3 дня 2:28
Terror attack in Barcelona tourist spot
Warning: Some people may find footage in this report distressing. A van has driven into crowds in Barcelona's Las Ramblas - a famous tourist district. 17 августа 2017, 18:32
552 160
5 дней 0:43
Trump attacks white supremacists: "Racism is evil"
Donald Trump has attacked the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists following a at Charlottesville over the weekend following criticizm that he hadn't condemned the groups. Like what you see? 15 августа 2017, 9:37
528 595
4 дня 0:38
Theresa May criticises Trump for his failure to condemn white supremacists
May says there is "no equivalence" between far-right supremacists and those who oppose them, after Donald Trump says there is blame on "both sides" following the violent rally in Charlottesville. 16 августа 2017, 13:06
519 469
6 дней 0:46
Donald Trump does a 'nervous tap' as he exits Air Force One
US President Donald Trump on Monday returned to Washington, as he faces pressure from both sides of the aisle for him to explicitly condemn white supremacists and hate groups involved in deadly, race-fueled clashes in 14 августа 2017, 20:49
492 954
3 дня 4:59
Students Open Their A-Level Results Live on GMB | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa As students around the country are set to find out what A-Level grades they have achieved, a few brave individuals open them live on GMB. 17 августа 2017, 10:26
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3 дня 1:10
How the Barcelona terror attack unfolded
Get the latest headlines: telegraph.co.uk Subscribe: youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=telegraphtv Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/telegraph.co.uk Follow us on Twitter: 17 августа 2017, 22:15
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5 дней 5:52
Jeremy Kyle Outsmarted by Child Geniuses | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway take on two child geniuses in a spelling test. Broadcast on 15/08/2017 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain! 15 августа 2017, 9:53
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4 дня 5:43
Priscilla Presley Admits Elvis Could Never Have Beaten His Demons | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa In a Good Morning Britain exclusive, Priscilla Presley talks openly to Richard Arnold regarding Elvis' demons. Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain! 16 августа 2017, 14:52
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5 дней 1:38
White nationalist Richard Spencer says Donald Trump and alt-right are connected at a 'psychic level'
The alt-right poster boy was speaking at a press conference on 14 August, two days after a woman was killed during the Unite the Right marches and subsequent clashes in Charlottesville. 15 августа 2017, 14:20
119 125
6 дней 0:57
Churning rivers of mud sweep through Freetown, Sierra Leone
Heavy rain triggered deadly mudslides and flooding in Sierra Leone. 14 августа 2017, 15:34
84 733
3 дня 3:08
Van crashes into pedestrians in Barcelona
A van's crashed into pedestrians in Las Ramblas in Barcelona. RT speaks to an eyewitness as many are feared injured. Spanish police are treating it as a terrorist incident. Like what you see? 17 августа 2017, 16:18
79 550
4 дня 2:48
Donald Trump: Blame on both sides for Charlottesville violence
Donald Trump has insisted that both sides were to blame for violence in Virginia which left one person dead. 16 августа 2017, 6:23
69 130
2 дня 0:51
Mass demonstrations and vigils in Barcelona following terror attack
At least 14 people have died in the attack in Las Ramblas and attempted attack in Cambrils. Vigils and solidarity marches have been seen across Barcelona on 18 August, the day after the incidents. 18 августа 2017, 17:02
67 260
4 дня 2:58
Trump: "I wanted to get facts right about Charlottesville violence"
Donald Trump held a press conference in Trump Tower in which he says the alt-Left had much to blame in Charlottesville violence. rt.com/usa/399717-trump-alt-left-charlottesville-twitter Like what you see? 16 августа 2017, 9:44
64 678
2 дня 0:27
Footage shows aftermath in Las Ramblas after van ploughs into pedestrians
Footage shared on Facebook shows debris and an injured person on the ground after a white van plowed into a crowd in Barcelona's popular tourist area Las Ramblas. 18 августа 2017, 5:30
