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Middle schooler detained in Noblesville, Indiana, school shooting
Police described the suspect as a male student at Noblesville West Middle School. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at usatoday.com Want even more?! 25 мая 2018, 17:00
4 часа 5:58
Media Attacks Justice Democrat DESPITE Convention Win
TYT's Cenk Uygur discusses the establishment Democrats' treatment of Ammar Campa Najjar, a Justice Democrat running for California's 50th District, challenging Rep. 25 мая 2018, 16:20
4 часа 49:05
🔴 LIVE: President Trump Gives Commencement Speech at U.S. Naval Academy - May 25, 2018
WATCH: President Trump Commencement Speech at US Naval Academy Graduation Ceremony - May 25, 2018 - President Trump Participates in the United States Naval Academy Graduation Ceremony - President Trump Press 25 мая 2018, 16:03
2 часа 3:52
Oregon Student Sues School for Not Allowing Him to Wear Trump Border Wall Shirt
insider.foxnews.com/2018/05/25/oregon-student-sues-school-not-allowing-him-wear-trump-border-wall-shirt 25 мая 2018, 17:44
3 часа 2:47
How School Shootings Have Changed Teaching | NYT News
“I may be asked to give my life.” In their own words, educators opened up about what it’s like to to teach in an era of school shootings. 25 мая 2018, 17:00
5 часов 3:34
North Korea Responds To President Trump Calling Off Summit | CNBC
CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera takes a look at what's next for the Trump-Kim summit. 25 мая 2018, 14:45
4 часа 0:41
Bombing At A Restaurant In Ontario Injures 15 People | TIME
Police in Canada are searching for two men believed to be responsible for an explosion inside an Ontario restaurant Thursday that injured 15, three of them seriously. 25 мая 2018, 15:36
4 часа 1:00
Armed Citizen Kills Shooter At An Oklahoma Restaurant | TIME
A man armed with a pistol walked into an Oklahoma City restaurant at the dinner hour Thursday and opened fire, wounding two customers, before being shot dead by a handgun-carrying civilian in the parking lot, police 25 мая 2018, 16:10
5 часов 3:02
Is underfunded US Navy capable of taking on North Korea?
Former U.S. Fleet Forces Commander Adm. Robert Natter (Ret.) on calls to boost U.S. military spending. 25 мая 2018, 15:07
4 часа 35:42
WATCH: President Trump speaks at US Naval Academy graduation
President Trump gives the commencement address at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. 25 мая 2018, 16:00
3 часа 1:07
Soldiers place flags at Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day
Soldiers place flags at Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day. 25 мая 2018, 17:18
5 часов 7:05
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Weinstein Appears Handcuffed in Court to Face Rape Charges
Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to authorities and appeared in court on May 25th. The disgraced movie mogul was arraigned on charges of rape and other sex crimes. 25 мая 2018, 19:45
4 часа 2:16
Trump tells Naval Academy grads cynics are trying to tear down America
President Trump, in a speech that largely stuck to the script, told graduates of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, that some will try to tear down America, but America is strong. 25 мая 2018, 15:32
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Harvey Weinstein charged with rape, sex abuse
The disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has turned himself in. He was charged with rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse and sexual misconduct. 25 мая 2018, 14:22
17 мин 0:47
Caitlyn Jenner Changes Tune About Trump Regarding LGBT Issues
Caitlyn Jenner used to be a Trump supporter. Now she's done with him. Here's why. 25 мая 2018, 20:07
1 час 0:47
Russian Hackers Compromise Hundreds Of Thousands Of Home/Office Routers
According to a report by Reuters, the FBI warned on Friday that Russian hackers had compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers, allowing them to collect user information or even shut down network 25 мая 2018, 18:29
2 часа 6:19
Impact of Trump's potential auto tariffs on American consumers
Global Automakers CEO John Bozzella on President Trump considering potential tariffs on imported cars. 25 мая 2018, 18:06
3 часа 0:59
Who Was James Wong Howe? | TIME
Today’s monochromatic Google Doodle celebrates the life of the Chinese-American cinematographer James Wong Howe. 25 мая 2018, 17:20
6 часов 3:31
Lindsey Graham: Trump not tolerating North Korea's game
On 'Fox & Friends,' Republican lawmaker from South Carolina says President Trump made the right decision canceling the North Korea summit. 25 мая 2018, 14:22
1 час 0:48
National Security Advisor Says North Korea's Nukes Should Be Sent To Tennessee
According to a report by Business Insider, in the event of North Korea agreeing to a full denuclearization, White House national security adviser John Bolton believes the country's nukes should first be dismantled and 25 мая 2018, 19:04
1 час 2:11
White House Reaches Deal With ZTE: NY Times | CNBC
Eamon Javers reports on the latest developments on a tentative deal between the United States and Chinese electronics maker ZTE that was the subject of U.S. sanctions. 25 мая 2018, 18:38
2 часа 0:31
Secretary Pompeo Meets With Danish Foreign Minister Samuelsen
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen at the State Department on May 25, 2018. A transcript will be available soon. 25 мая 2018, 18:13
2 часа 3:46
Why hurricanes, storms may be stronger in 2018
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just released its 2018 hurricane forecasts. Here’s why it matters. Buckle up for another wild ride. 25 мая 2018, 17:57
3 часа 2:05
The exodus from Chicago
FBN's Jeff Flock on the factors behind Chicago's declining population. 25 мая 2018, 17:06
3 часа 3:07
Chairman Gowdy on The Briefing with Dana Perino
Learn more at Oversight.House.Gov 25 мая 2018, 16:56
5 часов 0:59
Rachel Dolezal Has Been Charged With Welfare Fraud | TIME
Rachel Dolezal -- who was infamously outed as a white woman after pretending to be black -- has been charged with welfare fraud. 25 мая 2018, 15:13
5 часов 2:24
Amazon's growth hurt by surge in patriotism in where consumers shop?
Strategic Resource Group Managing Director Burt Flickinger on the outlook for Amazon and reports the Amazon Echo records private conversations. 25 мая 2018, 15:06
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