland from January 22 to 25 to discuss how to steer policy amid worries of slowing economic growth, damaging trade wars and Brexit. 23 января 2019, 15:43
3 часа 8:14
Rees-Mogg takes questions from the press
Jacob Rees Mogg and others hold meeting of the Bruges Group of Brexiteers to discuss "A Real Brexit – opening up a world of opportunity; defeating the remain challenge, promoting the world trade | 23 января 2019, 14:03
2 часа 1:14
Bono at Davos 2019: 'Capitalism is a wild beast'
Bono, U2 singer and co-founder of the One campaign, described capitalism as "a wild beast" that can do much harm if not tamed. 23 января 2019, 15:15
3 часа 47:11
UK Column News - 23rd January 2019
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined live from Saana in Yemen by Hussain Albukhaiti for today's news update from the UK Column. Running order to follow ... 23 января 2019, 14:24
6 часов 5:43
BROKEN NEWS: IDF Lectures Iran on Twitter for Military Presence in Syria
Former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik joins us for Broken News to discuss the Daily Mail warning people to guard their wealth from 'Comrade Corbyn', a car bomb explosion in Londonderry and the IDF | 23 января 2019, 11:12
6 часов 28:19
EP.703: 26 Billionaires Own More Than the World’s Poorest 50%, is The UK Backing Al Qaeda in Yemen?
On this episode of Going Underground, we firstly speak to Toni Pearce from Oxfam GB about Oxfam’s latest wealth inequality report amid the Davos 2019 summit, where the world’s richest billionaires | 23 января 2019, 11:11
5 часов 1:06
Theresa May on Dyson's HQ going abroad
THE Tories will lose a snap general election because they are woefully underprepared to fight one, party chiefs have concluded. 23 января 2019, 12:45
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