58 604
2 дня 0:51
Applause breaks out after minute’s silence for Barcelona attack victims
A huge crowd breaks out into applause after a minute’s silence to honour the victims of the Barcelona terror attack Get the latest headlines: telegraph.co.uk Subscribe: 18 августа 2017, 12:06
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4 дня 0:40
Theresa May sees 'no equivalence' between fascists and 'those who oppose them'
May said that it is "important for all those in positions of responsibility to condemn far-right views." The U.K. 16 августа 2017, 16:02
56 613
2 дня 30:46
Slaves Fighting Slaves For The Slave Owners - Dot Connector Videocast
To have David's Dot Connector Videocast sent to you in full every week, Click here davidicke.com/register World Tour Tickets - TheWorldWideWakeUp.com 2017 All David's Books Now Available Here 18 августа 2017, 11:31
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2 дня 0:57
Barcelona terror attack: What we know so far
A van that crashed into a busy tourist area in Barcelona leaves one dead and 32 injured, according to Catalan police. 18 августа 2017, 5:30
48 050
2 дня 4:25
Veteran TV host Sir Bruce Forsyth dies at 89
Veteran TV presenter Sir Bruce Forsyth has died at the age of 89 SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/skynews and 18 августа 2017, 15:46
42 812
4 дня 1:43
How the right reacted differently to Donald Trump's comments about Charlottesville
On 15 August, US President Donald Trump once again blamed both sides for the deadly violence at the Unite the Right march in Charlottesville. 16 августа 2017, 11:00
42 505
6 дней 1:59
Mission Impossible? Tom Cruise limps away from stunt attempt
He prides himself on performing his own stunts but Tom Cruise's latest Mission Impossible move seems to have been just that. The Hollywood star has apparently injured himself while jumping across two buildings. 14 августа 2017, 17:15
42 267
6 дней 0:45
Drone captures moment of car attack on Charlottesville protesters
Drone footage captured the moment a car ploughed into counter-protesters at a ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, following violent clashes between anti-racists and so-called ‘alt- right’ 14 августа 2017, 9:00
38 984
3 дня 3:47
Will Poulter Claims the U.S. Is Undergoing a 'Regression' With Race Relations | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Joining the studio to talk about his upcoming film 'Detroit', Will Poulter compares the events that inspired the film to the state of affairs in the U.S. today. 17 августа 2017, 11:34
34 923
3 дня 5:43
Does Your Child Address You by Your First Name? | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Two mothers join the studio to debate whether it is right for children to address their parents by their first name. 17 августа 2017, 10:21
33 377
1 день 2:45
Once-in-a-century total solar eclipse
Authorities in the United States are bracing themselves for millions of foreign visitors ahead of Monday's total solar eclipse. 19 августа 2017, 14:39
32 920
3 дня 2:29
Charles and William wowed by spectacular performance in Scotland
Prince Charles and Prince William knock back Scottish single malt whisky and enjoy a spectacular performance by more than 250 pipers and drummers at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle. 17 августа 2017, 6:41
32 361
4 дня 14:19
George Orwell Double Speak - David Icke
To have David's Dot Connector Videocast sent to you in full every week, Click here davidicke.com/register World Tour Tickets - TheWorldWideWakeUp.com 2017 All David's Books Now Available Here 16 августа 2017, 16:00
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2 дня 0:46
Spanish police foil second attack after shootout in Cambrils
Hours after 13 people were killed by an earlier terror attack in Barcelona, Spanish Police thwarted a second attempt at the port town of Cambrils. Five perpetrators were killed in a shootout with police. 18 августа 2017, 7:02
31 641
5 дней 8:38
Saudi Arabia's missing princes - BBC Newsnight
Saudi Arabia - a key ally of the UK and America - has been ruled as an absolute monarchy since its foundation. Any opposition in the country is often brutally oppressed. 15 августа 2017, 9:01
30 960
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